Raising Red (swiftbitches)

“Yu neba gon catch Wed!” The little red pegasus giggled as he darted between bushes, his siblings hot on his heels all desperate to be the one to finally catch him in huggy tag.

Red was the fastest of his siblings and could even run faster than Martin, a grown up! No one would would ever catch Red, no matter what!

“Otay. Pway time is obew.” A tan alicorn stepped in front of Red causing him to crash into the stallion’s side. “Back in da howe.”

The foals erupted into whines and complaints, not ready to go back inside yet, but not Red. Red was a good foal. He didn’t whine and he loved Martin even if the stallion never played with them or hit them every time they messed up. Red knew that Martin was a good fluffy and he was just looking out for them.

Martin had raised them, he had protected them and even occasionally comforted them when they were scared or hurt.

“Cum on, Mawtin say pway time is oba!” Red stamped his hoof and puffed his cheeks at the other foals.

Martin stared down at the little red pegasus in amusement, he’d always been a peculiar colt. Maybe he even sorta liked him…

The foals all began to begrudgingly follow their brother back to a hole dug into the earth between the twisted roots of a tree. All except a purple filly with a brown mane. She glared at Martin and stood her ground, her cheeks puffed angrily and her tail flicking back and forth.

“Puwpwe don’ wan go back in da howe. Puwpwe wan keep pwaying.” She demanded. Martin leaned down and nipped at her snout, causing her to scream in fright as giant sharp teeth snapped shut not even an inch from her face.

She stared up Martin in fright. Her legs shook and tears welled in her eyes. She skittered off, shoving herself into the middle of the gaggle of foals, trying to get as far from Martin as she could.

Once inside Red wandered up to Lump. Red knew Lump was a fluffy due to her scent but she didn’t look like a fluffy. Her legs were nothing but giant fleshy lumps, her body scarred beyond recognition and her eye sockets were empty wells that terrified the foals.

Whenever the foals would ask Martin about Lump he’d always say 'Dah hoomins got hew." and give them a little smile. Red had vowed to never go near a human, especially if they were capable of this kind of violence.

As Martin entered, his long horn scraping across the entrance and sending down a small shower of dirt onto his back, his mouth full of leafy plants and flowers for Lump. Red wished he could have a horn like Martin, Red’s wings made him fast but a horn would make him fast and super smart.

“Can Wed hewp feed Wump?” Red hopped up to Martin, begging to help. Red prided himself on being the best and most helpful foal and always tried to help his caretaker clean, gather food, and keeping his siblings in line.

“Hewe.” Martin smiled softly and leaned leaned down to drop a couple leaves and dandelions for Red to carry. Red’s heart soared when Martin smiled at him. All he had ever wanted was Martin’s approval.

Martin trotted over to where Lump rested against the wall, the foals kneading at her crotch tits to milk every last drop from her. He stopped to study the foals, the lime green and orange colt was getting rather big. He’d use his girth to shove between his brothers and sisters, swinging his body back and forth to fling them out of his way so he could drink first. He’d be ready soon.

They were all big enough to wean, all half Martin’s size and almost rid of their baby fluff, but Martin didn’t care. It was just less he had to feed them.

He turned away from the foals and started gently stuffing the food into Lump’s open mouth. She began to absentmindedly chew slowly, drool dribbling down her chin. Red stood on his back legs and used his hooves to slowly shove his bundle of leaves into her food, careful not to let himself get caught between her teeth.

The foals drank their fill of Lump’s milk and began form a sleepy little fluff pile in the corner of the little den.

“Wime, come hewe pwease.” Martin gestured for the fat fuck to come to him. Lime blinked sleepily, debating on just rolling back up and ignoring the creepy alicorn. He groaned and rolled his eyes before getting up and trudging over.

“Wha-ghu-” Lime sputtered out as Martin latched onto his throat and pinned him to the ground. Tiny gasps and shrieks of horror came from the fluff pile as the foals scrambled to their hooves.

A dark green foal darted for the entrance only to be batted away by Martin. She screamed and covered her head with her little hooves, expecting Martin to attack her next.

The foals could only stare as Martin began to rip into their brother, pulling out chunks of fur to get to the soft meat underneath. Lime still gurgled underneath his hooves, still half alive and suffocating.

Red could hardly believe his eyes, the stallion that had raised them, that Red had looked up to was digging into his brother…he was eating him.

He could barely hear the crunch of bones and soft riping and tearing of flesh over the thumping of his own heart.
All he could see was the bright pink flesh and blood dripping down bright green fur. Red could feel his siblings shaking him and yelling in his ears but everything was muffled and distant. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene before him, his body refused to move even though his brain screamed at him to run.

His stomach jerked and he felt bile rising in his throat. Collapsing to his knees, vomit spewed from his mouth and splattered across the ground. Partially digested grass and leaves floated in a soup of stomach acid.

“Wed, Wed pwease what do fwuffies do!” His yellow sister pleaded with him, clinging to her older brother while still trying to avoid stepping in her brother’s vomit.

“Dis nu happenin…” Red whispered to himself. All he could do was stare at Martin as he tore through the corpse of his brother. Why? Why was Martin doing this? He was good fluffy, not a monster so why was he doing this?

Everything started to become fuzzy and slowly receding into black as he began to fade from consciousness.

Days passed and the siblings were picked off one by one, green, blue, and yellow had all been devoured by the fluffy they once thought of as there caretaker. Red had tried to fight back, charging Martin in an attempt to save his little green sister. The alicorn had turned his horn on Red and showered him with painful sparks that burned through his fur and seared his delicate skin.

Martin sat back and smirked as he watched Red roll back and forth on the dirt floor of their little home, squealing and crying in pain.

After that Red quickly came to grips with the fact that they’d all be turned into food for Martin. Nothing mattered anymore, he had given up and accepted he’d be eaten at some point. He sat unresponsive in the little nest Martin had made for them and didn’t even look up when his siblings were ripped from the nest kicking and screaming.

“Wed, come hewe.” Martin tapped the ground in front of him, gesturing for the pegasus to come to him. It was finally his turn to be eaten. The little pegasus dragged himself from where he and his purple sister were snuggled up together. His sister clung to his leg, sobbing for her brother not to leave her.

Red trudged up to Martin, glancing up at the tan alicorn. He sighed and closed his eyes before lifting his head, exposing his throat to Martin.

Martin laughed and set a hoof on Red’s back. “Mawtin nu gonna eat chu,” he patted his back, “Mawtin wikes Wed, fink you am bewy…intwestin’.”

Slowly, Red looked up at Martin in confusion. Was this a trick? Was he tormenting Red one last time before he ate him? The soft smile on Martin’s face told him otherwise but Red couldn’t trust this monster. The monster that had devoured his siblings and broken his trust, but some deep part of him still craved Martin’s approval.

“Mawtin fink yu am spechuw babbeh. Fink yu an supah smawt and gewd.” Red’s eyes shone at the complement and his ears flicked back in embarrassment.

Red turned away from Martin and scowled at the ground, “Yu am just munstah, why shouwd Wed wisten to yu.”

Martin nodded and chuckled, “Wed hab gewd point, why shouwd yu twust Mawtin? Weww, Mawtin know yu awways wan’ caww Mawtin ‘daddeh’, an’ yu wan Mawtin to be yu ‘daddeh’.” Red gave him a confused look, suspicious as of to where this was going.

“Mawtin wiww be yu daddeh, Mawtin wiww wub yu an gib yu huggies an wubs an do ebeyfing fow Wed if Wed do one fing fow Mawtin.” Red lit up at the prospect of an actual daddeh. Hugs and love, he’d always wished for Martin to just hug him. But what did Martin want from him…

“Come, fowwow Mawtin, he teww yu wat yu nee’ do.” Martin got up and gestured for Red to follow him.

“Wha-what bout Puwpwe!” Purple jumped up from her spot and ran over to shove herself against her brother’s side, a nervous smile on her face.

Martin tipped his head back and forth in thought, glancing down at the little purple filly. He shrugged and grinned, “Awways gewd to hab extwa hoobsies.”

Purple sighed in relief and relaxed her tense stance, letting her head drop and her ears flop down.

Red and Purple slowly followed Martin out into the bright sunlight, the soft grass was nice on their leathery little hooves. They hadn’t been allowed outside since everything had started happening and it was so nice to be out in the sun.

Purple giggled and galloped around the clearing. Red grinned and pounced at her a few times when she got close, his mind still too heavy with the thought of what Martin would make him do to actually play.

“Yu two nee’ be quiet ow Mawtin gon eat chu!” Martin laughed cheerfully. Red smiled nervously, he’d never heard Martin joke before and he was only half sure that was a joke.

The foals quieted and trotted behind Martin like well trained dogs. The group traveled for what felt like hours to the foals, but was probably only about thirty minutes, before they stopped in front of a bush.

Red looked from the bush to Martin back to the bush, what were they doing in front of a bush? He gasped when Martin reached out and parted the bush to reveal a tiny nest of writhing, day old cheepies all squeaking and cheeping as the cold air hit their almost furless bodies.

“Eat one.” Martin commanded.

“Yu…yu wan Wed to num a wittle chiwpeh!?” Red cried in shock.

" ‘Num’ dah chiwpeh ow Mawtin ead yu sissie." He nodded at Purple who shrank away.

“Oh…otay.” Red gulped and fished one of the babies out of the nest, a little yellow one with tiny green hairs sprouting from it’s tail.

He leaned down and grasped the peeping body between his teeth. He bit down and cringed as it wailed in pain, feces and piss filling his mouth as the foal voided it’s bowels in fear. He gagged and spat it out, licking the ground to get the filth off of his tongue.

“Bwahaha!” Martin burst out laughing at Red, pounding his hoof on the ground and holding his belly. “Dummy neba eat da poopy side fiwst!” He snickered. Even Purple giggled a little at her brother’s misfortune.

Red wiped his mouth and steeled himself for what he was to do. He grabbed the chirpie in his hooves and moved it up to his mouth. He bit down and tore the shrieking puffballs head from it’s body.

He gagged and choked as he crunched on the soft bones of the infants head. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he chould barely keep his stomach from revolting against him as it turned and twisted.

He swallowed hard as his stomach tried it’s hardest to reject the chewed up brain matter and skull fragments. Red panted and gulped down mouthful after mouthful of grass trying to get rid of the nasty, disgusting feeling in his tummy.

“Yu did such a gewd job!” Martin patted Red on the back, wrapping his arms around the shaking red colt. Red gave a shaky smile as he leaned into Martin’s embrace.

“Now wet’s gader up aww dah babbehs an take dem back home.” He started grabbing foals and piling them on top of Purple whose head whipped back and forth in confusion as chirpies were thrown on her back.

Red was the next to have babies piled high on his back. They each had four writhing around on their backs desperately seeking their warmth.

“We got wong time back to homsies so teww Mawtin if babbehs get too heavy ow yu get tiwed.” Martin tucked the foals into their manes, adjusting their fluff and wings to keep the babies as warm as possible.

“Now wet’s get goin’ befowe babbehs mummah an’ daddeh come back.” Martin began heading back through the forest and towards their home.

“Mummah…an’ daddeh…?” Red whispered to himself and glancing back to the nest as they left.

A few minutes after they had left they heard the distant, heart broken wails of a mare returning home to find her nest empty of foals and her only remaining baby was a headless corpse. Red’s heart felt heavy with guilt, he could tell the mare’s wails weighed on his sister as well.

The babies on their backs wiggled and squeaked at the sound of their mother’s voice, breaking Red’s heart even more.

As they set the babies in front of Lump, Martin sitting behind them, the two knew what the little foals would grow up to be. Images of their siblings being torn apart, screaming and crying in pain as their flesh was torn from their bones. They knew the innocent little babies in front of them were nothing more than livestock.

“Hey, Mawtin?” Red looked back at the tan alicorn.

“Nu am Mawtin anymore, wemembew? Am yu daddeh now Wed.” The alicorn pulled him close and nuzzled his forehead.

“Am yu Puwpwe’s daddeh too?” Purple asked, he had promised Red but not her.

“Nu,” Purple’s eyes widened in terror, he was gonna eat her! “yu gon’ be Mawtin’s speciaw fwiend when yu am aww gwown up!” Martin stroked her back.

She felt her face grow hot under her fluff as she though about Martin and her having…babies.

“Oh yeh, what was yu ques-shion Wed?” Martin looked down at Red.

Red shook his head and smiled “Nuffin…daddeh.”


This is an incredible story. I can’t wait to see what happens to Martin and his little psychopaths next!

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12/10 please continue this story

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This was a fantastic read, I can’t wait to see more of this story! I love the idea of another fluffy grooming a baby into being a cannibal as well. Martin has a very smart system set up of a constant food source. I wonder how Martin got Lump and how he will find another milk bag after lump dies :thinking:

Can’t wait to see how Red grows up like this, I imagine it’ll be a ride >:)

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