Recall - Page 4 (FliesInYourHead)

Re-upload. This page got lost, so here it is. Originally this comic was going to end here and be sad-box, but I changed my mind.

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So its a robot fluffy foal substitute that went haywire ?


Yeah, pretty much. The foal substitute malfunctions and cheap electronics covered in fluff cause it to catch fire.

Some elements are just the fluffy’s interpretation of events. Like there is no fire monster, the fluffy is just stupid.


I generally don’t consider fluffies to be stupid.
…Well they are stupid but I consider them to have the mental capacity of a severely concussed toddler to 6 year old.

With a very lively imagination
So to her the fire is a monster because her imagination makes it so, after all fire hurts and destroys, so its a monster.

Also personally i find these types of robots creepy ( thanks terminator )
And i am damn Transformers fan.
I just prefer not to know whats under all that metal.

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That makes sense. I suppose a truely stupid fluffy would be one less smart than the average fluffy. So, just a lively imagination then.

I understand that. I prefer robots that look like robots. When they make them too realistic it hits uncanny valley.

Hehe. It would be creepy if they didn’t react to their face melting off. Just a vacant stare and the smell of bacon.

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Well in the end its your fluffies.
I just like to see them as having the intelligence of a dimwitted child with an overactive imagination.
And a truely stupid fluffy would be a paste eater.

I find the t-800’s unnerving
I know that they are just a chrome skeleton ( and the actual puppet was plastic and so fragile it came apart on set )
But i stil find them terrifying.