Regretful Regeneration Part 2/3 [Bloodwoodsrisen]

The door slid open with a mechanical hiss, Alex walking onto the catwalk to be eye to eye with her Flufftronic creation. The ten foot tall mechanical creation stood straight, using her sense of smell to locate her mother.

“Mummuh!” S1 greeted happily, having not seen Alex in quite a while, “bwing nummies? And petties?”

“I sure have!” Alex was quite proud of S1, despite not having sight; the Flufftronic’s ability to hunt down the bulky hell-fluffs from her home dimension was quite the sight to behold. “I’ve got a fluffy here who decided to push the limits a bit too far.”

S1’s motors whirred into action, her nose following Plaster’s body as Alex held him out; dropping him onto the blood stained concrete floor.

“Enjoy, child. I’ll be back once you’re done with him!~” Alex trilled in a sing-song voice, walking out of the room.

“Tank yu mummuh!” S1 leaned down, nuzzling at Plaster’s now broken body, “now, how tu deaw wit yu?”

She giggled, her tail swishing from side to side, her long, velociraptor like claws sharpened to the point of cutting bone with no issue. After a moment of instability, she opened her wings for balance, each section having been folded perfectly into place to hide against her slender steel body. She opened her mouth to reveal multiple sets of teeth behind the first cosmetic set, already spinning away in different directions.

S1 bit down and ripped a chunk out of Plaster’s body, the now not-so-smarty having gone into shock at what he was seeing. A blind mechanical fluffy, no… this wasn’t a fluffy at all, this couldn’t be a fluffy! It was eating him! Plaster screamed for help, but it was like he had no voice, no one could hear him down here… not even Mortifico… Well thats a lie, of course the Jellenheimer could hear him, he’s just ignoring him.

S1 laughed, using her claws to tear her prey in half from his spine. The cracking and splintering echoing off the walls of her containment unit, it was like music to her.

“Ess-one can smeww yu’we feaw… Ess-one may nu be abwe tu see, bu’ Ess-one can smeww bettah den yu!” S1 taunted, burying her muzzle into Plaster’s body, hoarfing down her meal.

Plaster flailed, which made his predicament worse. He jostled around his guts and his bones, causing sharp shards to puncture his still surviving organs; which were then grinded up by S1’s teeth. Now what does S1 need actual meat for? Energy, she takes her prey and violently turns it into coolant and oil as well as pure energy. Foals bypass everything and go right to the stomach compartment where they are burned alive for all three.

Plaster here is one of the unlucky ones who ended up with Alex and S1 on one of their “experimental days.”

S1 finished up by fishing out his brain and eyes, chirping happily when she was done with her meal.

“A happy girl?” Alex asked from the catwalk.

“Vewy! Tank yu mummuh!” S1 purred, leaning into her mother’s hand.

Alex sighed a little, her creations meant a lot to her. Cashew, Almond… and especially S1, she almost lost S1 multiple times during the process of building her, which is why she can’t see and her build is so fucked up. Though now she’s okay and kept in a very protected containment unit and only taken out when needed.

Next, Alex thought, we’ll save the hide–or uh–what’s left of it at least, and see if my theory is correct…

S1, or Subject 1, first appeared here , and was given a profile with description here!