Request by Rusk_Joringer: The Sims 3|4 mod

Hi all! I would like to ask you to make a mod on “The Sims 3” or “The Sims 4” (better
4th than 3rd), since I myself have been trying these six months, but the only thing I have achieved is that I realized that in the xml-scripting I am a complete zero (not speaking of 3D modeling)…

So, I would like to ask you to make a mod for this game that will add fluffy to the game. This mod should be based on a couple of DLCs like “pets” and “country life” or whatever they’re called. The mod should allow you, as an individual (or family), to own a fluffy (or even start a fluffy-breeding business) and take care of it(them). It is desirable if for Fluffy their own 3D models with randomized colors of fluff / mane / hooves / horns / flight feathers will be used.
It should be 50±5 for your Sim’s “rural areas” and up to 200±10 if your Sim lives in the “city”.

Common interactions and mechanics:

The behavior of the fluffy when you take him to your place corresponds to the cat (in the realities of Sims 4), adjusted for the nature of the fluffy. When he talks to you in a bubble above him, the usual fluffy things appear - the so-called. love, hugs, kids, sketti, or just mumbling (that same moving tangled tangle of thick lines, yeah); the sounds they make are like baby Sims; Interactions with him correspond to those with other Sims - i.e. like/dislike and love/hate. you can do all the same things with them as with regular pets in The Sims 4, though this should all be accompanied by a furious tantrum if the fluffic doesn’t like things - like bathing or haircuts.

If you run a business - fluffy’s behavior matches that of sheep/llamas and a corresponding list of things you can get and sell if needed (foals, meat, fluff, skins, etc - add yourself)…

Also, do not forget not only about hugboxing needs, but also about abusers - after all, fluffies can not only be hugged, but also tormented… Hope that mod were so expansive that it could count even as unofficial DLC)

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I am not sure if that’s possible.
Sims 3 and 4 are not exactly new games and so far in my knowledge there are no fluffy mods.
Not just that there are lots and lots of talented people in this fandom.
And I think they would have created fluffy mods for the sims by now if it was possible.

Off course I hope to be proven wrong, and maybe somebody will take this challenge up but…

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There is “More Fluffy Mod” here, but it’s not about fluffies themselves, but about widening cats|dogs species to handle(with new models for them. yes)(
P.S. And a lot of Furry mods(yaks(( )

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Man, I wish. Then maybe CallMeKevin would find it and play it. He’s the best! ROFL


i’ve just asked in discord chat, dedicated to Sims 4 mods about “that mod”, And some ppl answered me that they COULD do that mod, if i commision them like 300-500$(which i dont have anyway), otherwise its unlikely they even move a finger((

there was a mod for minecraft once
didn’t play it, but looking at the prints, it looked pretty cool
not the one we got last year, but one I saw some years ago, with micros, foals and etc
can’t remenber the name of the ppl who did both :1


OH!) HI!)) Nice to meet you) Handsome arts you’ve done so far, i like’em)

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Oh thank you!

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(post deleted by author)

When i look at your art, i feel like THIS:

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Yeah, that’s usually how it goes.
to get fluffies specifically and to have them behave like fluffies you need to "break"the game and build a framework that gets them to behave and work as intended.

As well as custom build , meshes, models, and textures.
And that’s a lot more work then a new hair do or a cat recolor.


As an avid player of both games… I would absolutely love for this to be implemented but at the same time, I’m not sure it’s even possible.

I have no clue what I’m doing with XML either but I could search around and see how to make custom pets maybe? I’m sure someone has managed to make a pet that isn’t in the game in all these years, and hopefully has a tutorial up somewhere. Don’t know how far I’d have to dig though since all I’ve ever seen for custom pets is different furs/different bodies for cats and dogs that still behave like cats/dogs.

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I’ve seen some mods that expand current pet roster for several new species of cats/dogs/farm animals… So thats why i hope there could be a possibility to make fluffies.