Requiem For A Doctor: Epilogue [END] [By BFM101]

Beast looked out towards the road as he heard the car approaching, he smiled and went to greet his visitors.

Lewis and Daniel stepped out of the car and walked towards their friend, Lewis looking decidably better now that he was taking a break from his work. Beast brought him in for a hug.

“You’re just in time, Lily gave birth last night.”

Beast led them both to the barn and to where he’d stashed Lily and Spike away from Josef, nobody but he and Lewis knew where they were until now. Lewis felt bad for including Beast in this fight but he needed an unknown assistant to keep them both safe.

Beast opened the door to their little home and showed Lewis and Daniel the wonderful sight inside. Lily was sitting with her back to the wall, her wheel frames carefully placed to the side, smiling ecstatically as two of her newborn foals suckled and kneaded her teats for milk. Beside her, Spike lay down, keeping his mate upright while cuddling into two more of their foals, a contented smile on his tired face, and their fifth and final foal was being looked after by Ness who, Lewis happily noted, no longer had the blanket of her skinned foals.

Lily looked up as the door opened and beamed. “Woo-ish, Wiwy am mummah nyo. Am finawwy mummah, hab biggesh eba heawt happies.”

“I’m proud of you Lily, I know you and Spike will be great parents.”

Spike simply nodded, after everything he went through he was enjoying to simple life. Beast left them to their babies and shut the door before turning to Lewis.

“They’re all healthy, none of them have any signs of F.A.07. Plus three of them are Alicorns if you’re interested.”

“Thanks but I don’t think we’ll be selling the foals off anytime soon, I think both of them have earned some quality family time. But since you mentioned F.A.07.”

Lewis stepped out of the way and let Daniel hand over a small selection of vials, each containing a dark green liquid inside.

“That’s the cure, and a strong vaccination. Either let them drink it whole or mix it in with their water, so long as it gets into their system it’ll do the trick, F.A.07 will be eradicated by the end of the year.”

“And no time tae soon.” Daniel added. “Had enough of this shite messing up our plans.”

“Bad wowdsies.” Lily piped up from her pen.

Beast chuckled and took the vials. “Thank you, we’ve been alright here, no cases to report but thank you for keeping us safe anyway. I take it things worked out with that Doctor guy then huh?”

Lewis chuckled, thinking back over what had happened. “In a manner of speaking.”

“How so?”

“Ye no ken yet?” Daniel asked surprised.”

Beast shook his head, unaware of the yarn he was about to be spun.

Josef had spent a lot of money guaranteeing his privacy, his home was isolated, away from any main road or footpath, his back-garden was parallel to the river that ran through the city with only desolate industrial grounds and marshlands between him and it and his nearest neighbours were too far away for Josef to even care for their existence.

When he was alive it was the perfect spot of solitude to do his abusive hobbies, now that he was dead, that isolation would work against him.

Josef had been dead for about six hours when the Smarty found his open door, with great difficulty the fat orange Unicorn made his way up the steps and through the open door, enjoying the sight of a big, warm home to call his own. Until he saw the human sitting against the wall.

The Smarty puffed his cheeks. “Dummeh hoomin, dis am Smawty wand nyo. Gu foweba sweepies.”

He kicked Josef’s corpse, knocking it over onto the floor. The Smarty huffed at his victory, he’d given a human forever sleepies, he was the best Smarty ever. With the house now his, he sent word to his herd to follow him, and by the end of the day, Josef’s expensive home was filled with a small herd of 15 Fluffies.

For his efforts in defeating the meanie human, The Smarty rewarded himself with a harem of the finest mares in the herd, regardless of whether or not they already had special-friends. The enfing went on till dawn until dusk and by the end of the second day, most of the herd’s female were carrying his young.

With no work to go to, no family except for Jonathan who was imprisioned, and nobody to notice his disappearance, Josef’s body was left to rot as the Fluffy herd pissed and shit and fucked all over with nary a care for hygiene, they had an entire house to play with, there was no need for a litterbox when the house was big enough to avoid the bad poopies wherever they were.

At least, it was at first.

After the end of the first week, the Fluffy herd realised there was no food in the house, none that they could find anyway. They could smell nummies behind some of the doors in the kitchen, but they lacked the knowledge and the tools to open them and no matter how much they tried to hug the human back to life to be their new daddeh, the Smarty had truly given him forever sleepies.

When the babbehs started dying of hunger, a blue Pegasus toughie led a coup against the Smarty, fed up of his blow-hard ways and his insistence of finding any reason to fuck the mares, even though many of them already had special-friends. The fight between the Fluffies was short but violent, spilling the ground with even more blood and shit from the frightened Fluffies.

In the end, the Smarty held his position, though the herd was much smaller now. He celebrated by enfing the losers mates in front of them, then enfing the losers just so they remembered their place. This never solved the hunger problems.

Eventually, three weeks after Josef’s death, the smell of shit and rotten flesh got so bad that even the far away neighbours couldn’t stand it. The police were sent to investigate and found Josef’s corpse, rotted and partially eaten by the survivors, and a herd of 6 Fluffies, all starving, half-blind from the parasites in their shitty habitat, and emotionally broken from having lost so many friends and babbehs to the dumb Smarty.

Whatever evidence there was left of Josef’s murder was long destroyed, his all the blood and shit and even just natural heat from the Fluffies bodies had destroyed anything usable. There was no trace evidence, no workable finger prints from the murder weapon – which had been given ‘sorry-poopies’ when it hurt one of the foals – not even a witness. Josef’s murder would go on the unsolved file and never remove.

The police did want to question Josef’s ex-girlfriend Katherine, but hadn’t been able to locate her, in fact the last anyone saw of her, she was placing a gift outside the home of Lewis and Daniel. Inside was a green bottle with the words ‘Synthesise This’ on the side, and a red bottle with the words ‘Destroy This’.

“Can I just say this is still ridiculous?”

Lewis shifted uncomfortably in his car seat as Daniel drove him, in the backseat, Lily, Spike and their foals were all safely strapped into the carrier box. The five of them were talking now and had been given names, Two of the Alicorns were female, Midnight and Leaf based on their colours, the other was a male called Shade. Of the other two, one was a Pegasus filly with a yellow coat that Lily had named Dandelion, the other was a Unicorn colt with blue coat, a recessive gene from Spike’s father, so naturally Spike named his son Cobalt.

Daniel shook his head at hi boyfriend’s mood. “Ye’ve mentioned, now shuddup.”

“You know you really don’t need to do this?”

“And miss the chance to finally meet yer sister? No chance, she’s reached out tae you and yer gonna go see her. End of discussion.”

“You know you’re cute when you’re angry.”

“Flattery’s no gonna work either Lou.”

“Shit, then I’m out.”

“Bad wowdsie daddeh.” Leaf piped up from the box.

“Thank you Leaf.”

Daniel chuckled. “Look, I ken this ain’t gonna be all sunshine and roses. But ye really need tae patch things up wae yer sister, she’s given a olive branch, just take it.”

“Ok, but the minute she talks about baby photos we leave.”

“Absolutely no.”

The rest of the drive was easier, though Lewis still felt iffy, he talked to his sister sure, but they hadn’t seen each other in at least four years, having become mostly estranged after an argument about Lewis’ work at The Farm. Of course now that The Farm had turned itself around, Lewis was often too busy to go see his sister, but since he was on sabbatical, he couldn’t use that excuse anymore.

Truth was, he was scared he might do something and fuck up their relationship even more.

Daniel pulled up outside the house and whistled. “Fancy gaff, I like it.”

“She’s the better sibling when it comes to finances, I’ll give her that.”

With nowhere left to run, Lewis made the long walk to the front door, Daniel following close behind with the Fluffies to keep him from running away. Lewis reached the door, took a deep breath, and knocked.

And Hannah Parker opened the door with a smile. “Hey there stranger, how you been?”

“Nice to see you too Han.”

“Ugh, I hate it when you call me that, LULU.”

The siblings shared a laugh before simultaneously going in for a hug.

“I’ve missed you Lewis.”

“Same here Hannah.”

“Well come on inside, your wee friend will be a bit chilly in this weather.”

Hannah stepped aside to let Lewis and Daniel inside, once the door was shut she gave a hand out for Daniel.

“Hey there, Hannah Parker, I’m the estranged sister.”

“Daniel McMillan, the gay boyfriend.”

“I know, I snoop on his social media sometimes, plus Alan’s filled me in on some of the details, says you make a good couple.”

“Why the hell is Alan gossiping to you?” Lewis asked a little louder than he intended.

“You forget Alan was my friend long before he worked for you? Anyway he only had good things to say so don’t you worry.”

Hannah leant over to peer into the carrier box. “Now then, who do we have here?”

Spike waved at Hannah. “Hewwo nice wady, am Spike, dis am speciaw-fwiend Wiwy, she nu can wabe bu she stiww happy tu see yu.”

Lily nodded. “Nice tu meet daddeh sissy, dese am babbehs, dey am gud babbehs.”

The five foals all waved at Hannah.

“Oh they are precious, our Fluffies will be so happy to have new friends to play with, Sparkles has been a little down, her mother died not too long ago so she’s not been the happiest lately.”

Hannah led the two of them to the living room, where Lewis was nearly being taken out by his niece.

“Uncle Lewis!” Kathy cried out as she tackled him. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Nice to see you too Kathy, what are now, 17, 18?”

“21 thank you very much.”

“Jesus you make me feel old. Uh, Kathy this is Daniel, Daniel this is Kathy, my niece.”

“Nice tae meet ye Kathy.”

“Whoa, that is a strong accent, I can see why Uncle Lewis took to you.”

Kathy and Daniel laughed at Lewis’ embarrassment as Hannah’s husband Dave arrived with an armful of foals and two Fluffies by his side.

“I thought I heard voices, nice to see you again Lewis.”

“You too Dave, take it those are your Fluffies.”

“Not these ones, but the two rascals by my feet are, this is Sparkles and her mare Archibald, the little guys here are Sparkle’s grandchildren, her son Ozzy is away with his family so we offered to look after the children for a bit.”

Dave placed the four foals onto the ground where they all crowded around Sparkles as Daniel opened the carrier door and let Spike and Lily step outside. The two families were iffy of each other at first, until Cobalt bounded out and smiled at the nearest of Sparkles’ foals.

“Nyu fwiend?”

“Nyu fwiend!”

That sealed the deal and the children all burst into games of chasies and huggies, their friendship sealed immediately. Sparkles and Archibald introduced themselves to Spike and Lily.

“Hewwo, am Spawkews, dis am speciaw-fwiend Awchie.”

“Am Spike, dis am speciaw-fwiend Wiwy.”

Sparkles smiled at Lily. “Wiwy wose weggies tuu?”

Lily nodded. “Meanie stawwions gib wowstesh huwties. Wiwy hab heawt huwties tiww meet Spike.”

“Spawkews same, stuk wiv meanie hoomin, wun way wiv hewp fwom Spike, find mummah gain.”

Watching the Fluffies play together, Lewis leaned in and whispered to Hannah. “You no worried about those two popping out more kids?”

“Not at all, Archie was neutered after their first litter, Sweetheart’s last owner caused her a lot of heartache, she lost a lot of foals. We made a deal with her that she could keep all her foals with Archie, and their all with friends and family so she sees them regularly, but they could be the only foals they have.”

“And she agreed to that?”

“No, Archie did, he has his family now, and that’s all that matters to him.”

Lewis looked around the room, seeing Dave and Daniel laughing together, Kathy playing with Spike and Lily, and Hannah placing her arms around her brothers chest to give him a hug.

Archie was right, family was all that mattered. And Lewis had his now.

Katherine squeezed into the motel room, she was five month pregnant now and was starting to struggle with door-frames.

She hoisted her suitcase onto the bed and dropped into the nearest chair, she knew she couldn’t keep on this forever but the more distance she put between her and Josef’s body the better. No-one had come looking for her yet, but she kept an eye on the news and an eye on her phone just to make sure.

Katherine found herself absently rubbing her belly, she’d gotten a health-check after Josef spit in her mouth, luckily there was nothing to report, no abnormalities. She even knew the sex of her baby, but she was keeping that to herself.

“Gonna be bestesh mumma.” She joked, she had a plan for what happened after she gave birth, but that was still a ways off. Not as far off as she would like, but she had time to finalise everything.

Just then the hotel phone rang, thinking it was the front desk Katherine waddled over and answered it.


No answer, just heavy breathing, she was about to hang up when…

“Hello Kat.”

“John? How did you?”

“Credit card details Kat, you’re not as sneaky as you think you are. Don’t worry this is a secure line, I’m not gonna start blabbing about you.”

Katherine’s worries weren’t eased hearing that, Jonathan was still in prison and he found her, clearly she needed to work on covering her tracks.

“John if this is about…”

“About my brother? Yeah it kinda is, wanted to know if you really killed him or not.”

“John we can talk about this.”

“I doubt it.”

“John I’m… I’m pregnant.”

There was a pause, Katherine could swear she heard clicking in the background but she couldn’t be sure.

“I know, that’s why this call is a warning. The baby is the only reason I’m not killing you right now, if I ever see you again, I swear I will fucking kill you for what you’ve done. Are we clear?”

Katherine nodded, wiping a tear from her eye. “We’re clear. John I’m so sorry, I never wanted it to come to this, I didn’t…”

She froze, something Jonathan said didn’t sir right with her.

“John? What do you mean by; ‘you won’t kill me right now’?”

Silence, she could hear Jonathan’s breathing, and that strange clicking noise again.


“Get some rest Kat. You look tired.”

Katherine screamed and dropped the phone, as quick as she could she drew the curtains and hid behind the wall, her heart going into overdrive with fear.

Jonathan took one last look at Katherine’s room from his scope, before dismantling his sniper-rifle and packing it away. He paid the final deposit on his room and walked off, being careful not to make eye-contact with anyone who might recognise him.

He’d meant what he said, he wouldn’t kill Katherine while she was pregnant, but all bets were off once the baby was born, he wouldn’t go looking for her, but he wouldn’t hesitate should their paths cross again.

For the moment though, Jonathan took in his new freedom, he didn’t know where he was going, but he knew it was a long road to get there.

Might as well enjoy the journey.

The Mongola Saga Will Continue

Author's Notes

I still remember the exact moment I decided to kill Josef.

When I introduce Katherine in Frederick’s Filthy Fluffy Farm I only intended her to be a one-off character, then I had the idea to flesh out Josef’s character by adding in a sexual relationship between the two of them.

Then the image popped in my head of Katherine stabbing Josef in the chest, and I knew Josef would die someday.

I didn’t know how at first, initially Katherine was suppose to be a more psychotic character than Josef but as she developed through her stories and the prequels, it made more sense to make her a conflicted character. Whether or not this works depends on the reader but I like what I did with her. Once I was took the chance to reference FallenAngel007’s hellgremlin Fluffies in their Specialist series, that’s when the idea of an infected Josef began to take shape. After that, it was a case of setting up the right pieces so that his death would (hopefully) make sense.

As for WHY I killed him off. There was a number of reasons, firstly because I didn’t want to go stale using Josef over and over and risk people getting bored of him. Secondly – and this has become more prevalent over recent chapters – Josef is a very controversial character and the discussions over what he deserved were getting a little too snippy for my liking.

Mostly though, it’s because I wanted to force myself into something new, to not use Josef as a crutch. Don’t get me wrong, I love Josef, he’s one of my favourite characters I’ve ever created, on this site and elsewhere, and the fact that he and Crimson have gotten such a response after they were only supposed to be One Story Characters is nothing short of amazing and I thank everyone who has given their support, or their disdain, either or.

But I knew if I kept Josef around then I’d keep falling back on him and risk getting repetitive, I wanted to take the chance to explore new characters and new stories and what’s opened up from Josef’s death has given me plenty of new ideas for what’s to come.

The Mongola Saga will take a break for October so I can work on something for Flufftobah, but it will return with more stories, some from Herman, some from Jonathan, and some for secondary characters who deserve their own little tale. I’ve already got something planned for Flint and Moss.

Until then, thank you again and I hope you don’t mourn/enjoy Josef’s loss too much.


I love this epilogue- does a wonderful job of tying up loose ends, while leaving possible hooks for more stories

Overall, with Josef’s saga, the trip has been incredible. You have done a wonderful job of creating a…complex series. There is never pure hugbox without abuse, nor is there pure abuse without some hugs. It feels balanced and realistic, and its made for a highly enjoyable read for someone who likes practically all boxes equally. I look forward to seeing how this all continues

Out of curiosity, have you ruled out the possibility of revisiting Josef in prequel works?


There are points in Josef’s history I’ve not covered, so I could go back to him if I can think of something.

Chances are we’ve not seen the last of him.


The craziness of fluffies aside, you spin a good yarn. Characters have depth and grow as the story grows, for better (Katherine) for worse (Josef)

Not every character has to be pure and good or have a redemption arc to be a good and well written character. Josef was a terrible person who did terrible things, but he was interesting.

Also props to you for making the hard decision to kill him off before things got stale or repetitive. More content creators need to learn restraint like that.

Long winded comment that boils down to, I really enjoyed this. You have a knack for writing and hope you pursue it with more than fluffy pony critters.

And there was much rejoicing


“Wibbewy-wobbewy timey-wimey!”

“Can stiww see daddeh again!”

“Mowe wowwied fow mama Kat-a-win, doh.”

“Yeah… can onwy cheew fow hew fwom hewe.”

“Yu t’ink uncwe Jonathan gon’ take babbeh?”

“T’ink su.”

“Whu wowse? Him ow daddeh Josef?”

“Dunnu. Nee’ daddeh Chikahiwo for get off wazy butt an’ wead mowe stowies.”

Looking forward to it. Its been quite a ride and I’ve not read everything yet.


Damn Jonathan gone Jason Bourne here. :flushed: As long as he didnt see her in the future, damn!

Was he out or he escape?

Its kinda gross but kinda karma what happen to his dead body to be desecrated by the very thing he wanted to destroy.

Maybe do a short to these fuck up smarty :joy:

For now having Lewis takes a good rest and with the family a good epic finale :+1: @BFM101


Future Story Warning.


Ahhhh ok


Am I missing something Is there a chapter 7?

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There is but it’s controversial, you might not have those set on your profile.

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

:shrug: WEll could just use my imagination lol.

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You don’t have controversial stories set. If you want them go to the three lines beside your profile picture, click groups then join the Controversial group.

If you don’t want them set, then just let me know and I’ll PM you the chapter.

Looks like there’s still an issue in the form of Jonathan. Eh, time will tell.


Love how this turned out and honestly, very unexpected.

One question, is this Kathy, Lewis’s niece, the same one from Cry Wolf?


Yes she is. I’ve had Lewis talking about a non-descript sister a few times now and figured it be fun to tie The Parker Family back into the main narrative through Lewis.


Love how everything reveals itself to be interconnected. It requires real attention to detail.


It’d be funny if due to a mixup in afterlife paperwork Josef ended up going to Skettiland.


“What the hell is this? I’m quite clearly a human.”

“You’re an egotistical prick, you were killed by a human and you’re covered in shit. That sounds like Fluffy to me.”



If that’s not an April Fool’s storyline I don’t know what is.


:joy: :joy: :joy: