Rewink Da Sketti (Unfinished) By Anesthesia

Wewink da Sketti

Wong, wong ago, da age ob Sketti was cweated by da Wowd ob Bwitewite, Gwyn. He was a smawt eaweth fwuffy who jowned fowces wit da pointy ‘n wingy fwuffys, tu fite off da munstah pointy ‘n wingy fwuffys cawwed… Awicowns. He fownd… Sketti. It’s da mowst powewful ‘n bestest nummie ‘n da wowwd! He used it tu defeat da munstah pointy wingy fwuffys, dwivin dem bak, nebah tu be seen ‘gain. ‘N so, da Age Ob Sketti was created!

It was a gweat timeses, wawm bwitsies, ‘n vewy pwos-pw-pwospo- it was weww. Vewy weww. Aw da gods whew habin fun times, wuwin obew dey own wands.

Den… it happened. Da Sketti stawted tu wun out! ‘N if da Sketti wan out, den da age ob Dawkies wouwd happin! Gwyn wouwdn’t wet dat happen, su he made de uwtimate sacwafice, ‘n gav his own body to repwinish da Sketti, givin us mow time ob safty!

Bu as time wen on, it stawted tu wun out ‘gain… ‘n a new pweson was chowsin. A chowsin un-foweba sweepes! A bwave fwuffy who couwdnt go foweba sweepes! Nu matta how much da munstahs twied, they sowwy hoofsies wouwdnt stop him!

Aftew many twiaws ‘n twibuwatons, da chowsin Un-foweba sweepes got da sows ob da Wowds, ‘n wen to wewink da Sketti, at da kiwn ob da fiwst Sketti! Bu… he had to fite Gwyn tu so it…

Many, many, MANY bwitetimses watew, fwuffy tawkin Mawwenia watew, ‘n a new wowd was chowsin, Pwince Wofwic! Bu he was a bad fwuffy! Da wowstes fwuffy! He wefused tu wewink da Sketti! Su he bwout bak da otew owd wowds tu do it, ‘n dey nu wan do it eitew! Aww bad fwuffies! So den a new one had to awise, one tu make da dummie stoppie wowd tak dew pwace!

So dewe she was, the fabwed Sawcen one, Sow, stawnding face tu face wit da fog waww dat weads tu da finew bonefiwe, wit da mission to wewink da Sketti, so da age ob Sketti can continue, as da fiwekeepew towd hew to.

Sow steewed hewsewf, hew mouf cwutchin hew swowd, ‘n wawked thwough da fog.

Da pwace was beautifuw… da gwound was cwuchy dwied Sketti, wif wed fwowews cumin fwom dem! Many weapons ‘n stuffs put in da Sketti, wif a buwnin bonfiwe in da middew.

Sow seeses a fwuffy! He was weawin amow, wike hew, bu… he was on fiwe! He must be feewin da wowstes buwnie huwties!

Sow wan obew tu da fwuffy, su she can gib Huggies tu hewp him! Wite befow she was now tu touch him, da fwuffy gwowed at hew, ‘n stabbed his swowed ‘n da gwound, bwastin Sow faw away fwom him!

“SKREEEE!” Sow scweamed, as she fwew in da aiw! She swammed into da gwound, wowwing a bit. Sow stood up, ‘n shook hew thinkie pwace. Dis fwuffy mus be da meanie fwuffy dat da fiwekeepew towd Sow ‘bout! Da Souw ob Noodwe!

Da Souw ob Noodwe puwwed da swowd out on da gwound, ‘n kiked da cwumbs bewow him, befow he chawged at Sow! His swowd scwaped against da Sketti fwoow, sendin smaww cwumbly noodwes in da aiw as he neawed Sow!

This was an unfinished project I was doing for a while when I was binge playing through a bunch of FromSoft games. Then life, work, and just general disinterest with writing led to this never really getting finished. But I didn’t want this to just sit in my docs, just forgotten. If I feel it, I might finish this in the future, but for now, this is probably it for a while. If someone makes the dumb decision to continue this, or anything, I’m cool with it, just site me or whatever. See ya guys in a while.


It would be a total twist if the chose one to solve everything in the end was an alicorn

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