Rick's Ranch Chapter 15: Aftermath [Hrodde]

FV: “Why, Whatever do You mean?”

Rick: “I mean, What’s next For You? One Murder just turned into maybe a Few Dozen.”

FV: “I’m not too worried about it… It Can’t be traced Back to me.”

Rick: “No Probably Not. But still, While I won’t be the Guy hunting you down. There will most definitely be a Task Force made specifically to Chase you… What Company Could you be… Not Hasbio, their work is way out in the open, has to be after the whole PETA thing.”

FV: “Careful detective… Start spouting names and I won’t be the only one with a Target on their back~”

Rick: “Fair enough… Here’s my Proposal. Leave Me and My People alone from now on. And I’ll try to Keep Granny Squad Occupied.”

FV: “Speaking Of, we have information on everyone in Hunters Birch… But Them… Didn’t think we needed it. Dangerous women those, Shame I didn’t recruit them for security.”

Rick: “Yeah… As Much as I would love to Continue this Conversation with a High-functioning whatever you are… Can You just… Leave it at this Because you’ll be Busy?” fatigue is finally starting to Take him, Joints a Creaking and scars a Aching.

FV: “…You make a Strong Point, but you are currently in Possession of my Property.”

Rick: “what? Some halfway made Fluffs? You’re a Faceless Corporate entity, surely you can Adopt some more.”

FV: “loss is Loss Rick… What are you willing to Give me for them?”

Rick: “… You’re the Type that has everything. Only thing I can Give you isa Favor.”

FV: “Sounds Like a Devil’s Deal… I’ll Call you when I want something… Goodbye Rick, Here’s Hoping, I see you soon.”

Before Rick Could Continue, A Loud Tone signalled through the Compound, showing the Disconnection of the Call. He Shrugged it off and wondered for a Bit through the Halls… All the way Back to the room with the Tanks… Time for these Fluffs to finally Rest.

He fiddled with the Chemicals making sure they were living wild and Fun Fantasies, before Breaking their Tanks. It was a Mercy, one a Fluffy rarely Got here.

45 minutes Later…

Back Topside… Finally. It was a Cheerful sight, Some fluffs having felt real sunlight for the first time ran around in play with each other. Babbehs Chirping and Mummahs Singing. Fred finally getting to Feed his Milkshakes to talking Babbehs. The Officers Were Picking out Favorites Side By Side with the Granny Squad. Turns out everyone who joined in on the operation got first pick when it was Time to adopt.

Another Group surrounded the Injured… Full on Huggies heal all mode it seems. It was Gonna be Rough to take care of this many Fluffs… The more good word spread the more people to adopt. One of the Bigger and braver Fluffs came up to him. A Dark Chocolate Brown fluff, with a Creamy white Mane. Rick waited for it to start Talking before he Noted some oddities.

instead of one Straight horn like a Unicorn it had two rounded ones on each side of it’s head. Like a Miniature Bull. It only came up to maybe 5 Inches above his ankle, like every other aduuuuuulllllt…? Another Larger Fluffy measuring to just below his Knee followed up behind the Baby Fluffalo

“Sowwy Nice Mistah, Poopie Babbeh wike to Wun off.”

“Yeah… No Worries, I’ll be taking most of you guys in…” things had Gone oddly Quiet… He looked over at the “sea” of fluffies… A good 60 adult fluffs and god knows how many babies… It ran like slow motion in his mind.

“Nyuuuuu Daaaaaad-Deeeeeeh?”

“No! WAIT!” he was Besieged by the whole mini Mega Herd, keeping his back to the wall next to the Door to the facility. Sure they were small and weak but the nearly trampled over each other to get hugs or Uppsies.

“STOP!” It was the loudest he could yell, and he still feared being bowled over by the swarm of Fluffs. Thankfully they had the sense of mind to snap to their senses at the Command.

“…Jesus… Okay… I’m NOT your New Daddy. My Name is Rick, I own some land where you can stay, until you’re adopted. It won’t be for free. You’ll be working the land with me, and the fluffs already there…” There were some complaints and sad huu’s, but the reaction was overall positive… They understood that they were going to a better place. No more cages, no more pokey hurties, an opportunity at a better life with proper human mummahs and daddehs. Hope.

It was a party for everyone, the people and the Fluffies. Moving the party was a Bit of a Challenge. Flat bed trucks and Vans made it Much easier. Still scary for the Fluffs but they were still happy at being outside. After some introductions the original Herd and some explaining about the Rules and where they’ll be sleeping. They got along like cookies and milk. Even Tangerine was let down to join the festivities. First meal besides cornflakes for maybe a week now. He ate heartily and flirted poorly with the Single Fillies.

People of Hunter’s birch came in Groups the prettier and friendlier fluffs getting adopted on the spot. Alot of them brought gifts for Rick and the Volunteers. Thanking them for their hard work and enraptured by the story of the hidden facility. Mayor Hardlen even made an Appearance with his Family. Picking up a Fluffalo, as a shaggy friend for their dog.

The Next Morning

“Ohhhh… Fuck me dead…”

Hangovers are a Bitch, but a Hunter’s Birch Hangover just hit Different. He picked himself up off the Shower tiles and half crawled into the bedroom. Gwen and DD along with Malta, Maggie and Guinness at the Foot. Making his way outside to spy the entire police force passed out in his Lawn, cuddled up with Various Fluffs was another funny Sight… Definitely one for the Album.

He went around a did a total head Count of the new Fluffs that remained after the mass adoption. From the 60 adults about 18 were left over. Thankfully with their Babies if they weren’t weaned… The babies though… The ones old enough to live on their own… He may as well open an orphanage. Alot of them were sad to be left behind, but hugs heal all. A good 40 of those weaned lads and another 12 with their mummahs… His herd was Untouched by the adopters… If he remembered right… They turned down the easy life, and that loyalty needs to be rewarded… Tomorrow. Right now, Ricky boy needs some hot Greasy food and a Cool Breeze.


What happened to that reformed smarty

Pooboot? He’s somewhere… Probably under the beer can pile.


How long does it take to type out a story just asking

Im running purely off my phone. At the moment.

I’d say 2-3 hours if I just Snort all the espresso beans I can Find. But I take little thumb breaks when I need to. Which tacks on maybe another 1.

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