"Rising Sun" Part 1 by NobodyAtAll


As the Tower of Tyranny gets closer to firing, I think quickly, eyeing both halves of Calvin Impact’s octavium shield, the mecha itself wrecked for the second time.


I run towards the left half of the shield, picking it up.

It’s heavy, but I don’t call myself the strongest man alive for no reason.

Marley zips over to me, as the big skull turns to our new position.

“Wut am we gunna du?!?”


I swing the shield down, embedding it in the ground.

Just deep enough to keep it steady.

To be safe, I shoot some webs at the base, courtesy of Reilly.

thwip thwip thwip

Our webs are more durable than Reilly and Mayday’s.

“We just need to hold out long enough for Eddy to get here, Mar!”

Marley looks at the right half of the shield, on the other side of the wreckage.

“But we onwy git too of deez nao.”

“I know. With Calvin Impact destroyed, we’ve got no way to expend the stored power.”

“Mebbeh we can ab-sowb it?”

Well, we have learned that we can do that.

Around the time we experimented with firing our powers out of different body parts.

Yeah, but you might be biting off more than you can chew with those beams. If it was THAT easy, we wouldn’t need to synthesize octavium.

It really shouldn’t take Eddy that long to get here, considering how he’ll be doing so.

I just hope the others are doing alright.

As Pierre drives his flying car, Deston operating the laser cannon, the cyborg scientist addresses a screen on the dashboard, keeping his eyes on the roa… skies.

“Calvin Impact is down, Val! And we’ve got company! You’re seeing this too, yes?”

Valerie, on the screen, nods, her lab visible in the background, as is Prometheus, currently zoned out in a large armchair.

“Leave it up to Prometheus to coordinate your movements!”

Pierre nods, watching the Helios fly over his car, chasing several of the skulls.

“Right! Cal is our enemy’s primary target, so we just have the small skulls to worry about.”

Pierre sees the Wings of Time flying into his path, several skulls on Jack’s tail.

Just as it seems that Pierre and Jack are going to crash…


The Wings of Time vanishes in a flash, leaving a prismatic streak behind.

As the skulls fly into Pierre’s path instead, Deston opens fire, destroying them.


Deston’s thing is usually magic, but he’s spent a lot of time around Pierre.



As the red beam strikes the shield half, being absorbed, me and Marley run over to the other half of the shield, quickly erecting it.


thwip thwip thwip

Then we peek out from behind the shield, seeing the Tower of Tyranny’s giant skull turning towards us again.

“Okay, it’s clearly me who Dehak wants dead the most.”

“Mawwey fink a wotta dem asshowes wan daddeh ded.”

We retreat back behind the shield, our hearts pounding.

“At least Umbra, Deedee, Freddy, and probably Shaun too. The Many probably wants you dead, Mar. And the Dark Dragon’s never really met us. That just leaves Mystery Vampire. If it’s not any of the evil vampires we know, then I have no idea if they’ve got a grudge or not.”

“Daddeh haf kiwwed a wotta vam-piyahs.”

You’ve killed one or two, Mar. Hunter’s been saying you should join the Association too, what with you being able to turn to silver. He’s so jealous, you know, he’s only got a silver horn to work with–”

“Am dis weawwy a gud time tu be duin tawkies?”

“We’ve got until that Tower fires again, Mar.”

“An den wut?”

“Well, if Eddy isn’t here by then, we’re screwed.




The three biplanes mow skulls down with Ynk machine gun rounds, all of the ex-Ganglion members roaring at the enemy.

The pilot Pinto keeps one hand on the wheel, pulling a monochrome hammer out of his pocket and swinging it at a skull that got too close.


He sends it careening over to another skull.


Meanwhile, Xanitas and Kirk grab two more skulls, Trota and Konba carefully steering their spaceships closer together from opposite directions.

As the spaceships pass each other, dangerously close to a head-on collision, the Saingan and Omega Class smash the skulls together, reducing them to scrap.


“Honestly, you can’t beat me!”

Auf Wiedersehen, meine knochigen Freunde!

I take another look from behind our shield, seeing the skull charging again.

Cal, have you noticed what I’VE noticed?

Oh yeah, those little skulls are staying out of the big one’s line of fire.

Clever Dehak, trying to avoid friendly fire.

And I think the others have noticed that too, they’re trying to drive the little skulls back into the big skull’s line of fire.


The big skull fires, obliterating at least a dozen of the small skulls, and I get back behind the shield just in time.


And the shield absorbs the beam, leaving us down a defensive option.

Can’t the shields absorb more of those beams?

Niv, do you know what happens when octavium is overloaded?


Neither do I. Do you really want to find out?

But that stuff can contain a Stone of Octavo’s worth of power without overloading!

We’re not flipping this coin!


“Yeah, Mar?”

“Wut am we gunna du nao?”

“Pray it doesn’t take Eddy much longer to get here, Mar.”

“Pway tu hu?”

“I think Drakonia’s got a god of luck. Arengi. God of luck, gambling, monster hunting, and random numbers.”

“Wan-dum num-buws?”

“Hey, not every god gets to be a god of something like thunder, or war. I think there’s even a Drakonian goddess of things stuck in drawers, according to Eddy, who is taking his sweet fucking time.

“Wut, wike spat-yoo-wahs? Dewe gutta be a gawd of dat?

“I guess? And it could be worse: there’s a god of hangovers too.”


I smirk at Marley.

“Hey, there’s gods of alcohol, right? And where there’s booze, there will be hangovers. Anyone who’s ever said oh God while slumped over the toilet and watching last night’s dinner come back up has prayed to the god of hangovers.”

“Dat make sens. Yu fink dewe am a gawd of Skuww Smash?”

“I’m fucked if I know, Mar. I’ll ask Eira later.”

“If dewe am a watew.”

Up in the big skull, God-King Dehak grins, having wished up binoculars for the Octovirate, seeing the two glowing halves of the gigantic shield, and having seen Calvin duck behind the right one.

Well, the left one, from God-King Dehak’s point of view.

“I’ve got you now, boy.”

He lowers his binoculars, and sweeps his arm.

“Charge again!”

The room fills with red light, as the Tower of Tyranny charges once again.

“The moment the boy shows his face, fi–”

Suddenly, the skull starts turning to the west, surprising the Octovirate.

“What in the name of the Devourer?!?”

Archmage Umbra, using Levis to keep his binoculars up to his eyes, sees something glowing far off in the distance, rapidly getting closer.

“Is that what I think it is?”

Erebus, in human form, grins in anticipation, holding his binoculars the wrong way around.

“Oh, it’s been a while since I last saw that! But it’s rather far away…”

The Many floats up off their armchair to get a better look, using telekinesis to hold their binoculars in place.

“Tuwn da bin-oh-kyoo-waws awound, Ewebus.”

“Oh, right. Thanks. Okay, now that thing looks a lot closer!”

“It kinna wook wike a staw…”

Varney raises a black eyebrow. As a wizard, he’s rather smart, so he figured out how to hold binoculars properly on his first try.

“I don’t know anything about modern methods of transport, but I’m pretty sure they need wings to fly.”

“Du yu nu see dat caw?”

“Honestly, Many, I’m just surprised to see a horseless carriage move by itself. Those automobiles aren’t really a thing here, are they?”

The Hungry Rider shrugs, holding his binoculars up to his empty eye sockets.

“Meh. MY ride is cooler.”

The Dark Demon is on the edge of his seat, bouncing up and down in excitement like a little kid seeing his presents on Christmas Day. He doesn’t have a pair of binoculars, because Magnus Frater has that as a built-in feature.

“Hee hee hee hee hee! Is he gonna do a kammy-kayze attack?”

Shaun looks like he’s about to soil his robe, holding his binoculars with his left hand, his Black Band adorning his wrist. His sleeve has slipped down, revealing that his veins on that arm have already started turning black.

“It’s pronounced kamikaze, but that doesn’t matter! Dehak, do something!”

God-King Dehak grins maliciously, watching the incoming new arrival through his binoculars.

“Hello again, dragon-boy. And I thought you were too depressed to ever return here.”

Edward, aboard his Star Chariot, Dragonbane and his bag of holding equipped, a look of absolute fury on his face, Mr. Dragon-Soul riding behind him in his dragonbone armor, a new sword he forged just for this occasion strapped to his back.

Mel Baron helped Mr. Dragon-Soul forge it. As this timeline’s greatest smith, Mel can easily adapt to using metals from other timelines.

God-King Dehak lowers the binoculars again, and sweeps his arm once more.

“You’ll die here, fool! Open fire on the dragon-boy!”


As Edward and Mr. Dragon-Soul see the Tower of Tyranny fire at them, Edward grits his teeth, pushing the Star Chariot to go faster.

Their heavenly vehicle is surrounded by a glowing star-like aura, stardust trailing behind them.


Mr. Dragon-Soul nods as he crouches down.




As the Star Chariot slams into the massive red beam, the celestial motorbike just keeps going, its star-like aura blocking the beam.

Edward laughs in jubilation.


He keeps driving, straight towards the gigantic skull.

“NOW, DUDE!!!”

Mr. Dragon-Soul takes a deep breath.


And as the Star Chariot plows right through the gigantic skull, Mr. Dragon-Soul lets it rip.


The Octovirate, having leapt out of the way just in time, throwing their binoculars aside, look at the two gaping holes in their headquarters, the glittering trail of stardust fading away, and the ruins of God-King Dehak’s throne, which Edward was on a direct collision course with.

Through the hole Edward made on the way out, they see him making his way back for another go.

As they get back up, Archmage Umbra glares up God-King Dehak.

“Shouldn’t you do something about that, Dehak?”

God-King Dehak nods, reaching for his Lamp.

“Indeed. I think a heart attack should suffice–”

And realizing that it’s gone.


The Lamp of Desire is gone, and so is the chain.

“How did-- how did he-- WHAT?!?”

He turns to the others.

“Well, don’t just stand there! Go get it back!”

Erebus grins.

“Leave it to me.”

He takes flight on his black wings, out of the gaping hole.

As he steers the Star Chariot back towards the Tower, Edward turns to Mr. Dragon-Soul.

“Did you get it?”

Mr. Dragon-Soul holds the Lamp up, still on its chain.

“I don’t like to brag, but I’m a pretty good pickpocket!”

“Understatement of the year, dude! Even Vic can’t pick someone’s pocket that fast!”

“It was a bit longer for me, Eddy!”

“Fair enough! But that thing wasn’t in Dehak’s pocket, was it?”

“Doesn’t matter! I could steal your underwear and you wouldn’t even notice until you pulled your pants down to take a shit! I’ve literally stolen hearts out of people’s chests! Like I said, I’m pretty good at picking pockets! And when you think about it, a chest cavity is basically a really gross pocket…”

Erdrick pokes his head out of Edward’s bag.

“Yu am pwetty gud at a wotta fings, mistah Dwagon-Souw.”

“Ah, it’s just the perks of the adventurer’s lifestyle–”

“Wook out!”

Erdrick retreats into the bag as a black shape flies past.


It takes Edward and Mr. Dragon-Soul a couple of seconds to realize that the Lamp is gone.

“Goddamnit, we just got it!”

“By the Nine, I thought I had fast hands–”


Edward swerves, narrowly avoiding a stream of black dragon fire, seeing the perpetrator preparing another.


Mr. Dragon-Soul licks his lips.

“I can’t wait to see what your soul tastes like!”

Erebus grins, black smoke spewing out between his sharp teeth as Edward drives towards him.


Edward’s attempt to get the Lamp back is interrupted when he has to swerve away from another stream.


And as Edward swerves a third time, another skull beam narrowly misses the Star Chariot.


Unfortunately, it misses Erebus too.

I watch from behind our shield, as Edward has to deal with the skull beams and… and…

So the Dark Dragon started off as a NOBLE dragon. Huh. Neat.

That, or Dehak wished for him to be able to do that.

Look, I don’t think Dehak would trust UMBRA with a human body, and there’s a big difference between a fluffy, even one with magic powers, and a GODDAMN DRAGON.

Human form or not, Erebus is probably still vulnerable to Dragonbane. And Edward has our dragon-hunting friend with him.

If Mr. Dragon-Soul didn’t fuck it up, the Lamp SHOULD be out of Dehak’s hands now.

But the Dark Dragon is most likely attempting to return the Lamp to Dehak.

Hopefully, Eddy can play keep away for long enough. Cal, get moving!


“Mar, come on!”

We run out from behind our shield, seeing the Tower of Tyranny trying to blast Edward, who is dodging beams while trying to get to Erebus, who is also dodging beams while trying to get away from Edward.

We keep running, up to the great wall, and the portcullis.

We see our other allies, still fighting the smaller skulls, thinning out their numbers.


The Wings of Time appears in the sky near us, rejoining the battle against those fucking annoying flying skulls.

“Whewe did dey come fwom?!?”

“From the past, Mar! Jack knows all about fourth-dimensional thinking, he gave the bastards the slip through the fourth dimension! Or a 4th-D Slip for short!”

“Su nao wut?”

We reach the portcullis.

“First, we’ve got a rendezvous with some old friends.”

And we run through the open portcullis, into occupied Dragonheart.

Part 2

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