"Rising Sun" Part 10 (Denouement) by NobodyAtAll

Part 9

We return to the former battlefield, Edward and Erdrick’s dragon wings vanishing as they touch the ground.

I cup my hands around my mouth, raising my voice.

“Alright! We’ve got good news and bad news, so everyone, gather round!”

When everyone does so, I tell them what we found at the Palace, or rather, what we didn’t find.

“So the Lamp is gone, but we don’t know if what was inside it is gone. Val, you’re going to need to send some people to analyse the area before we start fixing it up…”

While we do this, Edward, Erdrick and Mr. Dragon-Soul recap the fight against Erebus to our Drakonian friends.

“We’ll need to move those bones, before any cultists can get their hands on them…”

“I could probably make something nice with them, Eddy. Maybe I could make a set of armor for you.

“Daddeh wud wook gud in dat.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think the family will like it.”

Cecil, back in street clothes, claps a hand on Edward’s shoulder, beaming with pride.

“Your mother will be proud of you, Eddy.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“And I’m proud of you too, y’know. You’ve come so far. Jeez, and you started out as a fluffy porn writer!”

Edward’s face turns crimson as he buries it in his hands, and Nadia’s jaw drops.

That’s what you did at your day job, Eddy? Well, I can see why you didn’t want to tell me…”

Then they all start laughing.

Judy smiles at me.

“Give them time, Cal. They’re getting there.”

“I know, Jude. He slew a dragon and saved her from a tower, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gotta run off to get married pronto.”

When I’m done with my recap, Peter walks over to me with Alex, offering me a handshake.

I happily accept it.

“Good work out there, Peter. Do you mind if I call you Pete?”

“Feel free. But in the grand scheme of things, my role in this was negligible. As I said, you and Eddy are the heroes of the hour.”

"Hey, but now the Adventurer’s Guild will be back in business, right?’

“Yes, the Guild Master is already organizing the adventurers. We were keeping the monster population in check, and with adventuring being banned during Dehak’s reign–”

“I get it, you guys are gonna need to do some pest control. I’ll do my best to help with that. I can recommend some people.”

I turn to Dave and Slayer, several ChaotiX members gathered around them as Dave shows them the video of Slayer’s, ahem, quality time with Umbra.

“You think I can upload this to FluffTube, Slayer? I mean, they don’t allow videos of fluffies raping fluffies…”

“It am fukkin Umbwa, daddeh, dey can make a ess-ept-shun fow dis.”

Umbra, stuck in his carrier, guarded by the Faucheuses, glares at Dave.

“Don’t you dare upload that, Weissman!”

Susan kneels down, grinning at Umbra.

“I own FluffTube, Umbra. And if you don’t want that video uploaded, I will do everything in my power to allow Dave to do that, so the whole world can see you at your lowest point.”

Pierre nods.

“I can imagine how devastating the humiliation will be to someone with an ego as monstrously swollen as yours, Umbra. Edward’s prior reference to English rock music applies to you as much as it applies to Dehak. But if you tell us where he’s gone, we’ll spare you that humiliation.”

Umbra doesn’t notice Susan’s eye twitch.

Good thing Xidorn is sleeping at home, with an angel watching him.

Reggae and Mortis walk up to the the carrier, Reggae kneeling down.

“Just know this, Umbra. Me and Mortis haven’t had a turn killing you yet. An wi will git ah tun.”

“I never should have gone to Jamaica!”

Deston raps the side of the carrier with his hand, making Umbra fall over.

“We know you murdered an old friend of ours to get the Staff of Necrosis the Undying, Umbra. Would you like to meet Necrosis? We know he’s from here, we know that he knows Dehak. Perhaps your former benefactor has been telling you stories?”

“Oh, he did! Necrosis isn’t the only one from here, stupid human!”

I smirk at Umbra.

“You’re talking about Chival the Benevolent, aren’t you? Yeah, Dehak mentioned that chivalrium is called benevolium here, so that’s that question answered. But we have plenty more questions to ask, Umbra. You and me are gonna spend a lot of time together.”

A lot more than you two USUALLY do. Maybe we can get a fluffy-sized muzzle, straitjacket and hand truck. I mean, if we’re gonna be doing the whole “interrogate the villain” thing, we’ve gotta do it RIGHT.

Should we get some lotion and a basket too, Niv?

That’s Buffalo Bill, Fi, not Hannibal Lecter!

Silence of the Fluffies, eh?

I’d watch it.

Dharin walks over to us, hugging Edward with his good arm.

“Oh, I don’t know what we’d do without you! I’m gonna go see how my boys are doing! You guys did undo that wish too, right?”

Edward nods.

“Of course, Dharin! But… well, a lot of innocents died, and now… now we won’t be able to bring them back to life…”

I give Edward a sympathetic look.

“I get it, dude. I’ve been there.”

Marley nods.

“An a wotta inn-oh-sents did wib.”

“Right, Mar. If things had gone differently, everyone would be dead, or undead. So there’s still hope. We… we just do what we can. Take it one step at a time. We’ve got a lot on our plate. Four Octovirate members are still at large, and odds are they’re stuck on Magicca. Sonia, you’ll need to contact the Association. It’s time they had a presence on Magicca, seeing as Varney is most likely going to keep spreading vampirism here.”

Sonia nods.

“I’ll call Dad as soon as we get back, Cal. He’ll be surprised to hear who Vampire X turned out to be. Yeah, that’s what the Association was calling him, sorry, not my idea. And you’re going to want to put Des on this too, and maybe also Sander. Varney’s the inventor of vampirism, he probably knows how to turn people without biting them. After all, nobody bit him, did they?”

“I hadn’t even thought of that, so thank you for bringing this to my attention. We’ll need to have the squad hunting the Many start searching here, and–”

Edward holds up a hand.

“Hold on, Cal. There’s something I need to address first.”

“Oh, I can guess what this is about. You mind if I listen in with Mar?”

“Nah, go ahead. Nadia, you should probably listen to this too.”

Edward, Nadia, Erdrick and Aurelia walk over to Chrysus, me, Marley, Cecil and Mr. Dragon-Soul following them.

“So, tell me about this prophecy, and my role in it.”

Edward looks his grandfather in the eyes, and Chrysus looks remorseful.

“I wanted to tell you from the moment we met, but as I said, I had to be sure.

“Suwe of wut, gwate-gwampa?”

“That Eddy is, in fact, Drakus reborn. After today’s events, there can be no doubt.”

I crack a grin.

“Our thin friends could probably confirm it, unless the Rules wouldn’t allow it. I assume this prophecy was made before I wished for Fate to be erased, Chrysus?”

He nods.

“Before you ever met Umbra. Before any of you were even born. Before even I was hatched, to be frank. I am only old by human standards, and while I may look it at the moment, I am not human.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask: Chrysus, have you ever heard of a Cosmic Dragon?”

“I can’t say I have, but I don’t see what it has to do with this.

Marley gives me a knowing wink.

“Mowe den yu fink, mistah Kwai-suss.”

“We’ll make introductions later, he’s been wanting to meet Eddy. But this isn’t about him, this is about Eddy, and that prophecy. Chrysus, please, tell us. Eddy heard about it from Erebus, but we didn’t.”

“Well, what Erebus said was true. There was a prophecy that Drakus would be reborn. However… the prophecy said nothing about what the reincarnation of Drakus would do. It said nothing about whether or not he would return to Drakonia.”

Edward pensively looks at his hands.

“Because I didn’t discover my powers until after Fate stopped deciding what would happen. No prophecies have been made since the Day of Fate ended, right?”

Chrysus nods.

“We have Seers on our side, and I know that you have Seers on your side. None of ours have made a prophecy in a few years. Have yours? But what this means for you, you brave young man, is that you were not, and are not obligated to do anything. Coming to Drakonia, searching for Chrysanta, walking the path you walked in your past life… you chose to do it. And you can choose what to do next.

“I think… well, I’m gonna stay here, and help rebuild. I’m gonna need to keep training with you, and Erdrick will be training with us now. While we do that, I can figure out what to do next. Mom’s still out there somewhere. And now that things are going back to… something close to normal, I can resume the search. I just… don’t know what the next step is.”

“Mebbeh dat owd wady wiww come back wif da next cwoo.”

“Maybe, Erdrick.”

Meanwhile, on a nearby plateau, unnoticed by the ChaotiX and the Drakonians, that very crone watches Edward.

While most of her face is shrouded by the shadow of her hood, a proud smile can be seen on her wizened, wrinkled face.

“Nicely done, Eddy.”

A golden pair of dragon wings grows from her back, and she flies off.

Still nobody notices her, being preoccupied by other matters.

“But until we find our next clue, we’ve got plenty of other shit to do. Cal, what are you guys going to do with that evil version of your brother and that apprentice?”

I turn to Scott, guarding Deedee with our other nephilim.

“That’s what we’re going to figure out. We’ll need to keep Shaun deprived of his magic, so he can’t commit magical suicide again. And we’ll need to get that Band off his arm. Hopefully, it isn’t completely fused to his arm.”

“An Deedee gut dawk powahs nao.”

“Thanks for reminding me about that, Mar. You’ve earned a skettie treat for this. But first…

I walk over to our nephilim buddies, smirking at the Dark Demon.

“Hey, Deeeeedeeeee. How ya doin’, buddy?”

“Hee hee hee! Are you gonna let Scotty cut my head off again, Caaaaal? Or do you want a turn? Hee hee! Ooh, or are you gonna give Niiiiiv a turn? Hahahaha!”


I shift to Luminary Form.

“D: none of the above. Close your eyes, Deedee.”

Konba, standing with the rest of the IntergalactiX, our ex-Ganglion buddies, Xanitas, Trota, and Kirk, waves at the Dark Demon.

“And don’t argue, just do it! Trust me on this one!”

The Dark Demon grins at me.

“What’re ya gonna do, Caaaaal? Are you gonna blind me again?”

I point a hand at him, in blasting position.

“Something like that. Last chance to close your eyes, Deedee.”

“I don’t care what trick you pull outta your ass this time–”


And then I blast him with a beam of concentrated sunlight, like the one I used on Konba.


When the light fades, Deedee’s back to his relatively normal appearance.

So, Scott with glowing red eyes that are currently nonfunctional, and an insane grin that is currently missing.

“Fuck, I hate being blind!”

Everyone starts laughing at him.


Then, after reverting to base form, I heal his eyes, making sure the first thing he sees is me smugly smiling at him.

“You’re giving that armor back to the US Military, by the way. They’ll probably be upset about the helmet and Project McFly being destroyed, though.”

“Hee hee hee! Hope you brought a change of clothes, I’m naked under this thing again! Oh, and I sharted in it when Niiiiiv threw that bike! Have fun cleaning that up! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Scott rolls his eyes.

Lovely. Believe me, Deedee, I would enjoy seeing you get decapitated again, but killing you didn’t stop you the first two times, and it won’t stop you this time.”

“Yeah, but at least I’m still alive! You’re still dead, Scotty! Hahahaha! So you’re not gonna kill me. What are you gonna do with me? Put me in a cell for the rest of my life? Then what?”

Scott shrugs.

“Something like that. We just need to look at our options.”

Deston walks over to us.

“As for Shaun, once we get the Black Band off, Mervin will be taking him in. We think the Band affects his mind, so removing it should make him more… ah… rational. Hopefully, Mervin can make up for his past mistakes, and put Shaun back on the right path. He’s not irredeemable. I dare say that Shaun did not know what he was getting himself into when he began dealing with the Devourer.”

“Mawwey nu fink a wotta dey suw-vunts knoo dat.”

I rub the back of my head.

“Yeah, they didn’t think that what the Devourer offers is too good to be true. And Dehak and Varney both tried to scam the Devourer in different ways. Dehak, by becoming a lich. Varney, by becoming the first vampire. So I don’t think there’s a lot of trust on either side when someone deals with the Devourer. I mean, if Dehak was really loyal, he would have handed the Lamp over to his master right away.”

He just COULDN’T stop screwing around. Umbra TOLD him to kill us all, and he chose to ignore that, and, well, look how it turned out for him.

We are very fortunate that Dehak did not deliver the Lamp to his master. With power like that, the Devourer might be able to break into our reality with ease.

Assuming that the Devourer didn’t claim the power source somehow.

Or that the explosion didn’t somehow rip a hole in reality which the bastard can get through.

We would KNOW if they got it, because we’d all be fucked if they did. And a hole in reality would have to be pretty big for the Devourer to get through, right?

Yeah. Those “Dark Windows” probably lead to wherever the Devourer is, and they couldn’t get through those.

To be sure, I’m gonna ask an expert.

“Des, tell me something. If that explosion somehow damaged space-time, could it be repaired?”

Deston mulls it over.

“Well, if the damage isn’t too severe, certain parties can repair it. You remember Pierre’s Phase Distorter, and how it damaged time with every use–”

“And how the Death of Humans bitchslapped him for using it too much, yeah. The Wings of Time doesn’t damage time, though. Jack hasn’t been bitchslapped by the bony hand of Death yet.”

We look over at the Wings of Time, where Jack, sitting on the grass with Magnum, Fireball and Lavender, is telling them the story of his daring dogfight with Dehak.

Deston nods.

“Indeed. And if damage has been inflicted upon the fabric of reality, I’d wager that the powers that be are already aware of it, and monitoring the situation. So let’s focus on Earth and Magicca for now. Let our friends in high places worry about the cosmic consequences of today’s events. If it becomes our problem, they’ll let us know.”

“It’s already our problem, we still need to find that Lamp’s source of power. Before it falls into the wrong hands.”

“I know, Cal. For now, we celebrate our victory and help rebuild this kingdom. We enjoy this peace for as long as it lasts, and prepare for the next battle, whoever it is we might face. As we do every time. Because we’re the ChaotiX, and we can always find a way, as long as we have faith.”

I nod, looking up, just enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face.

“You were right about that, Des. And hey, Mal’s team will probably be happy to help us clean shit up here.”

Alpha waves at me, him, Beta and Gamma back in base form, them and Omega talking to Prometheus.

“I’ll talk to them later, Cal! And Korkea Bros. Construction will definitely be on board with this too!”

I wave back.

“Thanks, brobot! See, we can work through this, if we work together. Whether we’re from Earth, Magicca, a child of both worlds or neither…”

Marley smiles up at me.

“We am aww a pawt of dis yoo-nah-fuws.”

Mr. Dragon-Soul shrugs.

“Well, except me. But I like it here. Feels a lot more like home than Earth does. Eddy, man, if you ever need my help again, you’ve got it. Because we’re kin.

Edward happily shakes our dragon-souled pal’s hand.

“Maybe you should check Urshuul out. For some reason, I feel like you’d love it there.”

“It am weawwy cowdies up dewe.”

“You can’t miss it, just walk north until you bump into the big wall.”

“I’ll keep it in mind, Eddy.”

Me and Marley walk over to Seth, showing his new guitar off to Caelum, Harry, Gus and Breezie.

“Sorry you missed this one, Dad.”

“It wuz weawwy ecks-ite-in.”

“Don’t sweat it, son.”

Harry turns to me, a smile on his mustached face, and he salutes me.

“Good to see you alive, Boss.”

“Thanks, but you don’t have to salute me, Har. We’re a superhero team, not the military. I know you used to be an army medic, but still.”

“Hey, the experience comes in handy when a drunk starts a fight in my bar and does something stupid. You remember Bad Chris breaking that bottle, right?”

Marley sighs.

“Dat wuz weawwy scawy at da time, but nao… weww, yu knu how stwong Mawwey am nao.”

I kneel down, stroking Marley.

“I like your idea of you and Erdrick merging together, buddy. He’s gonna need a lot of training before he’s ready, though.”

“Mawwey knu, but Mawwey am awweady finkin of namesies.”

“Me too, buddy.”

I get up, turning back to Harry.

“Like Seth, I’m sorry that you had to miss this. But I’m looking forward to working with you, just like I look forward to working with all new recruits.”

“Cal, I’ve been lookin’ out for you for years.

Oh yeah. Ever since my parents were murdered, Harry’s tried to be a father figure to me.

He’s the one who taught me how to shave.

Cal has always been welcome at the Kane house for dinner.

And the Weissman house, and the Dibny house.

Harry, Delia–

You know, Dave’s mom.

–and Andre’s parents were all doing what they could to support me after the murder.

Of the four of us, that is, me, Dave, Seth and Andre, Andre’s the only one who still has both parents in the picture.

I mean, I had my step-grandmother, but you know how bad Scott used to be, and our other siblings weren’t much more supportive, especially not after the will was read.

So I appreciate that there were adults looking out for me.

More adults than I realized at the time.

“I don’t mind taking orders from you. You’re a good man to serve under.”

“Again, thanks. Listen to Gus and Breezie, and you’ll be bending the element of air to your will like a pro in no time.”

“Honestly, I was hoping that I’d get the power to turn water into beer or something like that. I’d save a lot of money.”

Chaos appears, in jester form, wearing that director’s beret over his cap and bells.

“You still have that self-refilling keg. I don’t mind if you make a profit off it, dear Harry. Rainbow-colored beer is sure to draw customers.”

Then Chaos turns to me, spreading his arms in an overly dramatic manner.

Bonaroo performance today, dearest Cal! So bono to vada the sun shine on this fortuni kingdom again!”

“Thanks, Chaos.”

“Otay, dat wuz a wotta wowdsies Mawwey nu knu.”

Chaos chuckles.

“It’s called Polari cant, dear Marley. It fits me so well, ya know?”

It does.

“So are you just here to congratulate us, Chaos, or are you bearing news?”

“Yes and no, Cal. See, I had a hunch that you’d all be mighty hungry after this battle, so I thought I’d whip up some food for you guys! I know you like fast food, but have you ever seen food this fast?”

Suddenly, the director’s beret is gone, Chaos now wearing a purple and yellow fast food worker’s uniform over his jester outfit, complete with a paper hat on his cap and bells.

And just as suddenly, where the giant arcane circle was, there stands a fast food restaurant, decorated in purple and yellow, the logo a stylised version of Chaos’ jester form, several Chaoses visible behind the counter.

Chaos bows, gesturing at the fast food restaurant.

“Welcome to Chaos Burger, home of the Chaos Burger, can I take your order? If you don’t want burgers, that’s fine, I just wanted to do this bit.

I laugh at the sight.

“A fast food restaurant in a fantasy kingdom! I love it!”

As everyone starts heading inside, Mr. Dragon-Soul laughs too.

“Y’know, I had a dream like this once! And I thought the one about the round metal thing that couldn’t stop talking about space falling from the sky was a weird one. Last time I have fondue before going to bed.”

Edward raises an eyebrow.

“Dude, what was in that fondue if it makes you dream about that?

“Remember our little chat about sugar in the kitchen? That. That was in it.

Meanwhile, on the A-side of the universe…

In the darkest part of the universe, on Tenneb, the Dark Planet, outside the Black Palace, the King of Tenneb stands on a balcony, looking down at his armies, a vast screen behind him.

In the dark wastes beyond the Black Palace, the wreckage of spaceships from all across the universe can be seen, the remains of their former passengers left as a warning.

The King of Tenneb looks a lot like his late sons: light blueish-purple skin, pointy ears, red eyes with black sclera. He’s got long black hair, a black beard, and regal black armor. His build, halfway between that of the tall and muscular Duwen, and that of the short and skinny Scha.

He looks down at legions of faithful soldiers in black armor, and black spaceships.

And he speaks.

“Fellow children of Tenneb, the time is nigh! Soon, we shall begin our campaign of vengeance! We shall avenge our fallen princes, my dear departed sons, who were taken from us by the krik!

The screen lights up, displaying an image of Calvin and Marley, albeit with a significant amount of artistic licence.

The Calvin and Marley in the image have comically exaggerated eyebrows and teeth, and uncharacteristically diabolical expressions on their faces.

The King of Tenneb points up at the screen, frothing at the mouth in unbridled fury.

“By the murdering Terran krik known as Calvin Korkea and Marley! The filthy krik who dared to touch children of Tenneb! The liars, who claimed that Prince Scha broke our most sacred laws! The Godslayer, who killed our God of Destruction, and his infantile splicepet!”

The soldiers all start booing and jeering, but their king raises his hands to silence them, and continues.

“They will pay for their crimes! Every drop of Tennebite blood they spilled on krik soil shall be repaid a thousandfold! We will show them that we do not need our God of Destruction to destroy all they hold dear! We will–”

Suddenly, the entire planet shakes, as a sound that can’t be described echoes from the dark skies above.

Everyone looks up, seeing…

A tear in the sky opening up.

And beyond the tear…

There is a realm yet darker.

As a monstrous black tentacle reaches out, bigger than the entire planet, everyone on Tenneb starts panicking, and all their King can do is stare blankly up at the horror.

“What… what is… I don’t understand…”

Then, as the tentacle wraps itself around the planet, a horrid voice issues from the tear, piercing the feeble brains of the insignificant little things crawling on the tiny little rock.


The tentacle pulls Tenneb through the tear, and the tear seals itself shut.

Part 11 (FINALE)

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