"Rising Sun" Part 3 by NobodyAtAll

Part 2



In the skies above Dragonheart, I lock blades with the Dark Demon, trying to knock him off his hoverboard.


That really is a shitty codename.

“Hee hee hee! You look better with brown hair, Caaaaal!


I knock his black sword away.

“Yeah? Well, you looked better wrapped in holy chains!”

“You sure you don’t need Scotty to bail you out again, Caaaaal? You sure you don’t wanna run and hide behind Big Bro, Caaaaal? I’m gonna kick the shit out of you like Scotty taking your allowance, CAAAAAL!!!

I smirk at him, not saying a word.

“Wh… why are you smirking? Oh, don’t tell me you’re going to pull a trick out of your ass!”

I’m smirking because I’ve just spotted the Wings of Time, flying past behind him.

“Speak of the… well, I was gonna say devil, but…”


“Behind you, idiot.”

He turns his hoverboard around.

And sees the dome of the Wings of Time flip up, Judy taking flight, Snowball in her bag, and Scott shifting to nephilim form as he takes flight too.


As Scott flies towards his evil half, the Demon deftly dodges his good half.

“Scotty! Still dead, I see! Hahaha! Can’t say the same for me! AHAHAHA–”


The Demon dodges the deadly black spell Judy cast at him, and as she pulls her nano armor holder out of her bag, she smiles a terrible smile.

“Haven’t you gotten sick of dying? Are you so eager to do it again?”

She places the holder on her leopard print battle suit, her nano armor, also leopard print, forming over her nano suit.

Yeah, Valerie fixed that issue.

The Dark Demon turns to Judy.

“Hee hee hee! Death means nothing to me now! That armor looks stupid, you kn–”


I drive my sword through the asshole’s back, and as he drops his black sword, it dissolves away.


“You’re pretty chatty for a guy with a sword in his back!”

Marley cracks a grin.

“Yuh, yu am wun tuff bas-tuwd.”

“Now we know you still have your Omega power. So which way do you want me to go, Deedee? Up? Or down?”


He vanishes, hoverboard and all.

“Goddamnit. Okay, let’s go find him and–”

“Uh, Cal?”

“Yeah, Scotty?”

Scott points at the Tower of Tyranny.

“We’ve got a problem.”

We all follow the finger, and gasp in horror, seeing a horde of horrible black things crawling out of the holes Eddy made in the giant skull, down the Tower.

“Daddeh, wut da fuk am Mawwey wookin at?”

“I… I have no fucking idea, Mar.”

“But Mawwey can gess whewe dey came fwom…”

I sheath my sword, fiddling with my COMP.

“We need more backup yesterday!

As Peter’s group runs down a dark hallway, a couple of floors closer to their goal, they see a dozen of the black creatures up ahead.

Peter gasps in horror.

“What in Drakus’ name…”

“Daddeh, wut am doze?!?”

“I don’t know, Alex.”

Panthera immediately assumes his casting stance.

“This is Dehak’s doing, I’m sure of it.”

Dharin steps up, his sword in his good hand.

“Get behind me! I’ll hold them off-”

“Dharin, there’s no need for that. Are you ready, Nox? It’s time to do the thing.”

Nocturne sighs, not wanting to admit out loud that he’s been looking forward to this.

“I think this hallway’s wide enough. Alright, Pan-Pan, do the thing!”

Panthera nods, waving his hand at Nocturne in a specific manner.

And Nocturne grows, changing shape.

Into a black panther.

The bond between a familiar and their master has many perks.

This is one of them.

Nocturne roars at the creatures, issuing his challenge.

“Eight eyes and you didn’t see this coming?”

He’s still the same old sarcastic cat on the inside.

But as far as Nocturne is concerned, now, his outside finally matches his inside.

Cats tend to be rather arrogant.

They’ve never forgotten the days when humans worshipped them.

He pounces at one of the creatures, sinking his teeth and claws into it.

“Blech! You taste terrible!

Down in the streets, ChaotiX members begin portalling in, as the shadowy beasts storm the streets, attacking everyone, ChaotiX, guards, and the Order of the Dragon alike.


Eira punches one of the creatures away.

“Am those draaks? Look like draaks to Eira!”

Socrates, manifesting his shadowy limbs, flings another creature towards a portal to Magicca’s sun, conjured by Iyatagg.

“No, Eira, they’re not draaks, and I would know, I am a draak!”

Yoshi gags at the sight, Lou and Tony already swinging their warhammers at the creatures.

“Nup. Yoh-shee nu am nummin doze, Yoh-shee gutta dwaw da wine sumwhewe.

The Wings of Time flies overhead, and Dave and Slayer land, in demon form, Slayer grinning at Yoshi.

“Nu be su pickee! If dewe am a howe, dewe am a goaw!”

Another creature lifts a guard over its head, the guard that was once guarding that bandit cave.



The creature eats the guard whole.

The rebellion is put on hold, the guards coming to an understanding with the rebels and the heroes from another world, no words needing to be exchanged.

This isn’t a ceasefire, it’s a temporary truce.


Up in the giant skull, Archmage Umbra, in human form, repairs the holes in the Dark Demon’s armor, having already healed his wounds, and reverts to fluffy form, hoping nobody outside the skull saw him in human form.

God-King Dehak graciously stood in the way, as he too doesn’t want to spoil the surprise too soon.

More and more of the horrid black creatures are crawling out of the portal.

That’s not stopping any time soon.

Archmage Umbra looks up at the Dark Demon, addressing him with the expression and tone of a parent lecturing a toddler after catching them trying to jam a fork in a power socket.

“Be more careful next time, Demon. You’re lucky we spotted you get impaled.”

The Many waddles over.

“An yu am wucky dat yu am such a tuff bas-tuwd.”

“Hee hee hee! I’m lucky he missed my vitals, too!”

Archmage Umbra turns to Varney.

“So, how many minions do you have?”

Varney extracts a magic mirror from the inside of his robe.

“Are we counting the ones currently in hiding?”

“No, they can stay in hiding. Clever move, Varney. If you and the majority of your new clan fall, vampirism won’t be purged from this realm.”

Varney smiles happily.

“It worked last time, too. A thousand years have passed, and that idiotic hunter’s vow still hasn’t been fulfilled. My legacy survived, despite his best efforts.”

Shaun watches the battle below through his binoculars, standing by the hole Edward made on the way in.

“Hey, Varney? It’s funny you brought that up now, 'cause, well… didn’t you say that hunter had a silver chain whip? Spiked head, cross-shaped handle?”

Varney nods, shuddering as he remembers his demise.

“Indeed. Why do you ask, Shaun?”

Shaun points down at Sonia, fighting alongside Hunter and Gizmo, the latter finding his sun gun to be effective against the creatures.

“Because that bitch has a whip just like it.”

Varney runs over to Shaun, pausing only to grab a pair of binoculars off the floor, his jaw dropping when he sees Sonia.

“So his legacy survived to the modern day too. Well, I’ll be damned.”

The Dark Demon steps up, next to Varney.

“No, I was damned, not you. I wouldn’t recommend it! Hee hee hee!”

Archmage Umbra nods knowingly.

“I have to agree with you on this one, Demon.”

I land in the streets with Marley, Judy, and Scott, me and Marley now wearing our nano armors too.

Mine’s usually black and blue, but I’m still in Luminary Form, so right now, it’s white and blue instead.

After putting Snowball on the ground, Judy holds her hand out, like she’s holding an imaginary sword.


And then an actual sword appears in her hand.

A glowing, translucent sword, yellow and black swirling in a suspiciously leopard print-y manner.

Her barriers look like that too, that’s how much she likes that pattern.

She turns to me.

“The couple that slays together, stays together.”

I nod, grinning under the helmet.

“We’ll bring 'em all to tears, dear.”

“Mawwey hope da uddas am duin awwite.”

Edward steers his Star Chariot through a horde of Tower Guardians, hoping to shake Erebus off in the cloud of flying black skulls.

The Chariot’s star-like aura destroys every Guardian in its path, Mr. Dragon-Soul firing arrows at the Guardians.

He’s switched to iron arrows, because he wants to save the dragonbone ones for the big targets, and he has a ton of iron arrows.

Erebus spews a blast of black fire at the Chariot.


But the aura blocks it, and Mr. Dragon-Soul laughs.

“Nice try, melon nose–”

When Edward swerves to dodge the Rider, still fleeing from Nivlac, the dragon-souled adventurer falls off the celestial motorbike.


As he falls to the street far below, he whips out a cup of a blue jelly-like substance and quickly downs it before he hits the ground.


Suddenly, his body goes limp, his limbs flailing like a ragdoll’s.


When he lands, he’s unharmed by the fall, but his body is paralysed.

Fortunately, the jelly quickly wears off, and he gets back up, grabbing his bow.

“Heh heh heh. Works every time.”

Mr. Dragon-Soul hears snarling in the alleyway behind him, and turns around, seeing a horde of vampires enter the fray.

He grins, switching out for his sword.

“Vampires? Really? Oh no, if only I was wearing a necklace of disease immunity under my armor! Oh wait!”


He promptly cuts one vampire’s head off.

“I am!

Slayer chases one of the black creatures through the psuedo-medieval streets, his no-nos throbbing, his bat-like wings flapping madly.

“Wai am yu wunnin?!? WAI am yu wunnin?!?”

The Helios flies overhead, chasing a dozen Tower Guardians, the speakers on.




Victor blasts the Guardians to bits.


Then he steers the Helios away, seeing that Pierre’s got a dozen more Guardians on his six.


Slayer spews hellfire at the creature, knocking it to the ground, and the horny demon fluffy leers as he closes in.

“Swayew wuns heaw hoomin wady say, wuns yu gu bwack, yu neba gu back. Nao Swayew am gunna see if dat am twoo.”

Slayer pounces on the creature, and does what he does best.


Meanwhile, Nivlac keeps chasing the Rider, Trota and Konba having joined the chase in their spaceships, Xanitas and Kirk looking for an opportunity to open fire.

The Rider still has the Lamp of Desire in one bony hand, but every time he tries to return it to the Tower of Tyranny, his pursuers drive him away.

Nivlac lands on Trota’s ship, shooting a black web at the Lamp.


It misses, striking one of the burning wheels instead, which incinerates the web.


The next web hits the Rider’s back, and Nivlac yanks him off his bike.


Nivlac starts pulling the Rider towards him.

“So, now that I’ve got you here, Freddy, can I have your bike?”

The Rider dangles, trying to hold on to the Lamp.





The winged black bike drives itself into Nivlac, knocking him off Trota’s spaceship, and he lets go of the web.

As the Rider falls, his bike flies in to catch him, and he drives off, Nivlac continuing the chase, a tire mark on his face.




I fight back-to-back with Judy, hacking and slashing at the monsters, Marley bouncing around, wreathed in golden flames, Scott blasting them with sunbeams, Snowball raising ice barricades.

What are these things? Fi, do you know what they are?

Not exactly. One of my prior Champions faced these creatures once. They were summoned by a wizard who I only recently realized was probably another servant of the Devourer. When I saw that symbol we found on Shaun, I felt like I had seen it before, and it took me a while to remember where.


They’re obviously connected to the Devourer, their faces look like that symbol, and they’ve got eight tentacles too.


So do you know what they’re called?

I know what that wizard called them. The “instruments of his vengeance against the fools who dared to doubt him–”

And he’d show them all, mwa ha ha, twirl mustache, cue the dramatic lightning.


So you don’t know what they’re actually called. Do you know anything else about them?

They’re vulnerable to the power of light, that I do know.

That was obvious too, me and our nephilim buddies are having the easiest time with them.


And Gizmo, too. Another thing those sun guns are useful against. Well, that makes sense.


So Dehak probably summoned these things.


There’s more of them crawling down the Tower. How many of these things are there?!?


We need to get up to that Tower and cut them off before there’s too many for us to handle.


I can’t use the bog-standard version of Gemini’s power while Niv’s out, so I can only do one thing or the other.


I’m at half power now, too, so I don’t know–

“Daddeh! Wook!”

I turn, seeing Marley point a burning hoof up at the sky, in the direction of Dragon Roost Mountain.

And I see a bunch of golden dragons flying towards Dragonheart.

Judy gasps when she sees it.

“Cal, is that–”

Cecil lands, in his Omega Buster.

“Looks like my in-laws are coming for a visit!”

When Erebus sees the golden dragons flying in, he grins at the biggest one, forgetting about Edward for the moment.

“Well, well, well. You must be Chrysus. I smell the blood of Dracimaya in you and your family! So that human-loving slut’s relatives still rule over dragonkind! Pathetic!”

Chrysus scowls at him.

“Erebus the Dark Dragon. I always refused to believe the old stories. I couldn’t entertain the thought that you were once one of us. I couldn’t believe that a noble dragon could ever be so vile.

“Now you know how I feel, Chrysus! I can’t believe that any of our kind tolerate the existence of those weak, uppity monkeys! We’re dragons! The embodiments of power and domination! Why would you deny that?”

Edward drives over on his Star Chariot, having taken the chance to pick Mr. Dragon-Soul up.

“You do remember what happened last time you tried this shit, don’t you?”

The Monster Party is dealing with those vampires now.

Erdrick pokes out of Edward’s bag.

“Cuz dis am guin in da same di-weck-shun.”

“Yeah, there’s a half-dragon hero with Dragonbane and the Star Chariot, and a legion of heroic dragons backing him up.”

Mr. Dragon-Soul waves.

“The only differences are the fluffy in the bag, and me. And I’ve had my own experiences with dragons who just want to fuck everything up, and I’m still alive, and they’re not. Need I go on?”

Edward draws Dragonbane, keeping his right hand on the handlebars.

“There’s even a princess trapped in a tower. It’s so storybook. Like something out of a fairytale. The Brothers Grimm kind.”

“Daddeh, yu an Ewdwick am da onwy wuns hewe hu am gunna git dat.”

Erebus nods.

“Yes, I have no idea what you’re talking about, whelp.”

Edward grins.

“You want the short version, dude?”

And he points his sword at the Dark Dragon in human form.

“I’m a grim bloody fable, with an unhappy bloody end.

When Erebus sees the look in Edward’s eyes, he gasps.

“That look… it’s the same look he had! It couldn’t be…”

He immediately turns tail and flees.


Edward sighs.

“Okay, he’s clearly lost the plot.”


“Right. Get in there, buddy. Everyone else, follow us!”

As Erdrick retreats into the bag again, Edward drives off after Erebus, his draconic relatives following him.

I fly over the battle, Marley, Judy and Scott by my side, Snowball back in Judy’s bag.

We land outside the Tower of Tyranny, everything around the doors scorched, a few charred bits of guard lying around.

But before we can run through the doors, we see the Rider, driving towards the Tower, Nivlac and our Saingans’ spaceships chasing the Rider.

“Wait, they’re not gonna–”


They crash into the Tower, about a quarter of the way up, leaving a gaping hole, bits of the two spaceships raining down.

“Daddeh, yu fink dey am gunna be awwite?”

“Well, Niv and Kirk have Omega power, the others are Saingans, and I don’t give a fuck about Fred, so… let’s just get up there.”

“We nu am takin da staiws?”

“Are you nuts, Mar? We need to stop those things from coming through as soon as possible! C’mon!”

We fly up towards the hole, seeing what appears to be some kind of mess hall, our allies clambering out the wreckage of the spaceships.

We land in the mess hall, helping them get back on their feet, healing their injuries.

It doesn’t take long, they aren’t as injured as normos would be after crashing a spaceship through a wall.

The doors leading out of the mess hall have been burned to cinders, and through the doorway, we catch a glimpse of the Rider driving away, down a hallway, disappearing as he turns left.

“He’s driving indoors? That’s stupid, and this is ME saying it.”

Nivlac runs through the hole.

“He’s still got the Lamp! C’mon, don’t let him get away!”

I follow him, and Marley follows me.

“Let’s move, folks!”

“We gutta stawp him fwom gittin tu Dehak!”

Judy, Scott, Kirk, Konba, Trota and Xanitas follow us, Konba raising a complaint.

“But what about our ships?”

Trota rolls his eyes.

“Hey, at least you didn’t pay for yours!

Up in the throne room, God-King Dehak paces back and forth.

“So the boy and his friends made it into the Tower. Who are those orange men?”

Archmage Umbra scowls.

“Saingans. Bertie used to have Saingans under his command too, back when he was still alive and ruling his empire. They’re a bunch of boorish louts obsessed with fighting and partying, and the second one invalidates the usefulness of the first. Bertie always said that you can’t trust Saingans to not get bored of their assigned tasks and wander off to find a bar.”

God-King Dehak stops pacing, and turns to his Royal Mage.

“So they’re not a threat, Umbra?”

“I didn’t say that, Dehak. They’re still far stronger than most humans.”

“Ah. I’ll be sure not to underestimate those three. So who is that man in the red suit?”

“I think that’s Projekt Schatten. Hans told me about his failed attempt to engineer a super soldier back in World War II. I once considered putting my mind in Schatten’s body, but Hans never told me where the facility was, so I settled for Korkea.”

“And you couldn’t just find that super soldier with magic?”

“I’d need his true name, and Hans never told me that, either. I think I understand why, now. He looks a lot like Hans.”

Varney shrugs.

“If you say so, Umbra. I think you’re the only one of us who has met that Hans fellow.”

“Consider yourselves lucky.”

God-King Dehak starts pacing again.

“We’ve already agreed on not recruiting Hans, and even if we did want to recruit him, that’s not an option until the Rider returns the Lamp.”

“Wai nu jus tewe-powt da Widew up hewe?”

God-King Dehak grins at the Many.

“Because, as I said, it’s all part of the game. I want the boy and his friends to make their way up here, and chasing the Rider is the perfect reason.”

He walks over to the portal, the creatures shambling around him.

“God-King coming through, out of the way, thank you.”

“How am yu gittin dem tu wissen tu yu?”

“I have the power to command the Darklings. Just one of many dark powers I’ve bartered for, my gestalt friend.”

At the edge of the portal, he kneels down.

Using one hand, he reaches into the portal, and pulls a wriggling Seed of Darkness out, carefully pinching it with his finger and thumb.

Using the other hand, he pulls an opaque black jar out of his robe, swiftly placing the Seed inside it and closing it.

As he walks back to the others, he holds the jar up, in an overly dramatic manner.

“So tell me… which of Korkea’s friends do you think this will work best on?”

The Dark Demon grabs his hoverboard.

“Not Scotty, I’m guessing! Hee hee hee! Do you think they’ve figured out that I absorbed one of those things?”

God-King Dehak shrugs.

“They’ll find out sooner or later. For now, why don’t you go help the Rider rile the boy up?”

The Dark Demon hops aboard the hoverboard, flying out of the giant skull.


As we chase the Rider through hallway after hallway, we follow him into one of the wider hallways, and run into Peter’s group, fighting off a bunch of those black slimy monsters.

“Wait, is that a panther?”


The panther bats a monster away with a paw, and grins at us, speaking in a deep, rich voice with an unbearably smug tone.

“You guys like the new look?”

We recognise that voice right away, and are shocked to hear it coming out of that mouth.


“Otay, sins wen can yu du dat?

Konba snaps his fingers.

“Oh, you’re that wizard’s cat!”

Nocturne shoots Konba a warning look.

“Hey! Pan-Pan is my human.”

The Rider, his bike having screeched to a halt, looks back and forth, my group on one end of the hallway, Peter’s group on the other end, the last of this group of monsters going down.

“Ah, crap.”

Those monsters’ corpses dissolve when they… I’m just going to say die, for lack of a better word.

I’m not entirely sure that they’re alive to begin with.

I step up, pointing my sword at the Rider.

“Nowhere to run, Fred. Hand over the Lamp–”


“H.R.!!! PASS IT TO ME!!!”

Something flies over our heads, from behind us.

The Rider throws the Lamp up in the air, and the Dark Demon catches it, flying away over Peter’s group.


The Rider laughs, getting off his bike, casually leaning against a wall and folding his arms.

“Well? You gonna waste time fighting me, or do you want the Lamp?”


“Let’s move, guys!”

We run after the Dark Demon, around Peter’s group, and I turn to him as I pass him.

“You guys go too, you’ve got your own thing!”

He nods, as his group runs down the way we came from.

“Right! Do you know where Edward is?”

“Probably wherever Erebus is!”



As Erebus flies for his life, being chased in circles through the skies around the Tower, a dragonbone arrow strikes his side.


As Mr. Dragon-Soul reloads, Edward raises an eyebrow, both hands on the handlebars, his draconic relatives surrounding his Star Chariot.



Edward turns to Chrysus, on his left.

“Do you know what he’s yammering on about, Grampa?”

Chrysus tries to avoid making eye contact with his grandson.

“Not the right time to ask that question, Eddy.”

“Right. So what do we–”


Pierre crashes his flying car into Erebus, sending him careening down towards the Tower.


And knocking another hole in it.

Pierre rolls his window down, leaning out to survey the damage.

Merde, another dent. Deston, Father, Mother, are you all alright?”

“I’m fine, Brother. I see you’ve upgraded the airbags again.”

“I am uninjured, my son.”

“And I’m already dead, so I only had you three to worry about.”

Edward laughs.

“Thanks for the assist, Mr. F.”

“You’re welcome, Eddy. Do you require more assistance?”

“Yes, please. See if you can get Vic to help us too. Chrysus, you guys get down there and help the others fight those monsters. Me and Dragon-Soul are going after Erebus.”

Chrysus nods, leading the noble dragons down to the streets.

Edward looks down at the Tower, seeing Erebus clambering out of the rubble his sudden entry created.

“Let’s move, before he stops seeing double.”

Erdrick’s head pops out of his hiding place.

“Ewdwick fink he am seein mowe den dubbuw witte nao.”

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