"Rising Sun" Part 7 by NobodyAtAll

Part 6

I run out of a dark alleyway with Nivlac and Marley, seeing more Darklings crawl down into the streets of Dragonheart and the battle beginning again, seeing Edward chase Erebus through the skies, and seeing Dehak and Umbra looking for us in their flying skull thing.

“Cal, why don’t we just use the Lamp? I know HOW to use it, let me show you!”

“Heddad gutta point, daddeh! We can jus wish aww deez pwob-wems away!”

“You mean like they were doing, Mar? Then what makes us better than them?”

We duck into another alleyway, and keep running.

“The fact that we don’t want to drag this out? Dehak couldn’t bring himself to end this, but WE can, right?”

A wisp of leopard print-y black and yellow smoke flies towards me, forming into the shape of Judy’s head, speaking in an echoing voice.

“Cal, listen! We’ve got another problem! Dehak’s done… something to Konba! He’s turned him into Dark Konba or something! And Konba’s looking for you too! He wants a fight, and won’t take no for an answer! He punched Trota, refused to obey Dehak and flew off to find you!”

“Really? He’s doing this now?

“Jeez, all that character development undone in the blink of an eye! Should we be calling him… uh… Abnok now?”

“Da weaw Konba gutta stiww be in dewe, wite? Wike wen daddeh wuz awn W.A.G.E., ow wen Skawt an Deedee wuz shawe-in a bodee!”

We leap over a cart full of manure someone left here, and keep moving.

“I hope so, Mar! Curing him should be easy, I mean, we’ve got all of the ingredients! Jude, how’s the situation where you are?”

“Scott’s chasing Deedee, Dave and Slayer have gone after Umbra, and François has gone after Dehak! We had Sander ward our fluffiy members with Lygu, so Blueberry’s going after the Many! Varney went bat and flew off, we’re sending the Monster Party after him!”

“What about Freddy? Without his bike, he’ll go down easy, right?”

“Yeah, and he knows that, so he ran off too. We think he might be looking for his bike! For all we know, it can repair itself!”

“He wouldn’t be so angry if it could, but honestly, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.”

“What about Shaun, has he merged with anyone yet?”

“Nope, he’s taking a ride on Buridan’s ass. There’s so many powerful people around him, he can’t decide which one to try merging with, so he keeps letting opportunities slip away!”

“Just go for the arm, Jude! He can’t merge with anyone if you cut his arm off, and he sucks at healing!”

“Gib him a smack tu da face wif da awm, dat am weawwy funee.”

“As for Erebus, well, Eddy’s got a handle on him! Any luck closing that portal yet?”

“Not yet! Vic suggested destroying the floor under it, but we don’t know if that will work! We think it’s Dehak’s power keeping it open, so he might be the only one who can close it!”

“We cud wish tu cwose it…”

“Okay, we can at least use the Lamp for THAT, right?”

I sigh, reaching for my bag.

“Well, I suppose that can’t hurt–”


Something bursts through a wall, and we leap out of the way, the smoky Judy head fading away.

As we land on a rooftop, we see Konba fly up, all darkside-ed up.

“Korkea! You owe me a fight! I will not be distracted any longer! FIGHT ME!!!”

“Damnit, Konba! How could you let this happen? You’re better than this!”

“Dis nu am da time fow dis, Konba!”

“I’m not going to say anything about your new look, because I’m in NO position to judge.”

Konba points at me.

“You made me weak, Korkea! Like the Earthlings you adore so much! You made me forgot who I truly am! I went from being a proud prince to yet another of your lackeys! But now I remember who I am! Konba, the almighty Prince of all Saingans! I will crush you, and my father, and the throne of Vajarsi will finally be–”

“I’m gonna stop you right there, Kon.”


I shift to Luminary Form.

“Now, I know you’re not in your right mind at the moment, and that’s not your fault. And I’m sure everyone would love to see us finally throw down, but this just isn’t the time for it, and we’ve got other things to worry about at the moment. So would you mind if I test a theory? Close your eyes, please.”

Then, as I point a hand at him, he raises an eyebrow.

“What are you going to–”

“Konba, this is happening whether or not you close your eyes, so if you don’t want to go blind, just do it.”

“I don’t take orders from you–”


I blast him with a beam of concentrated sunlight.

“AAAH!!! MY EYES!!!”

“Daddeh wawned yu…”

When Konba lands on the ground, he’s back to normal.

Welp, looks like my theory was accurate.

What did you think, dear readers? That I was gonna let Konba do something stupid, like unleash an ancient evil, or blow himself up?

How stupid would I have to be to let that happen?

I mean, I know I’m not the smartest guy around, and you know who is, but it’s not like I’m brain-damaged or anything…

“Cal? What’s-- why have I gone blind?”

We jump down, and I heal his eyes, helping him up.

“Sorry about that, Kon. Had to do something drastic to snap you out of it. So, uh, how much do you remember?”

He blinks rapidly as his sight returns, his eyes watering.

“The last thing I remember is Dehak throwing a black jar at Xan, and flying in the way to save him. I didn’t know what was in the jar, Cal. But I’m the Prince of all Saingans, and that comes with certain obligations to my people. It was some kind of slimy black thing, it crawled into my armor, and then… everything went dark for me. In more ways than one, apparently.”

“A slimy black thing? Some kind of parasite?”

“Like a leech?”

Konba raises an eyebrow again.

“Isn’t that what Dehak is?”

“No, Kon, he’s a lich.

“Eh, he’s kind of a leech too.”

“I didn’t hurt anyone, did I? Oh, I’m glad Bulma wasn’t here to see it.”

I pat Konba on the shoulder.

“You punched Trota, but that’s about it.”

“Oh. Well, he won’t really hold that against me. When you live on Vajarsi, being punched is something that happens to you a lot. So now what?”

“Now, you get back up to the Tower and help the others. Go find Klaus, bring him with you. His nephilim powers would probably keep those slimy leech things at bay, if Dehak’s got more of those.

“You sure you don’t need my help? We could merge again.”

“I don’t think I can merge while I’m split from Niv. And I’m not letting Niv back in while he’s covered in dried dragon gunk–”


Nivlac wreathes himself in black flames, burning all the gunk off.


Then he extinguishes his flames, a grin on his face.

“That’s THAT problem solved.”


I’m not sure if that gunk would stay on Niv when we reintegrate, and I didn’t want to find out.

If it would, we’d have quite the mess to deal with.

And we just waxed the imaginary floor!

“Su wut am da pwan, daddeh?”

“We stick to the plan we’ve got and keep the other options in the back pocket! Kon! Go!”


Konba flies off.

“Niv, get us out of–”


We leap backwards, dodging the deadly spell cast at us, seeing Dehak and Umbra in their flying skull, the former at the wheel, the latter preparing to cast again.


As we land, we start running.


And we run off in different directions.

Edward drives after Erebus, Mr. Dragon-Soul firing arrows as fast as he can.

Then Chrysus flies up, sinking his teeth into Erebus’ throat, drawing black blood.


As the Dark Dragon screams, he grapples with the King of Dragonkind, the two dragons twisting through the air, spiralling down to the ground outside Dragonheart.

Edward follows them down, while Mr. Dragon-Soul reloads.

“HEY, EDDY?!?”








The dragons slam into the ground, Chrysus on top of Erebus.

As Chrysus struggles to pin Erebus to the ground, he calls to Edward.



Erebus shrinks down to human form, rolling away.

“I’m sure this would have been a touching moment of sacrifice, Chrysus, but your sacrifice would have been rendered meaningless when Dehak recovers the Lamp.”

As Edward lands the Star Chariot, Chrysus switches to human form too, glaring at Erebus.

“If. You mean if he recovers the Lamp. All Sir Calvin needs is one opportunity, and this will be over.”

Erebus gets back up, grinning wildly.

“And all Dehak needs is one opportunity. His patience is running out.”

Edward steps up, pointing Dragonbane at Erebus.

“So is ours, buddy.”

“Look at you, whelp. Really living up to your past life, aren’t you? I can practically see Drakus standing behind you.”

When Erebus sees the look on Chrysus’ face, he grins harder.

“You never told the whelp, did you? Never told him the truth?”

Edward turns to Chrysus, looking hurt.

“You knew? And you didn’t tell me, Grampa?”

Chrysus looks at his grandson, an expression of genuine remorse on his face.

“I wanted to, from the moment we met. But I needed to wait for the right moment.”

“So it’s all true, then? I really am Drakus reborn?”

Erdrick pokes out of the bag.

“Wut wudda bin da wite moh-men?”

Mr. Dragon-Soul steps up, pointing his dragonbone sword at Erebus.

“Eddy, trust me, I know how you feel. Way back on the day my life changed forever, I was just a prisoner, on my way to be executed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then I killed a dragon and ate his soul. And then I found out that I have the soul of a dragon too, and learned about a prophecy, and… well, the rest is history. So I get what you’re going through. Because you’re just like me. You started off thinking you were just a random guy, nobody special, and then you discovered your powers, and how special you really are, and… it’s a lot to take in.”

“Caw cud pwob-ab-wee wee-wate tuu.”

Chrysus nods.

“Precisely. Eddy, Drakus reborn may be what you are, but Edward von Drachen is who you are. You may be following in Drakus’ footsteps, but you can still choose to do things your own way, and be your own man.”

Edward shrugs, keeping his eyes on Erebus.

“You’re all right. I don’t have to do things exactly the same way Drakus did.”

Erebus laughs.

“So does that mean you’re not going to kill me, whelp?”

“Oh, no. It just means that I’m not gonna chase you all the way to T’almin first. You die here, in Drakonia–”

“Ah-ah-ah, Dehakonia–

DRAKONIA!!! Because Dehak’s reign isn’t gonna last much longer, Erebus! We’ll make things right, we’ll put the rightful rulers back on the throne, and you, and all of your buddies in the Octovirate… you’re all going back from whence you came!

“Daddeh nu eben haf tu kiww yu.”

“Yeah, because as soon as Cal makes a wish, it’s over for you! You’re gonna lose no matter what!”

Chrysus chuckles.

“I believe they call it checkmate over on Earth.”

Erebus turns to him, snarling.

“You can still lose too, usurper! If I cannot be King of Dragonkind…”

And he lunges.



Turning his hand into a draconic claw, Erebus gashes Chrysus’ face open, spilling his golden blood.


Edward runs over to his grandfather, dropping his sword out of panic, frantically searching his bag, placing Erdrick on the ground.

“Got it!”

As Edward pulls a jar of healing ointment out, Erebus scowls.

“Oh no you don’t, wh–”

Mr. Dragon-Soul pulls Erebus away by the shoulder, in the direction of Dragonheart.

“Get off of me–”

Then the dragon-souled adventurer looks Erebus in the eye, firmly placing his hands on either shoulder.

“You wanna hear a secret?”

“A secret?!? Let me go–”

“You’ll want to hear this.”

“Fine, just tell me and let go!”


Mr. Dragon-Soul takes a deep breath, leaning in close.


Erebus slams into the wall surrounding Dragonheart, going right through it.

His ultimate destination is a large cart full of manure.


He clambers out, spitting out bits of shit, looking furious.

“What in the name of the Devourer is a foos-road-dar?!?

“Grampa, are you gonna be okay?”

Chrysus gets back up, feeling his face, the wounds healed.

“I think so. It’s a good thing you’ve got that ointment on you. And it’s a very good thing that it works on dragons.”

Mr. Dragon-Soul laughs.

“I coulda healed it for you, y’know. I don’t get to heal a lot of dragons, usually I do the opposite to them…”

Edward turns around, seeing Erebus transform as he flies back, and the half-dragon hero runs over to Dragonbane.

“You guys go. I’ve got this.”


“I said GO!!!

He grabs the sword, taking flight on golden dragon wings, and the Dark Dragon roars.


“HEY!!! EREBUS!!!”

When Erebus attempts to swallow Edward whole…


The half-dragon hero swings his sword.


Erebus tries to dodge at the last second, but the blade nicks the corner of his mouth.

And one nick is all it takes.



Erebus the Dark Dragon falls to the ground, his wings no longer able to carry his immense weight, his body unable to move.

For his connection to the Dragon Force has been severed, and the laws of physics that were being bent to allow such an impossible being to exist and do everything he does are quickly reintroducing themselves to the Dark Dragon.


He tries to blast Edward with black dragon fire, but only manages to ignite himself, for without the Dragon Force, there is nothing protecting his own innards from his flames.

As Erebus screams in agony, he tries to turn human in a desperate attempt to shed his dependence on the Dragon Force, but that too cannot be done without the Dragon Force. It’s a pretty big violation of the conservation of mass, after all.

Edward lands, sheathing his sword, watching Erebus burn from the inside out.

“Stings, doesn’t it?”


“Are you deaf? My name is Edward von Drachen! Say it! Say my name! Say my fucking name!

As Erebus burns to ash, he screams his final words.


And with that, Erebus the Dark Dragon dies, leaving nothing behind but ashes and scorched bones.

Mr. Dragon-Soul starts running over, and salivating, but suddenly stops.

“Wait, where’s the soul? Where’s his delicious soul?”

Edward shrugs.

“I guess the Devourer’s reclaimed him. Hopefully, he won’t get a third chance.”

He walks over to the Star Chariot with Erdrick, Mr. Dragon-Soul and Chrysus.

“Because if he does come back again… he’ll go down faster.

As the Sky Skull pursues Calvin, Archmage Umbra turns in the direction of Erebus’ remains.

“Erebus is down, Dehak!”

“Don’t worry about that! Focus on the boy! Remember, the Lamp can restore Erebus! You were right, I should have killed the boy immediately!”

“I’ll gloat about that later! Business before pleasure!”

Archmage Umbra takes aim at Calvin, now running down one of the longer streets, towards an intersection.


But Calvin dodges the deadly spell, turning left.

Archmage Umbra grins.

“That was an illegal left, by the way!”


I keep running, down another alleyway.

As Dehak’s flying skull follows me into the alleyway, I look back for a moment, seeing the eyes and mouth of the skull glow red.

“Oh shit–”


I dodge just in time, leaping onto the wall, and I keep running.


When Dehak fires again, I leap onto the opposite wall.

Or rather, into the wall, because I’ve just gone intangible.

I return to tangibility on the other side, landing near one of Dragonheart’s guild headquarters.

I think this one is the Chef’s Guild? It’s got a big chef hat on top.

I turn invisible next, running into another alleyway, feeling a very familiar pair of life forces in there.

When I see them, I turn visible again.



“Listen, no time! Dehak’s flying skull thing can shoot those red beams too!”

“See, I told you, you should have made a regular-sized octavium shield–”

“I know, but-- look, here’s the plan…”

As God-King Dehak flies the Sky Skull over to Calvin, Archmage Umbra takes aim again, preparing to snipe Calvin with a spell to the back of the head.

Then Slayer swoops in, latching onto the back of Archmage Umbra’s head, knocking his hat off, trying to penetrate the fluffy in human form’s skull with his throbbing stallionhood.

“Su yu NU haf anee pwo-tek-shun, huh? Ooh, Umbwa wikes it bawe-back! Dat am nastee!”


“Oh, Swayew am gunna git awf, awwite!”

Archmage Umbra grabs Slayer, throwing him away, but Slayer just flies back over to Dave and François, both in demon form too, both laughing their asses off.

“Don’t feel bad, buddy, you’ll get him next time!”

God-King Dehak’s jaw drops when he sees François.

Since when are you a half-demon, Auldryn?!?

François waves at his brother.

“Didn’t Umbra ever mention it? Need I remind you that I go by François Faucheuse now, or what happens when hellfire meets necrotic tissue?”

“Bah! You hypocrite! And you hate me for throwing my lot in with the Devourer?!?”

The fluffy in human form scowls as he puts his hat back on, looking back down at the alleyway.

“Leave them, Dehak! They’re not the main threat here–”

But Calvin, Nivlac and Marley are gone.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me! Did you see which way they went?”

“I was just as distracted as you, Umbra!”

“When we get the Lamp back, wish for a silver chastity belt to put on that demon shitrat!”

“Gladly! I’m already planning to wish up some silver accessories!”

I fly over the wreckage of Calvin Impact, hoping that the plan works, and that nothing stops Nivlac and Marley from carrying out their parts in it.

I see both halves of the octavium shield, still glowing red.

We haven’t seen the Tower fire any of those beams in a while.

Maybe Dehak has to be inside the Tower to use them?

It doesn’t matter, because he’s not going to use the Tower’s beams against me, not as long as he thinks I’ve got the Lamp.

Yeah, he wants me dead, but he doesn’t want to accidentally destroy his precious toy.

But he could still order the Tower to fire on the rest of the ChaotiX. So if his presence in the Tower is necessary to fire those beams–

We need to keep him away from the Tower–


I get blasted in the back, but my X-Shield tanks the blow.



I’m still sent spiraling away, though.

When I come to a stop, I’m upside down.

And seeing Dehak’s flying skull coming right at me.



I summon a force field bubble, courtesy of Barry.

They’re white when I’m in Luminary Form.

But the beam pierces through the bubble.


And everything does dark.

I open my eyes.

I’m on the ground, back in base form, covered in burns and in considerable pain.

And Dehak and Umbra are standing over me.

Dehak plants his foot on my chest.

“Where’s. My. Lamp?”

I grin at him, through the pain.

“In Drakonia.”


“Don’t play games with me, boy! You have my Lamp, don’t you? Relinquish it now and you and your ChaotiX may leave Dehakonia alive.”

“Why should I accept these terms? I’m holding all the cards.”

“It’s in that bag of yours, isn’t it? I know a bag of holding when I see one. Some of the runes are different, but I recognize the others, and I didn’t become the mightest mage of all time by being stupid. Is your bag enchanted to only allow you access?”

Umbra nods.

“I think it is, Dehak. Or anyone he gives permission. I assume that your wife and shitrat have permission, Korkea?”

I grin at Umbra next.

“Not giving you guys permission, though.”

“But if the three of you are killed–”

“Then the Lamp will be lost to you forever, you stupid shitrat.


Umbra kicks me in the head.

Don’t. Call. Me. A. Shitrat.

“Why not? You are one! It doesn’t matter if you steal my body, or wish for your own human body, you’ll always be a shitrat on the inside!”

“ENOUGH!!! You mock me, Korkea, but don’t forget your situation! Yes, if you, your wife, and your shitrat die, it means that the Lamp is lost to us! But it also means that the Lamp is lost to you! Your friends will have no way to undo everything we’ve done to this kingdom! And when you are dead, Korkea, I will kill your wife and shitrat myself! For Dehak did not merely grant me a human body and the titles of Archmage and Royal Mage, he also granted me the power of an Omega Class!”

“Wow, who coulda seen that coming. Oh, that’s right, literally everyone who sees those glowing red eyes. Even the dumbest fluffy could connect the dots, Umby. And you should know that, because you are the dumbest fluffy, shitrat.

“I was engineered to be the smartest of my kind to ever walk the Earth, Korkea!”

“And yet, most fluffies know to fold the first time they get themselves killed. You’ve died three times and you’re still coming back for more. If you’re not an idiot, you’re a sadomasochist.”

“Don’t forget who created me, Korkea! Don’t forget why they created me! Your dear old pals, the Faucheuse brothers! And they didn’t mean for any of this to happen! They just wanted to create the ultimate fluffy, and clean up Hasbio’s sloppy work! So I’d say the real idiots are the two meddling old men who tried to perfect a child’s plaything, and instead unleashed their worst enemy upon the Earth!”

You? Their worst enemy? Nah, I don’t think so. You’re just another of their failed projects to them. Honestly, I gotta say that Bertie might have been more deserving of the gold medal. I mean, he murdered Pierre’s wife, and Deston’s son and daughter-in-law, and I’m pretty sure that he murdered more people they cared about. How many Faucheuses have you murdered, Umby?”

“By this time tomorrow, all of them! If I’m not their worst enemy, I’m definitely yours!

“Eh, I’d say you’re tied with Hans and Anti-Calvin. Resurrect a few more times, maybe that’ll change.”

Dehak chuckles.

“Again with the snide remarks, boy. Let me reiterate my offer: relinquish my Lamp, and I will spare you and your ChaotiX, with the caveat that you withdraw from Dehakonia and never return here again. Otherwise, as promised, we will hang you for your crimes against God-King Dehak. I already wished for a rope strong enough to hang you with, we have it in the Sky Skull. And then, when your feeble struggling finally comes to an end, we will return to Dragonheart with your corpse in tow, so all of your ChaotiX can see that their leader is dead, and we will execute every last one of the interlopers from the other side. Make your choice now, for my patience has been exhausted.

Alright, fine, if that’s how they want to play it…

“Can you move your foot? It’s a bit hard to reach my bag like this.”

Dehak begrudgingly obliges me, and I reach into my bag, to do something that, from an outsider’s point of view, looks utterly suicidal.

As Dehak claims his prize, he grins.

“Thank you, boy. Now, here’s your reward.”

He rubs it.

“I wish for you to die.”

But nothing happens.

“Wha… why isn’t it working?”

He keeps rubbing it, but still, nothing happens.

Then he examines it closely, and realizes something.

“This isn’t my Lamp.”

I laugh at him.

“Yup, it’s a fake!

“When did you have time to make a fake, boy?”

“While Slayer was trying to skullfuck Umby. We just wished for it. Niv showed us how to rub the Lamp properly, he was paying attention when you were making wishes at the Festival.”

“What?!? But you can’t wish for more Lamps of Desire–”

“You can, however, wish for a completely ordinary lamp that just happens to look like the Lamp of Desire! Didn’t I tell you? The wording is super important!”

“Umbra, let’s go! We need to find the real Lamp quickly!”

“Right! I’ll bet that Korkea’s obnoxious dark side has it!”

I smirk audaciously at them.

“Are you absolutely sure about that?”

Meanwhile, in Dragonheart, Marley stands at the base of the Tower of Tyranny in human form, looking up.

His nano armor is off, the holder still on the chest of his nano suit, and in one hand, he holds the real Lamp of Desire, the flame burning octarine.

“Marley should probably get outta here. And Marley hope everyone up there am getting outta there too.”


Up in the throne room of the Tower of Tyranny, Nivlac enters through the shadows.


The whole building starts shaking, the air filling with the smell of burning tin.


Panthera turns to Nocturne.

You feel that too, yes?”

The familiar nods.

“Oh yeah. Do you not smell it? I know humans don’t have the best sense of smell, but come on, man!

As the Dark Window suddenly seals itself shut, the ChaotiX members present draw their portal guns, and Deston flies up through the hole in the roof, levitating Victor, Scarface and the Drakonians up to the Helios and the flying car with him, Pierre already behind the wheel of his car, bellowing at the others.

Dépêchez-vous, mesdames et messieurs!

Shaun, the only Octovirate member left in the throne room, starts panicking.

“What’s going on?!? What’s done–”

Somnis. Levis.

Deston forces Shaun to fall asleep, and levitates him up to the Helios too.

“You have a lot of questions to answer, young man.”

Dehak glowers down at me, tossing the fake Lamp aside.

“You think you’ve won, boy? Well, you’re wrong! I can still get the Lamp back! I haven’t lost yet!

I laugh at him.

“Dehak, my man. You were always gonna lose.”

Then I fiddle with my COMP, and Judy’s armored face appears on the screen.

“Jude! Is everyone out of range?”

“Everyone except the Darklings, Cal.”

“Good. Then there’s just one thing left to say.”

Dehak and Umbra’s jaws drop, as a massive pillar of octarine light erupts in Dragonheart, engulfing the entire Tower of Tyranny, shooting up into the sky, the Helios and Pierre’s car flying away from the pillar of light, towards us.

And when the pillar pierces the dark clouds covering the kingdom, it punches a gaping hole in them, a hole that just keeps getting bigger, finally letting the light of day back into the kingdom, the octarine barrier sealing Drakonia in fizzling away.

When the pillar of light fades, Dragonheart Palace is restored, intact and whole.

As the sunlight reaches us, Dehak’s clothes revert to indigo and black, his stolen crown vanishing in a puff of octarine smoke.

“No! My crown!”

I can guess where it’s gone. Back on the head it’s supposed to be on.

And Umbra starts shrinking, his clothes not shrinking with him.

“What-- no, no, nononononononononoooooooooo…”

In seconds, he’s back in fluffy form, his pure red eyes no longer glowing, struggling to get out of the robe.

“Hooves! Damn hooves! I hate this useless body!”

Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face for the first time since getting into Calvin Impact, I smile contentedly.

“Good morning, Drakonia.”

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