"Rising Sun" Prologue by NobodyAtAll

It’s Cal again. It’s been a few days.

And today is the day.

Today, Operation Rising Sun begins.

Our goal?

The liberation of Drakonia from the tyrannical reign of Dehak, the liberation of King Lorik, Princess Nadia and Aurelia from the Tower of Tyranny, and the recovery of the Lamp of Desire.

Our plan?

Well, you’ll see.

Our resolve?


I made a promise to a friend, and I’m a man of my word.

We’ll free Drakonia, or die trying.

I prefer the first one, but I think the second one is more likely.

Have faith, Niv.

Yeah, if Dehak thinks we’ll just roll over and die, he doesn’t know us.

Right now, me and Marley are outside the city, at the Impact Site, with Valerie and Jack, making the final preparations.

Bag of holding, check, Sword of Kings, check, X-Shield, check, Ring of Allspeak, check. I think I’ve got everything.

We’re looking up at Calvin Impact, my gigantic metal twin, my very own mecha, which has a new addition.

Well, two.

On the gigantic metal arms, there are two halves of what looks like an equally gigantic shield.

A shield made of a certain crystalline substance, with an adamantium frame.

And on the palms, there are two big round gems, made of the same crystalline substance.

No, we won’t be moving out with just the four of us.

Where’s everyone else, you ask?

Oh… they’re around…

Valerie fiddles with her COMP.

“Alright, Cal. Everyone else is in position, so you’d better get going too.”

“Right. Jack, you got your things ready?”

Jack, wearing a flight pack, pats a Sanchez portal gun, in a holster on his hip.

“We’ll only get three uses out of this one, so make 'em count.”

“Of course. Mar, let’s get up in there.”

Marley turns towards Marley Impact, his gigantic metal twin.

“Wait, am Mawwey nu yoos-in Mawwey Impack?”

“Gotta keep something in the back pocket, right?”

“Awwite, daddeh.”

After entering Calvin Impact’s head, I stand on what Valerie calls the command podium, Marley sitting off to the side, looking at a screen that shows Calvin Impact’s point of view.

I clench my fists, smirking audaciously.


I float up into the air, a golden sphere appearing around me as Calvin Impact comes to life, synchronising its movements with my own.

Yeah, that’s the Impacts’ activation phrase. I picked it myself, just like I picked the names, and if I was more fluent in Japanese, I would be singing I Am Impact! right now.

Maybe Val could program our mechas to play that song when we activate our mechas.

I’ll ask her later.

Seeing and hearing through Calvin Impact’s eyes and ears, I hear Valerie chime in.

“Portal’s going up in ten, Cal. Ten…”

“Alright, Mar, this is it.”


“Dis am jus Fase Wun, wite?”


“Oh yeah.”


We’ve all got our own parts to play.


I walk in one place, Calvin Impact walking with me, out of the pit.


I see Jack fly up into the air, drawing his portal gun.


It’s funny. We had this idea the first time we went to Drakonia.


And I thought it was overkill.


But this time?


I don’t know if it’ll be enough.


As an Impact-sized slimy green portal appears, I walk through it. Or rather, Calvin Impact does. Eh, same difference.

Welp. That’s the Rubicon crossed.

On the other side, I look around, in the middle of a field far to the south of Dragonheart, seeing dark grey clouds above, and the Tower of Tyranny in the north, the skull pointed directly towards me.

As I start purposefully stomping towards Dragonheart, the eyes and mouth of the skull light up red.

“Uh, daddeh…”

“We’ve got a few seconds, Mar!”

Meanwhile, inside the Tower of Tyranny’s throne room, the Octovirate of Darkness watches the gigantic mecha approach the city, flabbergasted at the sight.

God-King Dehak and Archmage Umbra are in their thrones, the latter in fluffy form, the rest sitting in black armchairs. They were watching a movie when they noticed the big slimy green portal opening.

The throne room is bathed in red light as the deadly skull beams charge, two vast spheres of light glowing in the eye sockets.

God-King Dehak and Archmage Umbra’s jaws dropped when they saw what walked through that portal.


“Yes, Dehak?”

“What is that?

Shaun looks especially worried, because he recognizes the mecha.

“Oh shit, it’s Korkea! He brought his mecha! Dehak, fire this thing now! Don’t let it get close!”

God-King Dehak chuckles.

“I knew he was plotting something. And so did you, Umbra.”

Archmage Umbra nods.

“Yes, and Shaun may be right. This Tower of Tyranny is under your command, Dehak, so act fast.”

God-King Dehak nods, and sweeps his arm.



Aa the gigantic skull unleashes its eye and mouth beams, I keep marching, swinging my arms up to block, and as Calvin Impact does the same, the two halves of the massive crystalline shield lock together.

“Moment of truth, Mar!”

“Mawwey hope dis wowks!”

The tension is killing me!

If this doesn’t work, it’ll be the beams killing us.

That doesn’t help, Fi!

As the massive red beam of death reaches us, slamming into the shield, making my mecha shake…


The giant shield absorbs the beam, and starts glowing red just like it.

“Oh, thank you Valerie Valentine!”

“Howy shit! Su dat am–”

Octavium, baby~! Alright, now…”

I thrust my hands forward, palms open, and Calvin Impact does the same, the gems on its palm glowing red too.



As Calvin’s massive mecha sends the red beam screaming back towards the Tower of Tyranny, the Octovirate starts panicking.




God-King Dehak sweeps his arm again.


The skull quickly fires a second round of deadly red light, not as powerful as the first.


As the two red beams collide in the skies above Dragonheart…


They explode, causing everything to shake, and the people in the city below start panicking, fleeing the city, the guards too busy taking cover to stop them.

In one dark alleyway, a man in a hooded cloak watches the explosion, and sees the mecha stomping towards the city.

He nods, apparently satisfied about something, and makes his exit, running towards the Tower of Tyranny.

I keep stomping towards Dragonheart, seeing the outer wall getting closer, with the portcullis we passed through on our first visit here, people and horses fleeing from the stable just outside, more people fleeing through the open portcullis.

As the skull charges again, I raise my arms to block a second time.



You might be wondering who we’re talking to, dear readers.

You’ll see.

Let’s just say…

They’re closer than you think.


The Tower of Tyranny fires again, sending another deadly beam screaming over the city.


As Calvin Impact’s shield absorbs the blast, a vast door opens on the mecha’s back.


And as Calvin Impact returns the beam to sender, several vehicles fly out of the mecha, the door closing behind them.

Pierre, driving his flying car, now armed with lasers, Deston riding shotgun, François, Audrey and Klaus in the back seat. It’s a bit cramped back there, but Deston called shotgun.

Victor, armed almost literally to the teeth and piloting the Helios, Scarface, Dave and Slayer in the other seats. Dave’s behind Victor, the fluffies in booster seats on the side seats.

Trota, piloting his spaceship, Xanitas riding shotgun. And Konba, piloting his spaceship, Kirk riding shotgun.

Pistol Pinto, piloting a monochrome biplane, a second Pinto manning a machine gun.

And two more monochrome biplanes, piloted by Voilet and Len, Bleu and Kamikaze manning those machine guns.



As the Tower of Tyranny counters Calvin Impact’s beam, the flying vessels make a beeline for the giant skull, opening fire, Pierre and Victor firing lasers…


The gunner Pinto, Bleu and Kamikaze unleashing machine gun rounds…


And Xanitas and Kirk, hanging out of the doors of their respective rides, firing energy blasts and throwing energy spears respectively.



The Tower of Tyranny starts charging again, turning towards the new challengers, but then…


In a flash of light, the Wings of Time appears in the sky, a prismatic trail glowing behind it, Jack in the pilot’s seat, the other six seats occupied by Seth, Judy, Andre, Scott, Glenn, and Reggae, with Caelum, Snowball, Piccolo, Future Marley, Blueberry, and Mortis in their laps.

If you’re wondering how Jack got everyone in the Wings of Time and made it to Drakonia so quickly…

It’s called the Wings of Time.

Figure it out.


The eight flying vehicles scatter, continuing their assault on the Tower of Tyranny, which is now trying to lock on to multiple targets at once.

Meanwhile, the Octovirate is even more flabbergasted at the new arrivals.

God-King Dehak finds his jaw dropping again.

“Where did they all come from?!?”

Shaun groans and rolls his eyes, throwing his hands up in frustration.

“Korkea turned that thing into a goddamn aircraft carrier! Can’t we just blast them all out of the sky?”

Archmage Umbra watches the world beyond the eye sockets turn left and right, as the Tower of Tyranny keeps trying to pick a target.

“Dehak, did you seriously not consider the possibility of multiple targets?”

God-King Dehak grins, reaching for his Lamp.

“Oh, I’ve got an idea of how to handle this…”

In the Helios, Victor sees the giant skull finally settle on a target, locking on to his ship.

“Hope you guys remembered to put your seatbelts on, this ride’s about to get bumpy!”


As the Tower of Tyranny fires, Victor pulls off a flawless barrel roll, the Helios narrowly evading the beam as it spins away.


Dave laughs as Victor rights the ship.

“Honestly, I’m glad that I took a shi–”


As a smaller red beam screams towards the Helios, Victor barely evades it a second time, a scowl on his face.

“Okay, where did that come fro-- oh…”

“Uh, daddeh? Wut am doze?

“I dunno, Mar…”

Through the eyes and ears of my mecha, I watch, as a swarm of somethings appears around the Tower of Tyranny’s giant skull.

As Calvin Impact stomps yet closer to the city, me and Marley gasp when we see what they are.

More skulls. Normal-sized ones, floating in the air.

Made of black metal.

With glowing red eyes and mouths, like their big friend.

As the flying skulls attack my allies, blasting smaller red beams at them, the ChaotiX fights back, blasting the skulls with lasers, bullets and energy blasts.

But no matter how many my friends blast out of the sky, the skulls just keep coming.

Okay, I need to step in and–

“Daddeh! Pay atten-shun!”

“What-- oh fuck.

And as I took my eyes off the Tower of Tyranny, the big skull started charging again.

Locked on to me.



I move to block again, but I’m just a bit too slow.


I open my eyes, seeing cloudy skies above me, lying in the wreckage of my mecha with Marley, not far from Dragonheart’s outer wall, both halves of the giant octavium shield lying on the ground, completely inert and devoid of power.

Goddamnit, not AGAIN! Gonna be REAL hard for Miles to fix it THIS time!

If we win, it won’t be a problem. And if we lose… it won’t be a problem.

I get back up, groaning in pain.

“Just shake it off, it’s just your bones, your muscles and your organs…”

And Marley does the same, groaning and all.

“If Mawwey wuz a now-maw fwuffy… Mawwey wud be ded wite nao.”

“Mar, you alright?”

“Yuh, daddeh. A bit sowe, foh.”

“Me too, Mar.”

We see the Tower of Tyranny’s giant skull turning towards us, charging another beam, our allies still fighting the smaller skulls.

“This… is not going as planned.”

“But we pwand fow dat tuu, wite?”

“Oh yeah. It’s not ideal, but we can still work with this.”

I sigh.

“Let’s just hope that Eddy isn’t too late.”

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