Ru-Ru and Mew- By: ProfessforOlive

Half of an art trade with user @Bunny
I couldn’t decide what scene I wanted so I went with three
Mew is one of two cats my character has, and she’s a sphynx.


Till I saw the wings I was like ‘This is just cats, bout to report this~’ /Sarc

Pretty cute.


Yeah! But the tail looks taped on as well.


You can look at this and tell that the artist is familiar with cats. A lot of people are ‘good’ at drawing animals, where the anatomy is correct, but lacking poses or movements that actually ‘feel’ like that animal. These are very kitty-like poses!

What an adorable set


Why the $@#&?! Did you have to make it look (sniff) l-like a…a…cat?
(Choke) You got me right in the feels!


Omg this is so cute!! :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: They look so happy playing together and Ru Ru’s playful screeeing makes my heart melt :sparkling_heart: You did such a great job, it’s so adorable! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I second what others have said, you did absolutely amazing with the anatomy! You seem really knowledgeable about it! I think it’s awesome how cat like you made Ru Ru seem, to the point that it’s even confusing other users lol. She’s assimilating with the kitties lol :joy:

Thanks so much for doing this, I’m actually just about to post my half! :two_hearts:


My brainrot has progressed, with me now immediately thinking “bingus” when I see a hairless cat. Love her tho.


Naked cats scare me on an instinctual level. Where is your fur? What devil did you sell it to?? What powers did it give you in return, you hairless demon???


We need more Siamese fluffies. Love it,!!


Ew no

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Can we make a tag so you can mute it? :wink:

<— has a lovely Siamese cat

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: they are so cute together *take pic

I am a mod. I see everything even if I didn’t join a group

Btw Isn’t there a “bold” tag?

Oh god I want these.

god voice I’m all-seeing and omnipresent!

Is this a fluffy or an Exceed? :grin:

aaah siamese fluffy :heart: :heart: reminds me of my 2 cats, too cute!

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