Rudy's Origin Story [By Rudys_Carer]

I had always wanted a fluffy, but my parents said that they were too much work and they didn’t want to have to clean up after it. So after I moved out and got settled in, I decided to go and adopt a fluffy.
I walked to my local FluffMart and heard the cute chirps and babbles of fluffy ponies. There was greeted by the least enthusiastic employee I had ever seen. The employee who’s shirt read ‘Marcus’ said,
“Welcome to FluffMart, can I help you find a friend today?”
“Yeah, hi,” I replied “first time fluffy owner.”
“Well, our fluffies are all lined up on that back wall. If you want a mare with foals theyre in the back, but they’re not reccomended for first-timers.” Marcus said.
I nodded and gave him a thumbs up. I turned and walked over to the displays of fluffies. They were all between $15 and $50 the higher end ones being alicorns with beautiful coloration and the lower end being regular ponies with less vibrant colors. I kept on looking, making note of the ones I thought were the cutest. Some of them came over to look at me.
“Be new daddeh?”
They asked. I silently smiled at them.
I came across a tank of fluffies near the back of the shop labeled “discount, good snake food” and peered inside.
This was where the mostly brown, dull colored fluffies where. Their fur wasn’t incredibly fluffy, but it still looked soft to pet. They didn’t have the bright colors or wings or horns or curly fur. The “discount” fluffies had very few toys and were eating shitty looking kibble.
Marcus walked up behind me.
“Those are the rejects” he said, “they get kicked out by their moms for their colors or sometimes they just don’t sell for a while. So we stick em in here, fatten em up, and give 'em out as snake food or for people to torture 'em.”
“That’s horrible,” I said.
“Yeah, well I don’t dictate the social hierarchy of fluffy ponies”
“Why is this one in here?” I said pointing to a fluffy with a beautiful red mane and tail, the rest of his fur was a tawny, tanish color. His eyes were big brown and sparkled when I pointed him out. He looked a little older than the other fluffies in the tank.
“Like I said, miss, I just work here.”
“Don’t call me miss,” I corrected.
I took off the lid and a few of the fluffies inside cowered in fear. The fluffy I pointed at before looks up at my hand. He places one small hoof on my palm, and then the other, until he had crawled up onto my hand. He was a bit heavier than he looked, so I put my other hand out so he could be on both.
“Hai new fwend.” It said, looking at me with its big, stupid eyes.
“He’s so cute” I said.
“For a stress ball” Marcus said. I shot him a dirty look.
“Fwuffy get baww?” The fluffy asked.
“I could get you some balls.” I told the small friend in my hands.
Marcus snickered; I gave him another look.
“Your red main kinda reminds me of Rudolph” I told the fluffy.
“Yeah, he’s the special reindeer who helps Santa bring toys”
“Toysies?!” The fluffy stood up, wagging its little tail in excitement.
“Ma’am, if you name the fluffy you have to buy it.” Marcus said.
“I’ll call you Rudy, for short.” I said to the fluffy.
“Wudy wuv nu namsies! Fank ou ma-daddie?” The fluffy didn’t know what to call me.
“Um, I guess I’m your care-er? I’m not really a mama or daddy”
“Cawaw? Fwuffy wuv cawaw!”
The fluffy enthusiasm almost made me tear up. How could such a sweet, innocent animal be treated like nothing more than a snack or a torture victim?
“C’mon Rudy, let’s get you some stuff and take you home.”
By the time Rudy and I came back to my apartment I had spent a lot more money than I had hoped to. I set up a pen in my office to act as his safe area. He had his litter box, a nice pillow to sleep on, a bowl for kibble and water, a whole bunch of toys, blocks, and balls to play with. I had spread out news papers all over the floor incase he had an accident.
Little Rudy had his own space, which was way bigger than the one he had in that tank. He had plenty of toys and love from his new carer.


Rudy is a smarty for sure.