Runaway (artist_jberg360)

Some Fluffies have a hard time letting their foals go on adoption day.


I wonder how hard it is to give up a child for adoption…


I mean, humans in stories always seem to think that it’s the easiest thing ever. “Just keep them until they are weaned, then off they go!”

If they went to a neighbor or family member living nearby, I would understand that a lot more…


For humans, I imagine pretty hard. Best case a woman doesn’t notice for the first few months but after that she would know a fetus is there and growing. Unless the circumstances make them hate it they have months to think about what it would be like to keep it (in ether good or bad light). Once the baby is born their body is pumping them with chemicals that make them want to keep the baby alive. (though I wonder if its easier for the women who give birth who didn’t know they were pregnant) All in all I’m not a woman so my opinion has little value on the topic.

On the other hand I would suspect pet adoption would be a little easier since since most pets are communal animals that let others help care for their offspring. They would also be giving them up after weaning where the offspring could survive without them. For humans it would be more like a 1700’s 12 year old leaving for an apprenticeship. Sad, but manageable.


As a feral, that foal is now far more likely to die instead of being adopted. What a bad mummah.


A free death is preferable to a caged life.


Depends on the person. My mom fought to keep me despite her situation, my father (using that term loosely) on the other hand has seen me once after the day I was born for about 10 minutes in my entire 37 years of life.


This is in many ways the most thought provoking aspect of the fluffy concept. As a matter of course we sterilize our pets–spaying and neutering is seen as a positive thing by many. Even when we permit our pets to breed, we generally take most or all of their offspring away without a second thought. And this is how we treat our beloved pets; the way we treat other creatures is an abomination.

In part, this cruelty is overlooked because pets can’t talk. But imagine if they could!

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Could have been mitigated by letting Angelica keep the last foal.

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As a matter of fact, regular animals can’t quite understand “Don’t let your dick tell you that the fastest route to a female in heat is through three busy roads”. Cats in heat literally go through hell just to mate with a female they may never see again, even if they did get back home safe.

A heckin’ dog from the neighboring TOWN literally used to come over, climb my garden fence and try to have surprise buttsecs with my two labrador females. I was not pleased.

When it comes to strays and cat colonies, letting a female have a litter of 8, only for 6 of them to die because of starvation is worse than spaying her, in my book.

Besides, animals don’t quite reason like humans (or fluffies, for that matter) when it comes to their offspring, sex and partners.

You should remember, fluffies would be a hybrid. Some parts acting more like humans, some more like animals.


Gotta admire that kind of determination.


Doses this really count if you’re a scientifically created sub human horse like slave race that is almost entirely dependent on others to survive


Yep some cannons say they are driven t have babies by bad programing or a need for other hasbio products.

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I really like this

Owner needs to give the foal away.
Has probably even told Angelica before hand so they’re not a monster.

Angelica doesn’t want to break the rules.
But can’t bear to lose her only baby.
Even acknowledges that what she’d doing is wrong.

In the end, there isn’t a villain, just circumstances.
This is how you do runaway fluffies :heart:


I am going to block you now before I give in and write something that will get me banned.

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Fluffies need tracking collars like for wen I loose my keys.



Ok. Are you quite alright? Seems like a disproportionate reaction, but suit yourself.

It actually was damn admirable. We aren’t talking 500 m, but something like almost 5 km from his house to mine! And he had to pass through at the very least one real busy road and a slew of smaller ones. And get this, my fence is around 1,5 m high, whereas this dog was real small, like, less than a beagle small.

The asshole literally jumped over it. It sounds like I am bullshitting you, but he was actually amazing. Well, if you didn’t count the whole surprise buttsecs thing.

In the end we talked with the owner and she agreed to neuter him, because she didn’t want to lock him in her house. Afterwards he still made some damn impressive treks, but we never saw him cross the main road.

It’s the best solution, really. One day his luck would have likely ran out and we’d have found him splattered or impaled on our fence. Though apparently some people kind of forget the risk an animal goes through to follow his dick in their crusade for animal luvvin.


The rare sadbox story that doesn’t involve gratuitous physical harm.

I love the fluffy’s natural desire to be good for her master juxtaposed with her motherly instincts. The mare’s two strongest desires are clashing horribly. A true tragedy

Great work as always, jberg


There was another solution: find out what the dog’s maximum jump height is, and replace the fence with one taller than that.

Neutering was just the easiest solution, and I don’t blame you or that dog’s owner for choosing the easy road.

Plus, hindsight is 20/20.

And I don’t get what’s up with @Aethelred either. I don’t know what you said to set them off.

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Yeah well, replacing a cast iron fence that encompasses your whole front garden would have been… expensive, to say the least. Surely it would have been a good idea, but you know how it is.

Sadly our 4 legged friends don’t quite understand the risks they go through just to reach a female/have a male’s attention. I happen to have a rather rambunctious female, who still draws attention to her despite having been spayed. Males can sometimes… be rough. If she wasn’t basically bigger than the average male, her cuts and bruises could be something worse.
Not to mention the whole “disappeared without a trace only to find them flat on the road during mating season”. Let’s not talk about that.

About the dude, eh, who cares. He is free to keep his pets however he wishes. Shouldn’t ignore the obvious risks any pet owner should know of, but to each their own.