Sanctum: Lullaby [ CoronaryHeatingProcedure ]



written by CoronaryHeatingProcedure

It was sleepytime.

Their parent put them in their pens one by one after a long cuddle and play session.

Mulberry cooed as she was picked up and given a kiss on her head, their hand stroking her back softly as she was carried.

“Hn- you’re heavy. Sure you don’t want to stay with me tonight just in case?”

Mulberry steadied herself as she was lowered into the pen, her family awaiting her.

“Muwbewwy am suwe. Wan be with famiwy wen babbehs awive.”

“Cheewie can hewp!” the orange colored mare who had just recently given birth to two foals exclaimed.

Said chirpies begann to peep loudly beside her, craning their heads towards her, mouths wide open.

“Hehe! Hungy witte babbehs.”

She leaned her head over them, opening her mouth to give them milkies only to get a mouthful of fluffy foal, both of them trying to feed at once, making her choke.

“Ack-!” she pulled back to reveal milk soaked and unhappy faces. “Babbehs nee take tuwnsies!”

*Chirp! *Chirp! *Chirp *Chirp! *Chirp!

Sire had to suppress a chuckle. They looked like kittens that had fallen face first into a bowl of milk. Mulberry was mostly concerned.

“Dummy mawe!” Glow N Dark emerged from her sleeping spot in a bad mood. “You cweawie nu can handwe two foaws on own!” she shoved Cheery with a hoof.

Heartwarming stepped over the barrier, grabbing the green mare and pulling her away.

“Glow, you need to stop harassing other mummahs!”

“Gwow wouwd nu hab tu du if nu be in-com-patan’!” she hissed.

Sire starred at her in shock, not expecting her to hurl insults, then steeled themself.

“You’re going to apologize right this instant!”

“It am twu an yu kno it! Whewe am hew special fwiend aneway?!”

Silence fell upon the room, broken only by Cheery sobbing softly into Mulberry, Turnip leaning against her, while two other dams helped with feeding her foals.

Sire was furious but seeing Cheery in tears made them realize they needed to calm the situation.

“She doesn’t have one, Glow.” they said sincerely, a hint of sadness dancing across their words “We used Samples… There is no stallion.”

Glow seemed to grasp the weight of her actions, all unfolding inside her mind, stunning her momentarily.

She was lowered to her hooves, her one good eye averting it’s gaze as shame spread across her face.

“Go on.” Sire encouraged, giving her a ligh shove to the rump.

She snorted in irritation but walked over, stopping short of the sniffling mare.

“Gwow am sowwy fow bein’ mean. Wiw weab Cheewie awone.”

She trotted off, keeping her head close to her body, not even giving her a chance to form a response.

Mulberry hugged Cheery close, as close as her belly would allow, her tongue brushing gently over her forehead.

Sire exited their pen, smiling warmly at them.

“Take care of eachother while I’m away, alright? Sweet dreams.”

“Good sweepies!” a chorus of voices replied in various states of tiredness and enthusiasm.

Heartwarming shut off the big lights as they exited the room, flicking a switch to turn a nightlight on in its stead.

The fluffies looked up to greet the light blue projected star and moon patterns on the ceiling which spun in a slow calming motion.

A lullaby sounded faintly out of hidden speakers, aiding them to their sleep.

Cheery pulled away from Mulberry, reaching for her babies and pulling them close to her body for warmth.

"Thankies fow giving nummies tu babbehs. Sweepie time, babbehs. "

“Mummah…” sounded an unsure voice beside her as Mulberry neared their nest of soft feathers and down.

“Cheewy am okay Tuwnip. Jus’ nee some west.”

She took him by his scruff and lowered him into it, a light sneeze escaping him as a feather brushed against his nose.

"Yu nee a baff."she doted, licking him lovingly over the start of his off-white mane.

Her marefriend joined her shortly, leaning in to nuzzle her neck before she laid down beside her to rest.

She must have fallen asleep at some point but she didn’t notice, not until a sudden pain jolted her awake.

"b-babbehs comin…"she informed herself trough clenched teeth, not wanting to wake her baby from his sleep.

Not knowing what else to do, she kicked Cinnamon in her side cautiously, trying to wake her.


Her special friend was sleeping like a rock. She tried again, harder this time, making her wince.


“Shhhhh! Babbehs am comin’. Hewp.”


Cinnamon helped her to her hooves, choosing a more secluded spot to lay down.

Mulberry’s face was covered in tears as she fought against the pain quietly. Cinnamon pressed her forehead against hers, firmly grasping her hooves.

“Bweathe, am hewe. Yu can du dis.”

With a deep inhale, she braced herself and pushed.


Turnip rose slowly, familiar voices calling out to him. He rubbed his eyes, having to blink multiple times to get a clear visual.

“Wook Tuwnip…” Cinnamon whispered, the corners of her mouth forming a gentle smile, her eyes catching the light beautifully. “Yu awe big bwudda now.”

There, in the cradle of her hooves, was a tiny fluffy foal, red down covering its cheeks and head.

The colt looked unsure, not knowing what to do.

“Chirp Chirp. Tuwnip hab bwuddahs and sissies, chirp?”

To his surprise, his mother lowered the foal against him, the chirpy huddling close to him for warmth and cooing.

Mulberry cleaned her two other babies, putting them in the nest as well before letting herself rest, exhaustion taking over.

Turnip turned to see his other siblings, one a bronze, the other a blush pink color, wonder filling his eyes.

Where had these come from?

“Good sweepies babbehs.” Cinnamon cooed, nuzzling her foals, then laying down as well.

Turnip watched as they fell asleep.

Something wasn’t quite right, he thought.

He knew this feeling, being surrounded by warmth but it strangely felt like it could be taken away from him any moment.

Memories of faint frenzied chirps filled his mind, making him worried.

Nothing bad was happening, why was he sad?

Lowering his head onto his hooves, he shed a tear.
Tomorrow would be a better day.