Scorched Earth Ch. 1 [By BFM101]

This will be the first full series in The Jonathan Mongola Saga, this means that it will spoil moments from Josef’s Series but nothing essentially to know this story.

This story does take place after A Light In The Darkness so it you want an introduction to Theodore’s character then I recommend you read that first. As well as some elements introduced at the end of Back In Class but they won’t take place until much later in the story.

Theodore Hudson could hear his hands shaking against the steering wheel.

Logically he had nothing to be scared of, he was just sitting in a non-descript alleyway, in a non-descript van that had been hired under a false account, he wasn’t doing anything wrong or suspicious or anything like that.

Except for the fact that he was passively assisting with a jailbreak, that was a little suspicious.

In the distance, faintly, Theodore could hear a siren coming from the direction of the pTheodore felt his breathing get sharper, his heart-rate slowly but noticeably increasing, why the hell had he agreed to this? Because of a friendship? Because of a long-forgotten moral code?

Or was it because this was the only friend Theodore had left from before the war, and he wasn’t ready to give up that part of himself just yet.

He started his calming exercises when suddenly the door opened, Theodore reached for the gun on the van’s dashboard but stopped when he saw who was on the outside.

After eight years in prison, Theodore was surprised at how little Jonathan had changed. Sure his dirty blonde hair was longer, his beard scruffier and the wrinkles on his face more prominent, but he could see into Jonathan’s eyes and that same vitriolic hatred still coursed through him, even as he hid it behind a smile.

“Almost got the drop on ya Teddy. You getting slow in your old age?”

“Jesus John, a little warning would’ve been nice, I could’ve shot you.”

Jonathan chuckled as he climbed into the van. “With that pea-shooter? You’d barely even graze me. Now come on, no point in hanging around here.”

“Are we safe? You sure you weren’t followed or…”

“We’re safe.” Jonathan snapped, the smile fading from his mouth for a moment before returning just as quickly. “Trust me alright, we’re good.”

Theodore didn’t feel convinced, but he had no other option. Carefully he started up the van and took a slow crawl home, praying he could get back home before either he or Jonathan lost their minds.

That was three months ago, Jonathan was still a fugitive but nothing had ever come back on Theodore, not that that helped him sleep at night but he was feeling slightly safer with each passing day.

In that time since he and Jonathan had been in occasional contact, mostly Jonathan relying some Hasbio research data over to Theodore to stockpile, as well as Jonathan’s own ‘research’. Theodore wasn’t a fan of either but at least Hasbio’s data had the illusion of scientific curiosity, Jonathan just tortured Fluffies and wrote down the results.

As it turned out though, Theodore needed a little Fluffy Torture in his life, but as a sworn pacifist he couldn’t administer it himself. Which is what led to this morning with Jonathan standing in his living room looking out into the forest that surrounded the property.

“They in there?” Jonathan motioned to the trees with his coffee cup.

“As far as I’m aware, I keep seeing two or three of them come up about once a day, the same two or three every day. They sneak up passed the fence until I yell at them, then they shit themselves and run off. I’m not sure if they’re trying their luck or prodding for weaknesses or what?”

“Likely they’re actively trying to sneak onto the lawn, claim it as Smarty territory before you can stop them. Granted that doesn’t mean anything to you or me, but to them it’s basically an excuse to run rampant, the only reason they haven’t done it sooner it because they know you’re here. They’re trying to outsmart you.”

“So if I left at all before you got here, they would’ve stormed the place?”

Jonathan shrugged. “Probably, but then again Fluffies are legendarily stupid and desperate, could be any number of reasons why they haven’t done a full force attack yet. Maybe the fact you haven’t killed any of them yet is letting them think they have the time to wait.”

“You’re contradicting yourself John, how can Fluffies be stupidly desperate AND still have the wherewithal to wait on anything?”

“That’s what concerns me Ted. This is a nice place and all but these fucks have the whole forest to claim as their own, why focus on just this one spot? And you’re sure they haven’t asked for the foals back?”

Theodore shook his head. “They’ve made plenty of noise, lots of ‘meanie mister’ and threats of forever sleepies, but nothing about wanting foals back.”

“Can I see them, the foals?”

Theodore hesitated, it wasn’t for long but long enough that Jonathan could sense the trepidation in his friend. Not that Jonathan could blame him, he had spent more than a decade hating the very existence of Fluffies, but it still hurt to see his friend not trust him.

“It’s fine Ted, I won’t hurt them, I won’t even fucking touch them. I just want to look them over, Joey was the doctor of the family but maybe I can get some understanding of what’ wrong with them.”

“Alright, but I gotta be in the room with you. It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that Robin is real protective of them, so long as I’m there she should be ok.”

Theodore could see the snarl starting to form on Jonathans face but that was as far as it got, Jonathan wisely kept his mouth shut and nodded, following Theodore through to the safe-room. Inside they found Robin tending to the three foals left behind by the herd during their first invasion, since Robin couldn’t feed them herself Theodore had attached a pair of prosthetic teats to her, allowing the three foals to feed and allow Robin precious bonding time with them all.

“Wobin wub babbehs, babbehs wub Wobin, am pwetend mummah, stiww wub yu aww.”

Theodore smiled at the little song she had made up, he knew part of her wanted to be their mother but he had to make sure she knew she wasn’t. Partly so that it would make it easier when they were old enough to be adopted out, but mostly so it would be easier if they didn’t live long enough to be adopted.

Robin looked up at the two men and beamed a bright smile. “Hewwo daddeh, hewwo Mistah Jon, gud bwite-time?”

Theodore nodded. “Yes Robin, it is a good bright time. Can I ask you a quick favour?”

“Wha daddeh need?”

“Mister Jon wants to look over the babies, make sure they’re all healthy and fine. Would you let him check them over, I promise I’ll be right here and that nothing bad will happen to them.”

Robin thought for a moment, her eyes darted at Jonathan, something inside her felt off looking at him, like she was scared but she didn’t know why. But her daddy would be there, he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her adopted babbehs.”

“Ok Mistah Jon, yu can wook at babbehs, dey aww gud babbehs.”

Robin picked up the first infant and held it up to Jonathan who knelt down to take a closer look, he reached out a finger to move the foal’s head slightly and saw Robin flinch. He sighed but didn’t say anything as he looked the foal over.

It as a colt, an orange Pegasus with a green mane, but his back right leg was severely underdeveloped to the point where he didn’t even have a leg. A quick nod later and Robin picked up the second foal, a green unicorn filly with a light blue mane and only one eye, while she hadn’t yet opened her eyes, there wasn’t even an eye-lid on the left side of her face, just a blank spot of skin. The final foal was another colt, a purple Alicorn with a red mane, but even from here Jonathan could see the dent in his spine, his little legs shook in the air in a much wider stance than that Jonathan had seen before.

All three of them were runts, underdeveloped in the womb due to trauma, dietary problems or just plain bad luck, which would explain why their mother had abandoned them during her escape, but why had Robin taken them in?

“Ok, that’s all, thank you.” Jonathan stood up without looking Robin in the eye and left quickly, heading for the front door. Theodore gave Robin a short pet on the head before chasing after Jonathan.

“Hey, what’s up, was there anything wrong with them?”

“Aside from the obvious? The fact they’re not talking yet is concerning, potentially just a little slower on the development due to their disabilities, but anything’s possible. If anything though that just confuses me even more regarding Robin.”

“You mean that she hasn’t mentioned anything about Runt Smell? Yeah I thought that strange as well but I figured no harm done if it means she’s given the little ones some good parenting.”

“You’re too much of a bleeding heart Ted, and you’re too soft on her, you can’t talk to a Fluffy like it’s an equal, it’ll give it the wrong idea.”

“Well no offence John, but I think after four years I’m doing alright raising MY Fluffy. I’m not gonna try to change your mind on them, but don’t come into my house and start lumping my Robin in with a gang of fucking ferals.”

To Theodore’s surprise, Jonathan started laughing, but it wasn’t a happy laugh, there was something sinister about it, not helped by Jonathan taking a knife out of his belt and playing with it in front of him.

“Why’d you call me Ted? You could have any number of professionals come out and clear this herd, but you called me? Why?”

Theodore shuffled his feet, trying to think of an answer. “Because you owed me a favour.”

“Yeah, but you could’ve used that on anything. No you called me here because you knew I would be efficient and I would thorough, I know you don’t want to get your hands dirty but don’t question me when mine do, I’ll deal with this herd my way and spoiler warning, it will be messy.”

Theodore sighed, slightly regretting his decision to call Jonathan now, but he had a point, Theodore could’ve called a professional to get rid of this herd cleanly, instead he called a member of the very messy and very violent Mongola Clan.

Maybe on some level, he was looking for something dirty after what the herd threatened to do to Robin.

That thought had to be put on hold though as Jonathan and Theodore heard some mumbling coming from the trees, they looked over and saw three Fluffies slowly approaching the fence, none of them had noticed the men standing there yet but their attempts at stealth were… questionable to say the least.

Their bright coats of red and blue and grey stood out against the browns and greens of the forest and fence, while none of them could be mistaken for fat they were bulky for Fluffies and their idea of sneaking was just crouching slightly and still moving at a quick pace.

“That them?” Jonathan asked in a hushed whisper.

Theodore nodded. “That grey one was definitely here during the first invasion, I saw him scamper off with the mare, I thought he was the Smarty at first.”

Jonathan shook his head, his hands still absently playing with his knife. “Nah, Smarty wouldn’t be part of that first wave, but if Grey there was that close to the mare, I imagine he’d got the Smarty’s ear.”

With a gleam in his eye that chilled Theodore to look at, Jonathan hid the knife behind his back and made for the three intruders, smiling all the way. As he got closer, he could hear the Fluffies more clearly, which just added to the failure of their stealth mission.

“Nu tawkies fwiends, need be snee-kee, take bak Smawty wand fwom meanie…”

“Hello there.”

There was three yelps and three loud farts as the three stallions jumped in fright, the grey earthie started to run away but stopped when he saw a different human approaching him from last time.

“Yu nu am meanie mistah?”

“No, no. He’s a friend of mine, asked me to help him deal with you lot. But I figured I’d try to get your side of the story first. Who are you all?”

The grey one pondered for a second before proudly stepping up.

“Am Bwake, dat am Nite an Bwite, dey am Tuffie bwuddas.”

The blue Pegasus, Night, simply nodded, while the red earthie, Bright, jumped around excitedly.

“Nyu hoomin, dis wun nu am meanie.”

“No, I’m not mean.” Jonathan lied through his teeth as he knelt down and reached over to start stroking Bright’s back, the chirper little guy literally vibrating with excitement. “I just wanted to know what you guys were doing here.”

Blake puffed his chest out again. “Dis am Smawty wand, Smawty hab bestesh hewd, need biggesh wand su hab wots of nummies tu make babbehs big an stwong. Jus need dummeh mistah an enfie-munstah tu gu way.”

Jonathan made a mental note about Blake calling Robin an ‘Enfie-Monster’, Theodore had said one of them had tried to rape Robin, most likely it was Blake that did the deed.

He pulled Bright in closer to pet him some more. “Oh well I’m sorry to hear that, but this isn’t YOUR land, it belongs to my friend. And if you try to take it from him…”

Jonathan’s free hand gripped the knife behind his back even tighter.

“…This will happen.”

Jonathan roughly grabbed onto the back of Bright’s head and pull it back sharply, allowing him to plunge the knife up and into Bright’s head through his jaw.”





The absolute VENOM that Jonathan spat at the pair of them caused them both to shit themselves once more but stay seated in their own filth, too frightened to move an inch.

Theodore felt himself jerk slightly, his instinct telling him to run over and stop Jonathan, but he held back, wondering where Jonathan was going with this.

Jonathan, eerily calm except for the fire in his eyes, took the tragically still living Bright, the poor bastard gargling the last of his life away as his mouth rapidly filled with blood, and slowly and painfully started sawing the knife around the stallion’s face. Flesh and muscle and vessels and sinew all severed and cut away with ease, and Bright could feel all of it.

He looked over and tried to reach for his brother for help, but his limbs were too heavy for his weak body to lift and Night was too terrified to move.

“Huu, pwease mistah, nu gib bwudda wowstesh huwties, Nite nu wan see.”

“You’ll see because if you don’t, I’ll do the same to you.”

Blake and Night helplessly watched as Jonathan run the knife around Bright’s skull until he had completely and successfully skinned the stallion of his face.

Bright’s body feel to the grass, Night looked in utter horror as his brother, still breathing despite the agonising torture, breathed his last and died in front of him.

Blake felt himself shit again, distracting himself long enough for Jonathan to tie Bright’s severed face around Blake’s neck, displaying the gruesome image across the grey stallions’ back.

“Now here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna head back to your Smarty, and you’re gonna tell him that if he doesn’t leave this land within three bright-times, I will do THIS to all of your herd and worse. Do you understand?”

Blake nodded and scampered off, Night following close behind, the pair leaving a trail of tears and piss behind them. Jonathan wiped his bloody blade against Bright’s corpse and returned to Theodore.

“Was that absolutely necessary?”

“For sending a message? Absolutely, you gotta be blunt to break through their thick fucking skulls Ted, and I think that was a very effective message.”

Theodore took a deep breath, trying to stop his rising heart rate. “Ok, well do you think they’ll understand the warning?”

“Warning? Ted, that wasn’t a warning. That was an invitation.”


Actually its funny how Theodore SHOULD have asked a vet than callin a fluffy destroyer. For a favor he wasted on that :man_facepalming:

Wow yeah thats Jonathan alright, I remember his style on his uncle’s farm too…but this is something more inviting, im sure that smarty so dumb he rather face the “intruder” of his “land”

Can’t wait for the next.


Holy shit, I love the guy.

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Well now… People often say that brothers are alike but holy heck, our favorite crazed doctor seems practically sunshine and rainbows lovey dovey with fluffies compared to his big brother. :whaaa:


Josef treats Fluffies like vermin, his narcissism and superiority complex fuelled his abuse since he considered himself above them.

Jonathan loathes Fluffies since he still blames them for losing his wife and son in Cleveland, and he will treat them with extreme prejudice.

But that hatred will be addressed in this series, it won’t be pretty but it’ll be necessary


man, I love this, can’t wait for the next.

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