sea fluffies living in sea fluffies living in a pool ending (by random_viewer_of_fluffies)

part 2 link


Happy ending but that’s a LOT of humping going on, there better be an understanding that the kids have to move on or that big pool will soon become quite small


Good color blend.

You’ve got a mix of muddy bank camo and pond flower camo.

Now to throw in some koi to feed on the Fluffy waste.

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Nah bro don’t give extra food the pregnant mare gonna produce the more food.

but the more sea-fluffies therw are the more to eat any frogs or bug eggs in his pool. then went he has enough he can start selling them to other pool owner who are too lazy to care for their own pool. . . or who ever wants sea fluffies

Yeah that pool’s gonna become more red if they don’t get their population under control.