Should've seen that coming.. [Brighterdaze]

silly mini-comic i did on a break from writing! Predictable reaction, but hey, throwing fluffies is good stress relief.
canonicity to lillith’s timeline is dubious, but if it is canon, she’ll probably end up taking the two foals and selling them off. hey, don’t let the good colouration go to waste!


Well… he did technically fly, if he survives then he’ll have quite the tale.

Providing he doesn’t immediately break all of his legs and die in horrifying agony to shock, blood loss and/or starvation due to a crash landing.

Then again, Fluffies never did get the start of flying right, what chance had they on the ending?


“Falling with style.”


This is fantastic.


Nice art style. The cloven hooves look a little odd, but that is because I’m more used to seeing them with horse-like shapes.

Yeaah, im still trying to work out the specifics of my fluffy art style. i might end up dropping the cloven hooves entirely once i draw some more.

I think they look alright personally.
Lots of different hoof styles around here.


Smart enough to know his wings can’t carry him, but still dumb enough to do the usual “dis smawty wand” shtick. Interesting.


Smart move! That won’t only hurt in the fall, but also psychlogical and emotional damage knowing he’s a useless pegasus

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Ah always the idiot smarty, hope he lands “safely” on his test flight.

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Beautiful :sparkling_heart::wavy_dash::sparkling_heart:

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Hahahaha that will the shitrat learn.

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To find a work-around for the canon, just say it wasn’t specifically this fluffy, but she did once punt a smarty to make it fly and now “helps” pegasi fly

I think your word order’s a bit scrambled there.

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Yeah probably they didn’t learn.

These things will never learn. Might as well repeatedly throw them at walls.