Sibling Rivalry (by DA)

Hey fluffy fans! I’m still alive. Sorry it’s been a bit; life gets in the way of art sometimes.


Looks like the blue foal is already a lost cause, and the other foal doesn’t seem to care about getting called poopie or stoopie.


WaterMelon foal. :slight_smile:



Twist: Green Poopie Babbeh is actually a micro cannibal, and Blue Mummah thinks that Green Micro Cannibal is her oddah babbeh because he is foal-shaped and she cannot remember how many babbehs she has. Blue Mummah and Blue Smarty Babbeh are about to be Green Micro Cannibal’s nummies.

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It’s funny how the hive canon has completely biased me towards having certain views on fluffies. I hear the word smarty and immediately think “It said the word! Which means It’s a sociopathic, foal rapist. Kill it like the rest.”

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I think Smarty Fluffs exist upon a spectrum ranging from annoying arrogant dickheads to sociopathic murderous rapists with no care for anything other than themselves.

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I know, I’m kind of loving that design on him!

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Mine, thus far, are the dickhead variety :joy:

I will not say anything more then I pictured them with a shaved/potentially docked tail so it looks like a stem. ~chuckle~

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