Site News & Post-Migration Talk

Hey! Figured it’s time to take a quick moment and brief on the latest news on the site, as well as give everyone a proper chance to voice their thoughts on the new server, now that migration is finally (forever) behind us.

Sorting Update

Right! So, this was a big one. I finally figured out a way to configure all topics to be sorted by creation date. Some of you may have heard the news in chat, or found out by yourself, but indeed, this was probably by far the most requested feature in the history of the website. I know that people had been hounding @Virgil about it, which is how I even joined the team as a programmer to begin with, and after a long journey came to be admin, but it’s really good to say that this issue is now officially solved.

By the way, I have heard of a minority userbase that preferred the old system, and I understand the annoyance. I’m going to try and find a way to implement a way to sort by both methods easily, but please remember that if you don’t mind manual labor, you can return the old way of sorting by removing the ?order=created part of the url.

Now, this brings me to the next topic!

Gallery Update

About a year ago I sought out contact with the people who made our galleries plugin , and had almost given up hope that anyone would ever implement anything new on that. Just about 25 minutes ago however, they finally listened to my request and we now have creation date sorted galleries. To me, this is huge, I’m sure any person who’d been browsing people’s stuff noticed that, especially very active members have huge catalogues and it’s nigh impossible to find out how to browse it. No more! Now you can just scroll down until you find the part of the story and/or comic you left off at because the creator forgot to link to their next comic in their previous one. Seriously! Make it a bit easier for your readers! Sheesh!

Server Stuff

Right! From what I was able to tell, most of you were pretty dang content with the speed of the new machine. Response times are quick, loading feels smooth and nobody’s getting weirdly long loading screens when all they wanted to do was post a funny comment. This is all thanks to the new machine, which will hopefully be a permanent home. It’s a physical server unlike our last server, which was virtual, and because of that we have full reign of it, unlike before where our threads were limited which lead to the slowdowns. I’d like to take a minute to give a big shoutout to @evinyl, who lurks in the shadows (much how I used to) and is helping me with server-related issues. Hell, he might not even read this post, but I can assure you if it wasn’t for his dedicated efforts, this entire procedure would have taken at least twice or thrice as long.

Drama Stuff

A couple days ago a certain someone made a big post criticizing the state of the website, as well as of its moderation team. This happened while I was asleep and continued while I was migrating the website. While most of it was driven out of frustration and mostly unhelpful, the words that he wrote weren’t entirely untrue. Moderation on this site is very loose, and often very inconsistent. That’s because we’re literally just a couple of guys trying to keep things from falling apart. Everyone on the team is just volunteering because they want the site to be a better place. If you have thoughts and opinions, please contact me about them. Don’t do what this person did and make threads about it stirring people up. It legitimately causes more problems than it fixes and is genuinely just self-aggrandizing.

Posting constructive public criticism is always valid, or posting bugs etc., but please keep it civil. Being a dick diminishes your own point and makes it that much more unlikely anybody’s going to listen to you. We’ve had members in the past who were genuinely in the right, but they were such a huge asshole that at one point it just wasn’t worth the headache they caused. Be better.

Moderation Stuff

And since we’re on the topic of team members, I feel like this is something I need to talk about it. Most of you know this already, but @Karn isn’t a part of the team anymore by his own volition. He was unhappy with some of our choices, rightfully so, and we’d honestly all rather he came back, but moderating on this site is an often very thankless job, if you combine that with the frustrations that he suffered, I don’t hold it against him.

Additionally, I’ve decided to let @Oculusfluffy go as well. He’s got a lot of backstory with a lot of people, many of which constantly hound him for reasons that seem fairly sensible from an outsiders perspective. But the thing is that many of those claims seemed unfounded to me, I hadn’t been around when most of it happened, and albeit with a misstep or two, he’s been a good and devoted member of the team. That being said, with so much hatred levied against him, he agreed that it might be for the best if he left the team, because his presence created more drama than it solved.

I’ve reached out to some active members behind the scenes about whether or not they’d like to join our team, and while some have agreed to help (welcome @GreaverBlade and @BFM101), many rejected. I’ve also had a handful apply, and I encourage you that you do so again, even if you have in the past. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of things, but once things is still clear to me, we need more moderators. And not just people that want to be in control of things, I’d like people who are active and browse the website, that can step up and handle a situation if need be. Please reach out to me on the site or on Discord, wherever is fine.

Patreon Update / Donations

Wow, that was a lot of heavy subjects. I just want to finish up this post regarding our Patreon. I’d made a post about it a month or so ago, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s subscribed to it. As mentioned previously, it’s in no way mandatory or expected of anyone, and I will never put stuff behind a paywall because fuck that shit. But servers cost money, and as I’d been paying things myself for a year, it’s nice to finally know it’s not exclusively coming out of my own pocket anymore.

Regarding donations, there was a contingent of people that are unhappy with Patreon, because it’s a commitment they may be unable or unwilling to make, but still wanted to give to the site as thanks. With the migration and other stuff finally out of the way, I’ll try and find the time to implement some kind of donation link that people can use instead of Patreon. I’ll try to implement a button somewhere on the site (and I should probably do the same for Patreon), and will likely make another update when it’s ready.

Thanks for reading! Or not, if you didn’t.
tl;dr have a nice day


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