Siwwy wawa 1 || Vae (me)

Still dunno what posting style suits me more (pages or full comic in one post), but for now, have some more-than-year-old art. and more old art to come. maybe
I tried to finish it in the original style but the next page will be in my new one. which… only changed wings lmao. but it will be more polished with a less pixely look, yay!

I really need to change the style of drawing sudden movement, it looks really bad and is hard to do ^^"


Who cares if your style is inconsistent? Some artists dont have one. And that’s fine!



Wat do??? Fwuffy gon’ get CWUNK up in dis housie


Naturally, you better lick it off the floor before mother notices. :slight_smile:


NO! My fruit punch!

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I really like the panel of the fluffy looking side to side, I thought it worked well. And the fluffy style is cute–distinctive while still being recognizably fluffy.

I look forward to more!

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aaaa thank you! ;v;

babbeh curls into a ball, unaware of the human walking back in, seeing the fluff clunk her head, and is now scooping up the babbeh

Hey, you okay? You bonked your head on the table. Can you hear me?

Am nu im twubble?

For bonking a table? No. Common, let’s go eat.

Buh bad wawas on da fwooh…

I get a Roomba 2.5, it’s gunna clean up the mess.

Woobah too punt fife?

Yeah, it’s got a Fluffy cleaning upgrade. It sucks up dirt, spills, and fluffy fur and keeps the place clean.

Ooo, das nice!!

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this feels like a paid advertisement lmao

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And fluffy pony drowned lol

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