Sketches for project ( By: LostDauphin )

Finally, after a lot of writing, I have formed the body of my first “formal” comic with a theme for this community: Parakosme.

These are some sketches of the design of the main characters, focusing on Eve, the fluffy in question.

Some information for those interested:

  • Parakosme will have a brushstroke of each box, so, there will be hugbox, sadbox, abuse, horrorbox, everything when necessary, in a general sense, they can qualify it as a neutralbox.

  • The stories of three groups of characters will be addressed, some fluffys, other humans, all with a unique theme and with a different path to travel, some of them will have already appeared in one of my previous drawings, when that happens, I will specify which one. These characters may or may not interact with each other.

  • You will not find anything related to Anthro or Enfie-Babbeh, so, you can rest assured, if at any time the plot requires one of these two things, it will always be as a background and mentioned through implicit text, never explicit images, the same with any interaction of a sexual nature other than the simple reproductive instincts of fluffies.

  • There will be numerous references to various mangakas and their works, such as Hideshi Hino, Junji Ito, among others, have fun with that.

  • I will take many liberties within the canon of the universe that I have made for this comic, have fun and take it easy, although many things are fantasy or with touches of science fiction everything will have an explanation or at least a reason at the end.

That’s all for now, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask, I have received ideas from some users about this comic, they will be given their respective credits when these ideas come into operation.

Thanks for watching!


Panel #1 is very eye-catching.


that’s why it’s the first one


Looks great, can’t wait.


Very cool
I eagerly await it :heart:


Welp. I have no choice but to strap in.

But also very nice studies. Looking forward to seeing them more.


Waiting patiently :slightly_smiling_face:

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