Some Fluffy Biology (Libra)

 Fluffy DNA consists of 4 important components. Human DNA, Horse DNA, Some form of a specific animal DNA, and an unknown DNA source.

 A standard fluffy’s DNA consists of 20% to 29% of a specific animal DNA, 2% to 4% of human DNA, 39% to 33.5% horse DNA, and 39% to 33.5% unknown DNA.

 Fluffies are full at the age of 4 months and are ready to reproduce at the age of 3.5 months.

 Healthy fluffies only give birth to 2 to 4 babies per litter. An unhealthy or abnormal fluffy will birth anywhere from 6 to ten babies.

 Fluffies open their eyes at the age of 3 days.

 Fluffies starts speaking (and then never shut up) at the age of 6 days.

 Fluffies start walking at the age of 9 days of age.

 Fluffy pregnancies are 30 days long.

 Mares can become pregnant one hour after giving birth.

 It is their pregnancy and birth rate that has allowed fluffies to continue on in the world despite being unable to adapt to survive.

 Fluffies normally have a high, childlike voice and speech pattern. Most speak with a lisp that turn their R’s and W’s into L’s


Ooh nice headcanon! I like to think that unknown DNA source is rodent do to their high reproductive rate may I use some to fill the gaps of my headcanon? Thank you


Yeah, go ahead

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I personally like the idea that fluffy DNA is a hodgepodge of animal and plant DNA that doesn’t contain any equine DNA at all, and that they can’t legally prove they used human DNA sources. Hasbio scientists using gene editing to program unseen and proprietary DNA code.

This allows for the joke that fluffy ponies are fluffy but not legally ponies, and not even legally animals. (Getting around the animal cruelty statutes). This also is a fun way to explain the random fluffy variants like cotton fluffs, potato fluffies, fluffalo, etc.