Some World Building (by: Libra)

My Fluffy World:

•My Little Pony inspired.

•Hasbro created a special biogenetics laboratory specifically designed to experiment with creating a living toy based on the MLP show.

•The lab was called Hasbio.

•Hasbro opened Hasbio labs all over the world.

•Hasbio experimented with types of DNA and eventually was successful in creating small, hooved creatures.

•Hasbio determined that they could sell these bio-toys as pets, toys and companions to fans of MLP and those who loved horses but could not either afford a horse or lived in a place that did not allow for them to have a horse.

•Fluffies are not horses, or any other type of animal.

•While successful in creating the creatures, the creatures were heavily flawed and required more testing.

•There was however, a small portion of these creatures that contained less flaws than others. These particular creatures contained a specific DNA makeup of 90% of a specific animal, 6% of human, 2% horse, and 2% of unknown.

•Despite the overall success of these particular creatures; Hasbio and Hasbro felt that they would lose any and all rights to them due to the high animal DNA making them the actual creatures the DNA came from and giving them real animal status. As such, these particular creatures were set aside for the less ideal creatures.

•Not long into their development, PETA caught wind of their creation and hatched a plan to screw it up.

•Eventually the unfinished creatures and the more ideal creatures were released from all the Hasbio labs out into the wild.

•The release of the creatures caused major damage to the world’s ecosystems. Water sources were contaminated. Crops were eaten by the creatures, leading to mass famine. Animals of kinds were infected with new illnesses and diseases that were uncurable. What was meant to be a cute, cuddly, lovable toy; became a worldwide menace. The financial world collapsed, then the countries fell. People rioted in the streets. Governments lost control and soon the human populace had to find a new way to survive.

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