Song of witches and flowers [FluffyStalker]

song of charm

They were given power by the unknown, from a lost ritual that was incomplete and distorted for something’s purpose, the preformers tricked into commiting unforgivable sins by their selfishness only to fall victims and become living sacrifices.

Innocent and unborn, they were selected as a vessel but they were not aware, no one was, their first power was a song for the world, they were favored for it and prospered along their families unaware of everything, their offspring had the power running in their veins, their numbers increased and their groups became larger and more prosper.

The rejected by humanity, with no control over their fate had no option other than scape to the wild or perish to the humans that once loved them with all their heart, the life on the wild was hard and many of them died before settling and prospering slowly, with their prosperity more offspring survived and their groups started growing.

More numbers meant the need of order, the most experienced ones gathered to create a lead, but it wasn’t enough, they created fate within the wilderness, the first peony herd was created and with this a lead through fear of the all-powerful pink, becoming the only hope for those rejected and a tool to enforce.

One day they encountered each other, the peony herd and the nameless herds, they joined forces to prosper, but their leads maintained separate, everything was good for all of the groups, but that wasn’t for long, the favor of fate and destiny for the nameless herds was evident.

Envy started growing among the peony herd, at first it was only the stubborn and dumb, then the rest of them as the prosperity of the peony was lessening and the nameless were prospering even more, the envy was corruption even the leaders, the masses asking their goddess why has she abandoned them, others begging for her forgiveness.

The nameless danced and sang as every other night unaware of the envious and resentful eyes that observed them, each herd leader stepped ahead and made a circle, they danced along each other’s singing, their songs were different but it was as if they were made to be sang together, the observers couldn’t understand the language of their song but they couldn’t stop listening to it.

Everyone was unaware of the power and influences, but they were sure of something, if they couldn’t prosper then no other herd should, as charming as they were, the songs were the mark for the nameless favor, and so the hunt was ordered.

One uneventful night of joy and singing for the nameless herds was turned into a bloodbath, they weren’t ready for the betrayal, now the only thing under the moonlight was death unleashed by those consumed in envy.

Everything was hidden under lies, claiming that the singers brought nothing but misfortune and death where they went, segregated and hunted they hide and sing for the cities and long dead trees they live in, with only the whisper that never abandoned them.