Squeakyfriend’s Dr. Crazystein Tribute (KerosineCannibal)


:adhesive_bandage: :wave:


btw why is his right eye purple?

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If a band-aid doesn’t help, use more band-aids


I don’t wanna be there when they take all them bandages off. Oof.



Yeah! It’s like duct tape… If it ain’t fixin’ it… You ain’t using enough…


I think he tried to give himself night vision or something, causing his eye to be like that. It was the last time he experimented on himself, though.

So relatable

I don’t know what you mean, going to the pool always fixed it for me…

We are talking fur covered fluffies here. At the very least a good portion of fur is getting plucked off

Aww! What a cute surprise that it actually worked! :smile:

I actually love this so much. Between the beautiful art style and the cuteness it makes me so happy.


Squeakyfriend’s Doctor Crazystein is, to put it simply, a mad scientist fluffy. He has had many weird adventures, but he also means well. And he’s a real doctor!

Squeayfriend had many unique ideas and contributions to the fluffy fandom. Even though he is no longer around, he is an artist I wish I had gotten to meet. He definitely is an inspiration.

@Mr_Owl According to Squeakyfriend it was a small accident with his chemistry set. He’s had the purple eye ever since.


Awww. Too adorable. Fluffies being bros to one another is the sweeting thing ever! :revolving_hearts:

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Those bandages are gonna suck when the needto come off.

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Cute overload!

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Funny to think its been almost a year since this was comm’ed. Bumping to mark @SqueakyFriend 's return

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That is one thick bandage in the first panel.

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Awww, so adorable! I was surprised and flattered to find that there’s fan content of my little doctor, haha. (So many band-aids… That’s gotta make up for the lack of huggies, at least!)

(As for why his eye’s purple - it was indeed a failed attempt to give himself night vision! His owner forbade him from ever doing science on himself again afterward, though.)