Stare... (by O.B)

4 hours class and still gonna continue…
Tired and then i doodling this…
Idk if this looks like a cow-fluffy or just fluffy lol


You go into the Fluff Mart.

The big brown baby in the dicount bin stares at you like this the whole time.

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That’s a cute little bugger. :smiley:


With 2 days till kill and counting.

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no dates!

it hates dates

“welp that one is creepy…”,you said.
“oh dont worry…” said the nice fluffmart staff
“it thinks that if she using “cute” stare instead of talk…some people will become her nyu mummah or daddeh…”
“well it seems doesnt work…”
“well if it works…it wont be on discount bin for a long time…”,said the staff heavily sighed.

(sorry you sparks my idea lol)

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