Stroke of Strange Luck Pt. 3 (BullFork)

The knife fell down with a thunk, missing Clover’s hindquarters by a hair, sticking out of the kitchen mat. Clover jumped and looked back at the knife, waddling back to Roger in shock.

“Daddeh! Daddeh!!”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

“Shawp metaw munshtah twy an’ huwt fwuffy! Huu huuu…”

“Aw, hey, it’s okay… where were you when this sharp metal monster tried to get you?”

“In nummiesh-makin’ pwache, Cwovew wookin’ fow fawwen nummiesh…”

“Ah, I probably left a knife on the counter, my bad. How about I make it up to you with some playtime? I’m almost done cleaning up half of the room. How’s that sound?“

Roger picked up Gnocchi and Clover, the fluffy nodding excitedly as they went back over to the living room, putting them down in the middle of the living room. Roger went to the kitchen, picking the knife up and putting it in the kitchen cabinet, going back to the two once he finished with the kitchen.

Gnocchi crawled towards Clover and grabbed onto his fur, tugging it lightly as he stood up slowly. He cooed as he watched his father come back, picking up the bag full of fluffy toys on the way there, and sit down with them. Clover looked at the bag curiously, wagging his tail as Roger pulled out a bright red ball to kick around, waddling over to the ball the moment it was put down on the floor.

“Baw! Cwovew wuv baw!”

Clover pushed the ball around, chasing it around as Roger kept a close eye on him. He looked over to Gnocchi, noticing his lack of energy.

“Hm? Gnocchi?”

Roger gently picked Gnocchi up, who yawned tiredly and suckled on his finger. Gnocchi had grown tired rather quickly, Roger now cradling him and readying him for bedtime.

“Oh, look at you… already tuckered out. Don’t you worry, I’ll take good care of Clover.”

Roger took Gnocchi to his room, laying him down carefully in his crib. Gnocchi stretched in his sleep, laying on his back as Roger left. Roger looked for Clover, seeing him still playing with the ball. He chuckled and sat back down, eventually getting tired himself.

“Hey… Clover, I’m gonna go sleep, okay? I’ll make your bed before I do so you can sleep too…”

Roger found it hard to stay awake, Clover stopped playing with his toys and waddled up to him. Roger then stood up, picking Clover up and taking him to his saferoom, where he made Clover’s bed before he left.

“You have a good nap, okay?”

“Otay, daddeh! Cwovew hab gud sweepies…”

“Alright, see you in a bit… yawn… Sheesh, am I sleepy or what…?“

And with that, Roger went to sleep in his room, falling asleep the instant he laid in bed, snoring the day away…

Clover laid on his bed, looking on at the mess Roger had yet to clean up, the saferoom wasn’t so good, but his daddeh promised to finish cleaning it up, so he was relatively happy. He yawned and rested his head on the floor, slowly drifting away to dreamland.