Subspecies Fwends (by Booperino)

Based on

Considering both Boopco Munchkin and Hardyfluffs were both designed to be theoretically unabusable (cept one for weirdbox and one for hugbox) i imagine both subspecies would get along quite nicelly ^^


That or bringing two into close proximity causes a vibration that rips a tear into the fabric of space and time…


total flufftonic reversal
Try to imagine all life as you know it fluffying instantaneously and every molecule in your body asking for sketties


Ha Ha! I saw the thumbnail and thought, I’m the only one who draws fluffies with those idiotically large eyes! I do imagine that both breeds would warm up to each other very quickly. Always appreciate it lmao

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Also, what app or program do you use to doodle. I use MS paint, makes mine come out all pixelated and thick. Figured my fluffies could end up looking a bit better if I could add more details.

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i draw on clip studio paint, best drawing program i ever used :slight_smile:

lol glad you like it!

Alright I’ll have to download that. The main issue I ran into was drawing was I use an extremely low sensitivity on my mouse to be more accurate, but mr. Microsoft paint kinda starts tweaking when I do so. Makes fine lines extremely odd, i suppose that’s why everything I create looks like a Potato with googley eyes

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Is there anything these guys wouldn’t get along with? You kinda need a brain to get annoyed.

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“Hooray! Land mine Friend!”

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hm mine-turtle + boopco munchkin… gotta write this down