Tarot of Fluffy (6, 7,8,13) - Vanner

More Tarot Major Arcana coming at you.

This one was difficult because there’s just SO much death in fluffies. Do I go with Mercury, the OG fluffy psyhcopomp? A representation of death surrounded by an endless pile of fluffies? I’m sure others could do much better.

Tarot of Fluffy (0, 1, 2, 12)
Tarot of Fluffy (3, 4, 5, 9)


Totally unrealistic. There is no justice for fluffies. /s


I have a Death of Fluffies, you could have used him, all you had to do is say the word.

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I have a fluffy psychopomp, I just chose not to draw him because he doesn’t match the style of the deck. Feel free to draw your own Tarot. It’d be awesome if you did.


They often use a more traditional Grim Reaper for Tarot Death cards, which is why I offered to let you use Death of Fluffies. He looks basically like the classic Grim Reaper, but as a fluffy. You can see him in my avatar. I ain’t gonna make you use him if you don’t want to, dude.

And I am unfortunately a terrible artist. You’re much better at it than me. Haven’t you noticed that I only upload stories? Didn’t you think there was a reason for that?