Testing the waters, how do i properly upload? Would like help, K thanks By TarkOfTheWild

A simple mspaint doodle with mouse, I didn’t wanna drag out my tablet.

Hi i will delete this if none of this fits anything, new to this kind of uploading.

Im heavily dyslexic and reading fluffy speech is torturous sometimes. Anyways, I wanna be involved in this community, i’ve been stalking it for some time and most of you guys are nice.


Well for starters the drawing is nice good job second always put your name in the title I.e “Fluffy Story by (your name here)” other than that do what ever the hell you want if Fluffy speak is too difficult or annoying I get that especially if you have to write so don’t even worry about it too much!


Ah ok thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

I probably have to increase the text size next.