THE AbuseBox!! by ShititsMe

Ahhhhh!!! another shit-scheme, now with THE abuseBOX!!!

This box is designed to be one of a torture box and an exemplary punishment for another fluffies, the ultimate goal of this tool its keep alive the fluffy until the punishment its done or dies coz of the fatigue.

1 - The box its made out of metal to be cold in winter and hot in summer and of course its more durable. Now some of the internals are listed next.
2 - These special made sharp cushioning its made to poke into the stumps enough to bother the fluffy with the pain but not to deep in prevention of severe infection.
3 - Anal catheter, conveniently shaped for an easy insertion and an unpleasant to keep inside.
4 - Uretra catheter, this make the interior of the box humid and smelly to the fluffy by moving the urine to the part 5.
5 - This mat its specially made to be an itching device that makes the entire staying of the fluffy inside the whole torture by giving them a non end itch at the same time it keeps the urine inside to morally degrade the fluffy.

I hope you like this literally abuse box!! :3


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Thanks!! long time i uploaded something

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Now that is a sorry box.
With some modification it could be used as a punishment instead of torture.