The Abuser Cabal

Seen complaints about neutered fluffy content floating around. Edit: Pardon the choice of words lmfao. Neutered in the sense of an overabundance of tame content, with the occasional fluffy smut thrown into the mix.

Seen a renewed push for community collaboration.

Why not make the dreaded league of abusers a reality, if for nothing else but to make someone in his late 30s cry and stay up at night combing through people’s PMs without Ryou’s permission.

Could be fun.


Pretty sure there are rules here on the site that would make specifically targeting a person for harassment punishable? At least it should.

Pretty sure you misunderstood the intent here.

The goal is for abusers to team up and make new and profound abuse content.


Well you said if nothing else but to cause distress to a certain person. I don’t really care if you and a group of others want to do abuse stuff, but doing it to cause distress and basically harass someone should be against the rules

The person in question will cry about abusers having their fun regardless.

Everything beyond that is a reference to something that actually happened for the purpose of comedic effect.

Hopefully I have answered your inquiry sufficiently so I can field responses from those interested in this endeavor.


Yea, that’s good enough, have fun and good luck

I mean…

I was one of those involved so…


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You know, I would actually be curious to see what “profound” abuse peeps could come up with.

I would hope for truly awful shit like from the before times lmao.

Or something disturbingly relatable.

Had birds shit all over my car last night and I had to take it in for a wash. But what if instead of birds, it was fluffies, and you could kick their asses for it?


I would be very impressed if fluffies found a way to shit on top of a car


A fair and reasonable response.

Also fair observation

Smawty do wha smawty wan’


“Wow that’s some reach you got there” proceeds to punt the smarty across three front yards

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Of course not.

The obligatory basement torture chamber.

Got to keep the traditions alive.


"Smawty fink munstah hooman am weawwy weh-peh-tee-teeb an’ hab nu eema-gee-na-tion.


I may write this story about the poor disturbed ne’er do well with an unhealthy vanity about their automobile.


How dare a filthy fluffy even think about besmirching his immaculate prized possession

It was the lasting memory of his [shuffles deck] car enthusiast grandfather.

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Lol I’m sorry but all I can imagine is all the abusers meeting up after school like it’s anime club but they call themselves a league. Considering y’all already got a whole box, more than one category even. Do you really need like a league…?


Bro abuser anime club sounds like the shit.