The Cleveland Tribune Ads Section

Jack’s pillowing service. Will pillow
your fluffy for free if allowed to livestream event.
Call 216 xxxx 4548

Bronyslav Studios
Wanted loud abnoxious mare, must be spoiled
and/or with smarty tendencies to star in
explicit movie.
Contact tel:281 xxxx 4260 Boris Bronyslav

Inteligent well educated
accomplished professional
seeks attractive female
for BDSM and severe fluffy
abuse session.

Professional fluffy training, using unique
and revolutional training methods.
Will brake your smarty into submission
or triple your money back.


Wanted cheap Smarty for DIY
litter pal conversion project.

For sale used automatic
dewegging+dewumping two in
one machine. $500 negotiable.
Call 216 xxxx 3544 Mr. H. King

To the idiot hugbox faggot with the
blue unicorn. If I see your shit
rat in my yard ever again I will
pillow you both.

Enfy’s Fluffy salon.
We will customize your fluffy according
to YOUR needs and YOUR wants no matter how
loud it screams.
Bring in your fluffy in now, for a free
Detongueing service now 50% off.
Tel: 216 xxxx 5622 Mrs R. Queen
45 St. James Street Clv OH.

Happy Kibble factory
we buy your old or unwanted fluffies
by the pound. Total discretion
and confidentiality guarranteed.
tel: +800 xxxx 5542 Mr. C. Duck
fax: 216 xxxx 5551

Order now for the most extreme
amazing bruttal and perverted fluff
content ever. Real never before seen footage
from fluffy mills, milkbag plants,
and enfie babbeh encounters.
Order now and get “Bronyslav Studios BTS” DVD
for free.
tel: 480 xxxx 8788

Soon muhmma needed
for peanut throwing
contest. Don’t care
about color.
Bulk offers welcome.

Part of the ads section of the Cleveland Tribune five years after the fall.
A small glimpse of the minor details of every day life in the fluffy universe.


This one of my two old posts from the booru before it went down. I will try to find and upload the other one too.

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I love the AvE reference.


Same, @Turboencabulator. I laughed.
And now I really want to hear AvE narrating such a project with the doodlidoos in a vu-JAY-oh.

I can already imagine the spectrum of fluffy perspectives in the engineering youtubers. AvE would be right in the middle, This Old Tony would lean hugbox, Electroboom would be testing high voltage on fluffies, etc, etc.

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I’m starting to think this needs to be a themed event
I wasn’t around Fluffybooru in the old days when they had theme weeks, but they definitely looked fun

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