The Daily FluffNews 2 (12th Feb 2023) by wasp

Hello and hewwo to all you beautiful human viewers and fluffy viewers out there! I’m your host Richard Dickson and welcome back to another episode of FluffNews, the fluffiest news out there! I’ll stop with the terrible jokes and get onto todays stories now, and we begin with good news!

Neon, the rare rainbow maned pillowfluff who was stolen after a break-in at a designer fluffy collectors home has been found safe! She was found abandoned in an alleyway a few blocks from where she was stolen. She is reportedly okay but a bit shaken up, and she ate three bowls of “sketties” after arriving home. Many designer or rare fluffies are stolen and resold on the black market or made to have litter after litter of foals to be sold at high prices to wealthy fluffy enthusiasts. A jogger apparently heard her cries coming from a duct-taped cardboard box so he went to investigate and found her inside. Anyone who has any information about the person(s) who took Neon should report it to the authorities.

A fluffy foal born without any front legs has been surviving just like any other for 1 week now! The little grey colored, white maned unicorn filly whos name is Pebble was born in a litter of 5 at a Fluffies Eleven store on Oldpark Street. Pebble was not expected to live for more than a day and has defied those odds and been just as active and developed the same as all the others and can make talkies and crawl around, albeit slowly. Pebble was at first going to be euthanized as it was thought she would be in pain but her mother, known as Mare 31, was highly against the idea and certainly made it known so the stores staff decided to let Pebble live and die naturally but were shocked as to just how much progress she’s made! She has already been ordered by a fluffy care specialist and will be going to her new home tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, we need to move on to a bad story which mentions very bad boo-boos, so younger fluffies and foals should probably turn the channel to something nicer.

A video circulating on social media depicting a group of teenagers lighting 4 pillowfluffs on fire with a blowtorch has caused outrage and a campaign to find out their identities. The video was uploaded to various social media sites on February 9th and was also sent to discord servers and groupchats for fluffy owners. The grim clip shows the pillowfluffs lined up side by side until two masked individuals can be seen using blowtorches to set their tails alight whilst many other people both male and female laugh. The fire quickly spreads up their delicate fur and the poor defenseless pillowfluffs roll around on the concrete in an attempt to put the flames out whilst screaming for their mummahs and daddehs. It is unknown where the pillowfluffs came from, if they were purchased or stolen or found abandoned. One of the pillowfluffs, a yellow unicorn stallion with a purple mane, looks considerably more bruised than the others and appears to have a black eye. Anyone with information about the clip is urged to report it to the authorities so the teens can be charged.

That is the daily FluffNews for 12th February 2023. Once again I’m your host Richard Dickson and as always, stay fluffy!