The Desecration of a God's Dwelling (by Mikahorsie)

Tradition, Duty, Honor.

Those are the three words that centered around the core of the Fuuin family for centuries. Amane thought as she along with her twin Asane trekked the long forgotten path that entwined the steep elevation of Mount Sentsu. Hiking up her backpack full of cleaning supplies, Amane frowned as she trudged past the rows of broken Jizo statues that is the halfway marker towards their destination. Overgrown by the vegetation and slowly eroding due to the harsh conditions and time.

Amane paused as she spotted some odd movement from the bushes near the statues, she woud have moved cautiously towards the rustling leaves when she heard the annoying whining of that Thing.

" Mummah, Yui am suuu tiwed! Pwease gib Yui nummies and toysies! "

Amane looked back at her sister, angrily glaring at the spoiled little gaijin toy she had brought in their trip. Asane knew that it would be a pain to that thing with them to their pilgrimage yet she was stuborn and decided to sneak it in her satchel anyways.

" Please be patient Yui-chan." your sister chastined as she flicked her finger softly at the snout of the Fluffy pony, eliciting an exaggerated wail of pain from that shitrat.

“Asane! Control your toy! we still have a long way to go!” Amane shouted at her lagging twin as she waited for Asane, annoyed at her naive win as the other was tending over the crying mare - feeding it trailmix from her pockets. " Hurry up and stop fussing over that Toy!" Amane lectured her as she turned towards her right and began to walk towards the old forest that was at the end of the path.

" H-hai! Amane-oneesan!" Your twin stuttered as she put back her fluf pony back into her satchel and followed.

" Sorry, Yui but you can eat the rest of your meal later" she explained at the sulking mare.

" Nuu faiw! why Mummah Asane fowwow Meanie Mummah! Yui wan nummies nao!!"

Amane ignored the rest of the shrill whining of your Twin’s Toy as you continue on to venture in the darkened forest, looking at the worn signs and wards that marked where they are supposed to go.

Her Family’s Duty always comes first.

Deep within the forest, a group of eyes followed the two, their sense trained as they slowly move under the cover of the darkness that was their land. one of the observers broke away from its hiding place the patch of sunlight illuminated the creature.

It was a Fluffy, a large Earthie pony with a dirty green fluffy and a dark blue frazzled mane.It’s dark blue mane moves as it trots slowly to try to see the two hoomins and the pwetty mawe that entered their land.

The Fluffy turned around the others, four other earthie fluffies of different colors. He looked at the Puke green colored young stallion and pointed.

“Mido! Teww Smawty dat munstahs are comin tu herd wand!” The large Earthie shouted as he turned towards the rest of the fluffly and gave orders

‘Fowwow the Hoomin Munstah den tell Hashi wat hoomin doin!’

“Otay Hashi!” the dead leaves scattered and the forest floor rustled as the four fluffies run, each going towards different directions with their own orders.

It was 4:00 in the afternoon when the twins arrived towards their destination. Amane was the first the ascend towards the last hill when the rancid smell of flith and decay hit her nose. retching at the foul stench, she ran towards the source and paled.

The family shrine - once a worn but pristine small temple that was dedicated towards their family patron god. its dark tori gate that shows a small, bronze colored Chinjusha that is situated infront the mouth iof a dark cave, is in ruins.

The base of the well worn Torii gate is riddled with fluffy refuse, corpses of brown colored Fluffies littered the cesspool. The statues that depicts the guardians of the temple are similary defiled. The Chinjusha is destroyed, several Pregnant fluffies lie on the shrine’s filth ridden tatami mat as several foals stumble about and kicking the offering bow while a fat red fluff, blue maned Unicorn sits comfortably at the overturned incense burner,chewing at the broken ropes that surround the small shrine.

" Gu away stoopie Munstah! Dis is Smawty Wand Nao!!!"

“yus! guu away Munstah! ow Hewd Gib yu wows test hewties an sowwy poopies!”

“Mummah!Mummah! wat dat?”

" Huu huu huu! Poopie nu wan tu num poopies nu mowe!"

Amane looked devastated as she dropped to her knees squishing the crying brown colored alicorn that was crawling towards her. her mind blank as she stared at the devastation.Ignoring the gasp of her twin Asane, ignoring the approaching group of fluffies that comprised of several toughies and the smarty.
Amane felt tim stopped as she felt the spurt of rancid fluffy shit asthe Smarty arrogatly shat on her outfit.


Amane cracked and began to scream.


“NUUUU! grk







Blood guts and visera continued to drench the soiled temple grounds as Amane continued to mindlessly kill the little shits that destroyed their family’s land. she quickly grabbed one of the struggling mares as she stomped on a pink colored foal, her hands puling on the fluffy dam’s fluff as it cries and shits its way out of her grip in vain.

Ignoring the slumped figure that is her catatonic twin sister, Amane looked at the old dead cherry blossom tree that is beside the cave mouth, admiring at the sight of her work with crazed eyes as 20 Fluffy ponies cried and squirm as they bled out from being impaled at the branches of the tree, their cries being muffled by the branches that pierced them from their filth covered asses to their loud, disgusting mouths.

“Hu huhu pwease Munstah! Nu gib Hewties to Soon Mummah! Bad upsies gib tummeh Babbehs hewties” the Shitrat in her hands tied to plead at her, its eyes puffed from crying as Amane climbed the old tree.

" Fwuffy jus wan housie and babbehs! Fwuffy sowee~" it said as it tried to squirm away from Amane, your fingers digging on its rotund body cutting the flesh with your nails.


The massacre continued as the shrine slowly become silent and the mad giggle from Amane continued.

Her family Tradition was ruined
Her family Duty is unfilled
Her Family Honor was in tatters.
All because of some Filthy Gaijin Toy.

Inside the cave, a sleeping entity that was sealed for centuries awakens. It looked at the whole thing…

and gave a Toothy Grin.


You might want to keep referring to the main character with more consistency. It shifts from “Your hands” to “Amane did X” in the same sentence.

Beyond that, get Amane some tea lol.


~ancient entity looks outside~

“Heh, ok that’s funny but it’s pretty shitty outside.”

~Goes back to sleep hoping things will be cleaner next time~


Yeaaahhh I kinda just winging the whole thing. I may need to proofread it instead of auto submitting it.

Thanks for the Input.

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That’s not how we do things here :wink:

Interesting read. If you ever commissioned art for it I feel like @LostDauphin would bea good match.

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