the fate of these "babbehs" (by random_viewer_of_fluffies)

you left the store and was walking down the street, when you heard nearby, “dummeh hooman gib bestes’ babbeh miwkies an’ toyies” when you look over, you saw a red and orange baby follow by a blue and purple pegasus. there two earthies, one was red and brown while the other was light brown and normal brown. the two none poopies were larger so their mom favortie while the othere were the favorite ones

who shale be picked next, i’m thinking two out of the four so

brown and light brown
red and brown
red and orange
blue and purple


Ignore the two brats and ask the brown ones if they’d like a home. The two-tone brown one looks especially nice to me.

If the two brats are rude again or act aggressive, broken necks and a discarding toss on a trash pile is their fate.


both poopie babbehs were stun before they could respond, the brat one demand, “poopies babbeh nu get housie, onwy bestes’ babbeh housie!” the purple one remand mostly silent but he did stop pouted like “bestes’ babbeh”

Okay! Writey exercise while I’m working on my next story chapter.

Caneighdian stopped in his tracks and glanced down the moment he heard the demand. Oh great, he thought to himself. He hated going to Home Depot. If there weren’t completely unhelpful orange apron clad drones bumbling their way through their own stock, there were self-checkout cameras trying to steal his identity or, worse yet, there were fluffies lingering outside that no one ever bother to clear out with a pressure washer or some other useful tool. The perennial shut-in couldn’t help but notice the largest of the two smarty-looking punks glaring daggers at him had similar colours to that of his least favourite home renovation outlet’s logo. “Figures,” he thought. “Bet the drones feed it like it’s some kind of mascot.” His grip tightened around the roll of landscaping fabric he’d come to purchase.

“Give bestest baby milkies and toysies?” He asked, scanning the row of fluffies. “Yeah. Sure. Why not. I’ve got the space.”

He leaned down and picked up the smallest of the quartet. The sad looking fluffy with the light and dark brown coat made him look a little like a cow, which was pretty rad as far as Caneighdian was concerned. He was a fan of earthtones. Screw that dayglow noise. He preferred a fluffy who was easy on the eyes and less like a four-legged lava lamp with a 'tude.

“Hey, buddy. You’re obviously the bestest. Milkies and toysies for you. Let’s bounce. The sooner we get out of here, the better.”

He slid the foal into the breast pocket of his shirt, gave the other three fluffies the finger, and walked to his car.

Bestest. Worstest. It was all subjective.

the bestes’ baby screech on how can a poopie baby get housie, he tried to follow for a bit as the other followed but couldn’t keep up and soon lost site of you.

the baby was worry but then happy to be getting their own housie

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What may have once been a poopie babbeh to the rest of his family would go on to live a pretty decent life for a fluffy. He would, indeed, have a house, and toys, and the bestest milkies until he was old enough for solid food. After that, his nummies would be a mix of kibble with grass and various garden veggies for enrichment when he behaved himself.

Caneighdian decided to name the little dork Beef. Mostly for his bovine patterning and also to have a witty answer and a back up photo when asked if he had beef with the occasional pumpkin head he got into it with.

Good times!


How cute these puppies are.
First of all, a bath with a lt of foam. Wash well and thoroughly.
Next a plate of “Tortiglioni with peas and carrot cream” and Buon Appetito.
I give the little ones some gammes and coloring books. The olders ones can help me with the housework.

they all do well, the purple and blue one slowly acted like demanding, while the bestes’ went full smarty. the two poopie one were calm and happy fluffies avoiding their smarty of a brother the best they could

Well if i took them in i would start and ask who is the bestes’

Kill them all.

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the blue and purple one stood tall as the other point to him, “am bestes’ babbeh”


I tell them to ‘Fuck off’ and walk away


I am a breeder spezialize in natural color fluffies, and sale “normal” foals on holesale/mass.
So the brown on brown one become a stut or breeder for more natural looking fluffies with the name “Mookuh”.
The red and brown one becomes a sterile pet, if male, or a nurse mare if female.
The blue becomes a breeder if female for mass sale foals of “good color” or a effy-toy of my stuts if male.
The orange and red get pillowed and litterpal training.

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I will definitely adopt this bunch. After two weeks of quarantine I’ll evaluate their personalities. The smaller, sadder ones will probably go straight to the herd where they will have friends and good nummies and clean wawas and a little bit of special huggies. The two toughies are going to have a harder time and if they exhibit smarty syndrome they’ll probably be harvested for their pelts and for summertime fluffburgers.

Ask where their parents are at, so i could give them all a nice home.

As you turn you think the voice came from either the pegasus or the unicorn and make an assumption it is the bigger one that said it. “Very well.”

You say smiling as you pick up the red and orange splotched one you assume is the bestest and signal for the blue one to follow. You carry red to a bio bin where you had recently deposited the remains of a dead mother fluffy. The milk would be bad in an hour if not sooner.

You open the lid. “There you are,” You add dropping them. “Milk, and a toy~” You add digging into your vest pocket and pulling out a small disposable ball that you keep to play with potential fluffies you meet as it drops unceremoniously and clonks onto their head “Your wish has been granted.” before you close the lid.

“Now then, I suppose that makes you the new bestest… What is your wish my precious pegasus?”

the blue baby was scared unsure of what to do or say for a moment, “b-babbeh nu wan’ to go in to bad bin” the two shit color made their way over with a worry look.
the bestes’ was screeching in inside about their mom

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the bestes’ stomp a bit, “dumbie mummah nu gib huggies ow miwkies to bestest nu mowe” the blue one cheeks deflate as the other three looked down, the blue one spoke why the bestes’ made demands, “mummah nu wakies fo’ babbeh nu mowe”

You smile and take a knee. “Just remember my precious pegasus. Humans do not like bestest babies and those that do, are probably going to do mean things to them.” You add slowly bringing your hand behind their head until you stroke their neck gently.

“Remember this moment before you demand anything that might draw the attention of a monster pretending to be a man.” You add with a smile.

“Now, is there anything you would ask before I leave?” You add sensing that the foals had probably been recently orphaned if the reds ranting was to be believed and it was their mothers body in the bin.

If they were too frightened of you to ask anything you would simply report their location to fluffy control and wait nearby until they arrived to ensure they weren’t harmed until pickup occurred. Maybe even point out a potential smarty someone put in the bin if you were feeling generous.

the brown one spoke up first, “c-can babbehs hab miwkies hab tummy owwies” the other two nodded as well

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