the fate of this baby (random_viewer_of_fluffies)

you were walking down the street when you noted a pile of shit on the floor, from some fluffy. you were annoyed til you notice it was moving, taking a closer look, you notice a blue unicorn? cover in the poop. it took you a move to find at it was in fact an alicorn most likely. abandon by it’s feral mother rather then killed by her.


I look around to make sure that there are no other Fluffies about and I pick the Alicorn out of the poop.

As I’m wiping it clean, I quickly check its gender


Death by well intentioned, but unwise, power washing.


it’s a small blue female. peeping, holding on you finger lightly


I pick up some supplies and take her home to clean properly, feed and adopt.

My plan is to raise her to be a small breeder. I’ll spend her formative years telling her that her mother gave her to me knowing that a human is the best thing for a babbeh to have.

Once she’s old enough to have foals of her own, I’ll hire studs, let her comfortably give birth but always remind her that she cannot keep any because that wouldn’t be fair to the other babbehs who had to leave.


she grew up well, she poured a bit each time the babbehs had to leave but she always wish them a goodbye with an kind smile. once they were all gone she would ask “when can fwuffie be mummah again?”


I give her a few days after the last of each litter is gone, just quality time and pampering to remind her how good I am to her.

Then I call the next stud.


she accept the new stallion and had more babies which she happily love and teach to make good poopies


I repeat this a number of times. After a few years I hire the best, most expensive stud available, I tell her that this will be her last litter and as such she can keep one foal for company, but I will choose which one.

I choose a filly, starting the process over again with the Alicorn mother teaching her daughter everything I taught her.


I take the little girl and giver her a quick clean.
I take her home and giver her a shower complete with balsam and buble bath.
Then I warm up some “Risotto alla pescatora” that I have lef over from the day before.

“I teach her to collect and group the coins that
i leave around the house”
I think.

I am very distracted and messy.


she soon begin hording any coins in piles, showing them off once their a big as her head with a brought smile. most she gotten was 15 dollars from all the coins


Why is it a problem other fluffies around?

If her mother is around, I need to make sure no other Fluffies run out to ask “Wai sabe Munstah?” Or “Gib nyu homesie tu mummah an Bestesh babbehs”

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I’d just lie to them I am munsta that about to eat the munsta babbeh, so they should not get jealous, heck they might be happy about it.

If the mare or fluffies part of a bigger fluffy herd, I can told them anytime they have a munsta babbeh give them to me, instead of killing it immediately, giving them cheap tin sketty each. If they are smart enought to understand the deal. Aliconrs are valuable, so for me it would be good opportunity.
See, BFM, you always have to be open the opportunities.

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wipes off the poo with the pocket baby wipes, then take a spare bit of shop towel to dry off the Fluffy. With the gentlest of movement, I place the Fluffy in my shirt pocket while I wrapped it up in a cotton handkerchief

Mine now, yoink.

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True, but the hassle of dealing with an Alicorn hating Fluffy isn’t worth the potential Alicorn.

Sure she abandoned this one in shit, who’s to say she won’t kill the next one and still demand sketti

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Yes, you are right.
I guess, it will cause me bigger headache if they try to tie me to my words.

I am naive to think the fluffy will not find me and start deamning sketti. That would be kinda cringe, even if I could easily kick it up, especially if it would be as cheeky as to try to give me a dead one. … you’re right I could have been more specific, I don’t pay for dead ones. … Somehow you managed to plant the idea in my head… I am sure even if babbeh were alive she brought it to me half dead, with bit off legs.

You are right, it is no good making deals with fluffies.

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or better, yet since she has birth an alicorn some where in her genes is alicorn mix. so pillow her, and begin breeding her off for more.

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True, and you could have the original Alicorn mare raise them as her adopted children, depending on headcanon their scents might be similar due to being half-siblings which would make it easier for them to accept her as their ‘mother’.

Alicorn friendly foals might be sold for almost as much as regular Alicorns, depending on colours.

The only downside is the potential for diminishing returns, is this original Alicorn filly part of a litter of five, or eight, or two? If the mare isn’t popping out enough foals or enough Alicorns to justify her costs, then there’s no point keeping her around.

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mmh perhaps your right. i like to thing that the alicorn gene is an recessive gene so if you have one that birth an alicorn, then her and the stallion have that gene.

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