The FluffCorp ShockChip™ (by: Ryou)

Having trouble getting your fluffy to behave? Ordinary sorry sticks and sorry boxes stopped having an effect long ago?

Introducing the latest and greatest invention yet, the FluffCorp Shockolate Chip™, or ShockChip™ for short.

Ordinary shock collars might seem effective at first, but especially with more intelligent fluffies, the collars quickly lose their potency once the fluffy realizes that the pain originates from the collar.
Because of this, the fluffy no longer sees itself as the cause of the pain, thus rendering the shocks useless for training purposes.

The ShockChip™ fixes this issue entirely! The chip is placed under the skin, covered by the existing fur, leaving the fluffy entirely unaware of its existence.

We’re happy you asked! Studies show that shock therapy is up to 60% more effective when training fluffies compared to more commonly used punishments.
Sorry sticks and boxes cause resentment toward the owner, oftentimes yielding mixed results. Fluffies may stop their bad behavior, but start referring to their owner as “monster”.

Nobody likes being called “monster”!
The ShockChip™ makes the fluffy think that the discomfort caused from bad behavior is instinctual. Fluffies will naturally stop their disruptive behavior without any involvement necessary!

That’s why we offer the ShockChip Light™!
The ShockChip Light™ itself is contained in a thumbtack-looking plating which comes in a variety of colors, ensuring that even though the fluffy may feel some pain, they won’t be able to tell that the chip has been attached. The needle part of the chip extends barbs inside on initial activation, ensuring that it won’t just slip out again.

While we at FluffCorp strongly suggest the usage of the under-the-skin variant, we realize that especially for clients that lack the financial means or have to deal with a large amount of fluffies, surgically inserting chips into all of them is simply not feasible.

Why, that’s easy to answer!
Our best fluffy experts have been tirelessly studying the intricacies of fluffy behavior and have isolated key phrases or brain waves associated with specific actions.Popular key words are “sorry poopies”, “sketti”, “smarty” or “bestest”.

But don’t just take our word for it! The ShockChip™ includes a built-in dictionary you can fill with your own phrases.

Not to worry, we got you covered.
As an additional accessory, we’re selling the ShockChip™ Remote!
With the ShockChip™ Remote, you can shock your fluffy whenever you feel like! Naturally, we don’t encourage abuse, but if you feel like your fluffy is out of line, give it a few zaps!

Visit our website to order your brand new ShockChip™ today and let your fluffy worries fade away!


Had to write this marketing ad out for a product I’ve been thinking of using in one of my stories at some point. Felt like it’s a neat exercise in something a little different, and would help establish the product when I need to cross-reference it later.

Preferably would’ve liked to give out a tag such as “shock therapy”, but the closest I found was “electric abuse”.


Very detailed
Excited to see the story it shows up in.

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The the Shockolate chip made with real lightning?


"What if ebeyting you evah wanted… came… in… a… WOCKET CAN?!”



It’s kind of like a restraining bolt from Star Wars.

An additional function to add would be to put it near the tail area and have it control the anal sphincter, locking it closed most of the time. The fluffy will soon find it can only go poop in a designated area, like a litterbox with markers that the chip recognizes.

“Why poopie pwace no wowk?!”

“It will only work in the center of the litterbox now.”

After some more whining about its butt being mean and feeling ever more urgency to empty its bowels, the fluffy finally trundles off to do its business in the litterbox.

No more bad or sorry poopies!