The Fluffy Games - Chapter 14 (It_was_me_SEAL)

A new day dawned, and Bubblegum was ready to search for nummies. She still had three of her babies, and having retrieved the blade from her late special friend Fuego, she was now armed. She put the still-chirping babies on her back, where they nestled into her fluff. She stepped out onto the mountains, and began searching. She found some flowers pretty quickly, but decided to wait and eat them when she got back to safety. Bubblegum was quite intelligent. She found some grass and some more flowers and, carrying them in her mouth, brought the food back to her little cave-nest. Inside the nest, there was a maroon pegasus, who was laying down in the middle of the cave. He looked content, as though this was his home, and had been for a while. Bubblegum could not put up with this, however, and she dropped her food and yelled “Git up, dummeh fwuffy! Dis am Bubbwegum nestie!” The fluffy opened one eye, looking mildly annoyed, and said, “Dis am smawtie nestie nao. Nao gibe pwetty fwowew nummies ow get out”. Bubblegum was pissed at the attitude of this fluffy, smarty or not. She rushed to him, saying “Bubbwegum wiww gib yu wowstest sowwy hoofsies!” She began to pound on his back, but he hardly noticed. In fact, her hooves started hurting.

“Wat am fwuffy doin?” she asked incredulously. She then noticed that the smarty’s fur had a slight sheen to it. The smarty was actually wearing fluffy body armor, which was very uncommon in the Games, due to how tough it became to kill off the fluffy. Of course, fluffies find this armor tough, but when a human sees it, it’s like a ziploc bag to them. The smarty cracked a smile and said “Nao gib smawty pwetty fwowew nummies. Oh, and smawty not gon gib yu wowstest sowwy hoofsies”. This made Bubblegum slightly more relaxed. “Instead, one of your babbehs wiww be smawty’s enfie babbeh”. Bubblegum was in shock, but she had no choice. The smarty was too tough to fight. She gave him the orange pegasus, and retreated to a dark corner of the cave with her grass and her two babies, the red and pink earthie and Fuego. She ate the grass, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her hunger. She looked at the earthie, and without even considering the consequences this time, ate him. The smarty was still in the center of the room, making enf sounds and an occasional “Gud feews!”, while Bubblegum’s baby was screaming and chirping. “Am sowwy babbehs,” Bubblegum said, “But smawty am tu stwong and Bubbwegum am tu hungwy”. It was a fact of life that not everyone could survive, but it was still heartbreaking for Bubblegum to lose ¾ of her first brood. “Onwy hab wastest babbeh Fiwe”, she said. She fed him and fell into a restless sleep. The next morning, the smarty said “Go and find nummies fow smawty ow gib fowevah sweepies to wastest babbeh”. As Bubblegum set out, she felt a strange tremor in the ground and heard a rumbling in the distance.


poor saps, all of them.

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I have a strong feeling the last foal will die


nothing unusual