The Fluffy House Rules

Hello everyone. I’m working on a fluffy story and I made some fluffy rules. This is my first time posting so I hope all goes well.

First offense is verbal warning

Second offense is psychological
Ex.(Sorry box, temporary/permanently banned from having Spaghetti,

Third offense is physical punishment
Physical punishment will most likely be based on whichever rule was broken

4th and final offense is banishment and/or death

Rule #1: Always listen to Mommy and/or Daddy. Fluffies must do what we say and when we say it.

Rule #2: Whenever outside of safe room fluffies must never leave Mommy’s and/or Daddy’s sight. Fluffies must always be supervised at all time.

Rule #3: Never ask for spaghetti outside “Skettie Sunday”. Kibbles will be fed and eaten Monday - Saturday as for Spaghetti will be served only once a week.

Rule #4: Always tell the truth, never lie to anyone and especially to Mommy and/or Daddy.

Rule #5: Always use the litterbox for poopies and peepees.

Rule #6: No Smarty and/or Bitch Mare. Any fluffies that are ages from colt and filly to mare and stallion will be exiled.

Rule #7: Parent Fluffies must love all of thier babies equally. There will be no “bestest babbeh”

Rule #8: Fluffies must not hurt each other in any way but must apologize to each other if so.

Rule #9: Never talk to stray/ feral Fluffies. If one or a herd comes into the yard then run inside and alert Mommy/Daddy.

Rule #10: If a fluffy ever runs away from home then they are no longer welcome back, if a runaway fluffy comes back then the result of that will be death on sight.


Most of these make sense, but … huh? Is this one saying that only foals are allowed, and the moment a fluffy becomes an adult they’ll get thrown out no matter what?

If so, is rule #7 necessary? I mean, fluffies generally have to be adults in order to be parents.


You can have major problems with the foals if you don’t hit them with a sorry stick on the first time that they screw up

Seems oddly reasonable yet complicated enough to confuse a fluffy, so good shit.
Also, purely personal opinion here, not enough beatings.

“Buh daddeh, ou am fowget sketti day fo’ 20 mummahenfin’ fowevahs” -fluffy (now dead)

Why does no one ever want their runaway fluffies back? I’d be FRANTIC if one of my pets got out - I have a hard enough time when I just can’t find mine in their blankie pile.

I think they’re saying that if a foal breaks a rule, they won’t be punished, punishment starts at age filly/colt and continues regardless of old age.