The Fluffy Popping Chronicles: Chapter 2 by SnakevsFluffy

Too many Mikies won the vote!

Aisha pondered how she would make these fluffs go boom. She figured she would start with the babbehs, babbehs were ALWAYS fun to torment. Espicially talky ones. The chirpy ones showed little to know fear and weren’t really even sentient yet. Not much fun in hurting someone if they have no fear, Aisha thought while chewing on a fingernail. She always did that when she was deep in thought.

“Gib nummies NAO!”

The abuser was broken out of her headspace by the yellow smarty giving her leg sorry hoofies. It felt like someone lightly rapping on her shin. Aisha chuckled and scratched her bald head as she looked down at the yellow blob. Jesus, how was a feral this fucking FAT?

“You’ll get yours, my smarty friend. Actually…how would you all like names? Now that you’re my pets and all…” She smiled at them, her yellowed teeth bared like a shark. The stupid animals didn’t notice her sinister smile, as they were too busy hopping around and singing and dancing that they were getting names. That was the biggest honor a fluffy could get! A name!

She decided to name the 5 babbehs first. After all, they WOULD be the first to face her wrath…

Aisha licked her lips as she named the little fucks. The blue foal earthy stallion would be Ocean, the two pink wingy mares would be Bubblegum and Taffy, the shy purple unicorn mare would be Ourple, and the big obese red bestest unicorn babbeh would be…Glutton. Glutton, yeah, that fit.

The babbehs were screaming at the top of their little lungs as their mummuhs and daddehs danced around them. Aisha was worried that they might accidentally step on the little rats, ruining her fun, but they thankfully didn’t.

Meanwhile, yellow was throwing a tantrum. “WHY BABBEHS GET NAMESIES!!! SMAWTY SHUD GET NAMSISES FIWST!!! AM BEST!!! AM BIGGEST!!! AM SMAWWWWWWTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” Holy fucking SHIT this guy was going nuts. Stomping the floor, spitting everywhere, he even rammed his head into Aisha’s kitchen counter before bouncing off it, making him scream even louder. The other fluffies covered their ears and backed away, looking annoyed but also terrified. This bully absolutely ruled this herd with an iron fist and most likely gave sorry hoofsies quite liberally, hell, Aisha wouldn’t be surprised if he had killed other weaker fluffies.

Now normally the bald maniac would have broken his nose for this outburst, but she wanted to lure these guys into a false sense of security. To them, she was a kinda hugboxer who would spoil them rotten. Espically yellow here.

“Oh, I’m SO sorry smarty! I should have given you a name first, my sincerest apologies. You ARE the biggest AND the best of course…” Aisha did a mock bow to the bratty blob of fuck.

“Tot Glutton wuz bestest babbeh?! Mummuh say so ebewyday!!!” The obese foal pouted before his red colored mummuh gave him huggies and licks, assuring him that he still was the bestest fluffy.

The smarty had stopped his tantrum for now, and just in time, Aisha was sure he was about to shit and piss all over his kitchen floor had he gone about 10 more seconds. “Smawty get namsies nao? Yay yay yay yay! Smawty get namsies!!!” He pranced around happily, albeit clumsily due to his obesity.

“Your name will be…Yakon. It’s a very special name named after…someone quite important as of late for me, it suits you quite well!” She then muttered under her breath. “Or will…”

Yakon beamed and then puffed his cheeks out towards his herd. “Yuu hewe dat? Yakon impowtant fwuffy and smawty! So yuu bettah do whaddeba Yakon say ow I gib sowwy hoofsies to hewd!” His herd cowered and nodded, afraid to instigate the big fat bully.

The other fluffies were soon named as well. They were all earthies. The red mummah of Glutton, Taffy and Bubblegum was named Cherry and their white daddeh was named Snowy. Not original by any means, but its not like Aisha gave a shit.

Ourple and Oceans parents were a green mare and black stallion, named Weedy and Nighty by Aisha, respectfully.

Now, who wants dinner?" Aisha smiled to the cheers of all the fluffies. She then got to work cooking a very large meal for the herd, the mares espicially, she wanted them to produce PLENTY of milk for her plan, so she intended to feed them far more then the others. She knew Yakon would be pissed, but she knew she could coax him out of it by giving him extra nummies during the day. Greedy little cocksucker.

The madwoman had cooked a massive pile of spaghetti and let the adults gorge themselves on it. The babbehs had wanted to eat some too, having heard of the wonders of sketti, but their teeth hadn’t come in yet, so they all were sadly turned away by their parents.

“Sowwy babbehs,” Snowy said with a frown and a mouthful of sketti “No big enuf fo sketti. No teefies yet. Can onwy hab miwkies fo nao… But yuu get skettis soon, Snowy pwomise!” His mate Cherry nodded in agreement. The babbehs sulked and a few started sniffling, but they eventually got the message and ran off tto play around the kitchen while they waited for milkies from their mummuhs. Well, all except Glutton.

“Bestest babbeh wan sketti. Gib sketti nao.” The fat red fucko pouted.

Cherry and Snowy looked at him sadly. “Sowwy bestest babbeh, but yuu can’ eat sketti yet. No teefies…”

Aisha was impressed. While Glutton had been spoiled and allowed to grow fat on more milk then his siblings, his parents still knew that he couldn’t eat skettis yet with no teeth. Either this was some new fluffy programming, or these guys were a little smarter then she thought.

“Outta Yakon’s way! Dummeh Nighty no hab mo nummies den Yakon!” Aisha turned around to see Yakon pummeling Nighty with his hooves, the latter crying and sobbing at the flurry of blows.

“Nighty jus wan nummies wit speciaw fwiend! No hit Nighty, stahp!!!”

While normally Aisha would have just let the fools bash eachothers brains out, she didn’t want any of them to die before SHE got to them. She grabbed Yakon roughly by the scruff of the neck, eliciting some “Aaaaahhhh, bad upsies! Put smawty Yakon down nao! No huwt no huwt!!!”

God, how quickly this little thug folded when someone bigger got to him. Instead of beating the shit out of him however, Aisha say him down a few feet away from the others, and piled on a HUGE serving of sketti on a plate for him and him alone to enjoy. He stared up at her quizzically, confused that he was being rewarded instead of hit.

“Big strong smarties need their own special food. So I’m giving you some extra special skettis instead of normal skettis. It will made you super strong and super smart!”

Without even a “Tank yuu” Yakon dug in greedily, messily eating while belching and farting loudly as he made an utter pig of himself. God, Aisha wanted to kill this useless fuck so badly! But she needed to be patient.

Eventually, all the sketti was devoured, and every adult fluffy was lazing on their backs and sides, stuffed like geese. Nighty’s nose was bleeding and he was looking quite bruised, but even he had eaten quite a bit. They were all very bloated and probably a little sick, not used to eating so much rich food all at once. However, Aisha’s plan had worked, already they mare’s tits were swelling up with delicious, creamy miwkies.

It was almost time.

“Baaaaaabbbbbieesssssss, your dinner is almost reeaaaaaaadyyyyyyyyy…”

Still no abuse in this one, sorry. I like setting things up and I hope I’m doing well with that. Next chapter we get to popping though!


don’t forget your name after the title

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I look forward to seeing Yakon the smarty fucking suffer especially.


Haven’t exactly decided what yet to do with him yet. But he will be saved for last…

Glad to see he’s getting the intended reaction though!

Gonna be a lot of poop to clean up soon.

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as to be expected with fluffies