The Fluffy Popping Chronicles: Chapter 3 by SnakevsFluffy

Well, that was sort of a lie. Aisha reckoned that the Weedy and Cherry’s tits weren’t nearly full of enough milk to pop a foal yet, but its not like fluffies had a great concept of time. Seconds seemed like forever and days seemed like seconds to their stupid little minds. And besides, what were they gonna do? Cuddle her to death. Aisha was in control here, she always had and always would be.

The five babbehs waddled up to her, though Glutton more or less dragged his corpulent form across the kitchen floor. He was like a red beanbag that had been overinflated with beads, the simple act of moving causing the spoiled brat to whine and gasp for air.

“p-piwk Gwutton upsies. N-n-nuh can mube…dun wanna…upsies, dummeh hooman mummuh…” Glutton sleepily demanded, already tuckered out.

Aisha put on her kindest face for the bestest babbeh. “Well hold on there, partner. Milk’s not ready yet. Your mommy’s need to let it, uh, get creamy and special in their breasts. That’s what sketti does!”

The foals looked up at the bald woman in awe. The power of skettis was amazing! What couldn’t it do?

Ourple spoke up first, surprising for the shyest babbeh. “Nuu mummuh, Ouwple hungwie nao…have tummeh huwties huuhuuhuuhuu…” With that, the rest of the babies began to say similar things, whining about being very hungry and feeling weak. To be fair, they weren’t exactly exxaggerating, fluffy foals needed a LOT of milkies each day to survive. They were kinda like shrews in a way, Aisha thought.

Glutton needed none, however. That useless tub of fuck could live off his own fat for a good few days, atleast.

Bubblegum and Taffy held eachother, lightly crying and rocking back and forth, trying to do anything to distract them from their hurty tummies. Ocean however, was hilairiously dancing. Aisha was about to question why until he started babbling.

“Ocean am dancie babbeh! Dancie fo nummies and miwkies and sketti and and and uhhhhhhh miwkies! Cum tuu aww babbehs! Ocean sabe bwudda an sissies!”

“Why Ocean, that’s so brave and thoughtful of you! You’re such a good brother to be thinking of your siblings like that!” Ocean smiled and continued to dance some more, which amounted to sitting on his ass, wobbling back and forth, and waving his arms like a retarded stroke victim.

Then Aisha got another dreadful idea.

“You all should dance with Ocean! That will make the nummies come faster I bet. Can you guys all dance?”

Ourple, Taffy, and Bubblegum nodded and all began to dance. Meanwhile, Glutton just farted loudly and mumbled about being hungry.

Aisha then took out her phone and decided to get herself dinner, funds be damned, she needed to treat herself.

“Hey Joe’s? Yeah, I’d like a large meat pizza with some coke…”

90 minutes later, Aisha undid her jeans and belched loudly. Maybe it was this whole food torture thing she was doing, but she had inhaled that pizza. The bald maniac was stuffed, plain and simple.

Hauling herself off the couch, she walked into the kitchen to see that things were still going according to plan.

The mares tits looked fit to burst, taut and straining. The were awake now and whining and mumbling to eachother, too milklogged to move.

“Babbeh miwkie pwace hurties! Why yuu huwt mummuh? Bad miwkie pwace, bad!” Cherry then slapped one of her tits with her hoof, causing her to yelp in pain and cry.

Fucking dumbass.

Weedy was in the same boat, Nighty giving her soft huggies an in attempt to make his mate feel better. The four adults were awake now, babbling about their babies and feeding time. Yakon was still sleeping, having eaten the most of the fluffies sketti. Greedy shit.

“Nuu mummuh…can dancie no muh…”

Aisha turned to see all four foals still dancing albeit far weaker and slowly. Saliva dripped from their mouths, their chests heaving in and out with exhaustion. The stupid fucks really had kept dancing nonstop for 2 hours in an attempt to get miwkies to come. The fact they hadn’t even bothered to look around the kitchen counter to see their mother’s bloated teats made Aisha chuckle to herself.

“Good job babbehs! Miwkies are ready! You can stop dancing now!” Instantly all the foals collapsed. Well, besides Glutton, who was currently wrggling around in his own piss and shit. He must have relieved himself on the floor, Aisha thought, making a mental note to REALLY made him hurt.

She then picked up the dancie babbehs and brought them to their mom’s bulging breasts. Parents and children cheered at being reunited with eachother, the babies charging towards precious miwkies and huggies!

Until Aisha plopped her hand between them and shook her head.

“Why nuu mummuh stop babbehs fwom gettin miwkies?” Snowy said, a confused look on his face. “Babbehs nee miwkies!”

“Nuu mummuh nut wan babbies to hab miwkies???” Weedy looked ready to cry. All babbehs deserved lots and lots of miwkies! That’s just how it was!

Cherry looked around fretfully. “Whewe bestest babbeh Gwutton??? Mummuh nee bestest babbeh fo huggies and lickies and nummies an pway!”

God these things just didn’t shut up huh. Aisha ignored the dumb bitch.

“I just wanted to let you know something VERY special about the miwkies you have, Weedy and Cherry.” They both looked up at Aisha, their eyes shining with wonder. “These miwkies will make your babbehs become the biggest, strongest, smartest, and specialest babbehs ever! So, you have to feed them every last drop in your miwkies places, understand?” She then turned to the foals. “And YOU have to drink every last drop of those miwkies. Every. Last. Drop.”

Both parents and babies saw no issue with this. Milk was good! Nothing was bad about milk! And babies NEEDED milk to become big and strong!

Aisha then removed her hand and let the 4 foals leap onto their mothers tits, suckling greedily thanks to her words of encouragement, the delicious taste…and the vigiourous exercise she just put them through.

“Bon appetit.”

The mummuhs and daddehs cheered as their young continued to suck and suck, more and more milk going into their tiny bodies. This was such a happy day! A new mommy, a new home, sketti everyday, and their babies would soon be SUPER babies!!!

“Gud job Taffy an Bubbwegum! Dwink dose miwkies gud!” Snowy raised his hooves in the air before awakwardly falling on his stupid face. “Owwie! Why fwoow huwt Snowy…”

Weedy was singing to her young. “Dwink aww da miwkies dwink aww da miwkies, gwow uppppppp big an stwong!”

Indeed, the babies were drinking…and beginning to swell.

Aisha could see some visible discomfort on the foals faces, even with the exercise and starvation, they were already feeling quite full. But still they ate and sucked, not wanting to not become super fluffies!

“Remember,” Aisha purred while leaning on her countertop. “Good babies drink ALL the milkies. BAD babies stop drinking their milkies. You’re not bad babies, right?” The foals shook their heads as best they could…though it was beginning to become quite hard to move.

Funnily enough, the adults had no clue about their foals discomfort and bloating. Instead they were babbling and cooing about what good parents they were and what good babies they had.

“Snowy’s babbehs awe bestest babbehs!”

“Nuuuuu, Chewwy’s babbeh’s awe bestest!”

“Yuu bot wong, AWW ouw babbehs is bestest babbehs!” Night piped up, causing the other 3 adults to nod in agreement. All babies were bestest!

The foals were looking sphereical at this point, milk dribbling from their multiple chins. They eyes were bulging, bloodshot and straining, but still they drank. They so wanted to be bestest babbehs, even if it was really really hurting!

Ourple was trying hard not to throw up, instead, she had peed a little to relieve some pressure, but not nearly enough. She hoped they would’t be too mad at her not usin-


Ourple looked down after feeling a horrible sharp pain tear through her belly. She loosened her lips from her mummuh’s teat. “W-why tummy skettis on fwoow…”

She turned to see that Ocean’s tummy skettis were also on the floor! He was screaming and crying.


Before Weedy could even comfort her two foals, they dropped dead.

Nighty and Weedy howled in anguish. What had happened??!!! Why had miwk hurt their babbehs!!!

“NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, WHA MIWK HUWT BABBEEEEEHHHESSSSSSS, NO HUWT, NO HUWWWWTTTTTT!” Nighty yelled and cried, tears dribbling down his dark face. Weedy was hyperventilating, holding her burst foals in her arms and singing to them.

“M-mummuh wub babbehs, babbehs w-w-w-w-wub mummuh, gwow b-big an stwong…”

Aisha tried her best not to start cackling like the madwoman she was.




The pain, the fear, the gore! It was magnificent!

Turning her head she saw that Cherry had stopped feeding her foals to see the commotion. Taffy and Bubblegum were circles at the point. So fat and bloated that they couldn’t even speak. Milk dribbled from their lips. Like Ocean and Ourple, their eyes were cartoonishly bugged out as they rocked in place. Too full to move.

They hadn’t burst yet. Well, Aisha would change THAT.

While Cherry and Snowy were distracted with Weedy and Nighty’s torrent of sadness, Aisha picked up Glutton from on the floor. “Woooaahhhh, bad upsies!” He cried.

“Hey Glutton?”

He looked stupidly at Aisha. “Wha yuu wan, dummeh mummuh? Gib nummies nao?”

“Ever heard of a bouncy castle?”

Before he could respond, Aisha dropped him…right on top of the two milk balloons below him.

Taffy and Bubblegum could only watch helplessly as their obese brother hurdled down towards them, their little wings flapping in vein to try and move them.


The two foals EXPLODED into a shower of gore, bones, and milk. So much fucking milk.

“Glutton!” Aisha shouted in mock surprise. “Look what you did! You gave them forever sleepies!!!”

Cherry and Snowy looked at their bestest baby, first with confusion, then sadness, then horror, and then RAGE.

This was turning out better then expected…

What to do with Glutton? Gimmie some ideas in the comments, and let me how what you think of the story so far and how you’d want me to improve, thanks!


Make Glutton get stepped on. Remove his limbs. Make him eat shit. Open his belly so he can be eaten alive. Let him get fucked to death. Anything to prolong his suffering.


Blend him and feed em’ to the mares

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Also next one should be pop rocks N’ soda

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The only way tubby can stone for his sins is to be boiled alive in a pot of milkies. Start with cold milk. That way he’s happy and thinks he’s getting a milky bath. Then watch as he slowly realizes he’s gonna be milky soup.


Since Yakon is a huge bully lets see how big and strong he really is, grab a feral from outside, a real S class toughie maybe from a smarter herd a real unit, put his special freind in a oven/microwave whatever and tell him you think you are so tough if you give this feral forever sleepies ill stop the timer on the oven/microwave and watch while his SF gets cooked while hes getting the shit stomped out of him, maybe he wins… somehow probably not then he can have his half cooked sf back… maybe to eat :shrug:

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Yakon actually doesn’t have a special friend at the moment. His previous one and their babies died before the story. How? Well, they’re fluffies, they usually die lol.

Raped to death.

De-fluff, then cut off strips of skin and fat to fry up as treats for the parents. Bonus points if the parents consent to this form of punishment as penance for giving Taffy and Bubblegum forever sleepies.

Hush, child. You know not what you call down upon you.

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Bad baby blinder.

ah, it makes you wish that blob other guys had lil tit tots as any mammal did but bio toy skipped out on that potential I bet making milkies would have hurt the lil turds’ stallion pride hard…

give him a hemorrhagic fever, this one- Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome - Wikipedia
one of they symptoms is near complete urinary retention, which can cause life threatening fluid overload- with too much fluid in him, it’ll start filling his lungs, and he’ll swell up.

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