The Future of FC


Some of you may have seen me here or there, but if you haven’t met me I’ll give you a brief rundown.

I’ve been the web admin of FC since the beginning of this year, but I’ve been an (inactive) member for a year or so. During the booru days, I was an avid lurker, so I missed most of the drama that happened there, and basically just ended up back in the FC shortly after all of that transpired.
Those of you who remember the big outage in December last year, that’s about when I joined and started maintaining the server.

Now, why am I making this announcement? As some of you know, Virgil is stepping down. As for the precise reasons, I’m not sure what he’s shared, but if you’d like to know more about it you can try and ask him, but I won’t speak of anything I don’t know for sure he wants publicly discussed. Whatever the case may be, FC is going down in a couple months, though most likely earlier if a replacement site has been made.

And that’s where I come in! After discussing with Virgil, the plan is that I’m going to get a new server, hopefully restore the backup of the old website, and y’all can go on browsing the same way as before. I’m open to any future suggestions of course, new plugins and features, but first and foremost my priority is to just stabilize a new place and restore the status quo. Rest assured in any case, none of your stuff will get lost. Before we’re switching off the old website, I’ll make sure to do a big announcement (or Virgil will make one) and I’ll make yet another back up to get as much recent data as possible. If all goes according to plan, you won’t even notice it.

Now, on to the next order of business, domain names! Virgil owns “”, technically we could see about transferring ownership to me, but the domain’s a bit pricy and we could probably get a better deal, for instance “” is about half as pricy and is basically the same name.

However, I figured it’d be interesting to do some sort of poll in regards to the new domain name, it’s not something you get the chance to do very often. Right now we have a few handful suggestions, anything from “” to “” is okay, the only requirement in my mind is that it’s related to Fluffies in some way. My personal favorite is “”, though that’s a bit pricy, but maybe it’d be worth it.

In any event, feel free to shoot me DMs about this or leave some comments, I’m all ears to suggestions or questions you may have about any of this. I don’t have an exact date for the transfer, I bought the server today, hopefully have it set up by the end up the week if my free time allows for it.



Well that’s somewhat of a “shock” but not entirely a surprise.
Virgil has other things to contend with these days.

Personally i hope we dont lose the community as it stands, and that the transfer is a uneventfull one
…yeah like that will happen.

As for the name fluffy-community looks and sounds fine to me.
The thing is ( for me anyway) that we have been FC for nearly 2 years now
Why start all over again with a new name ?
If possible just add the hyphen and we are good to go so to speak.

Fluffycommunity is dead, long live fluffy-community sort of thing.



i personally like just “fluffycommunity”.


Even if the URL changes, the old one is going to be set to redirect to whatever the new URL might be. So confusion should be minimal, even if people haven’t been around for a number of months


I remain cautious but optimistic.
Cautious because anything with computers is never simple.
Optimistic because we as a community survived worse, the implosion of the booru, the outage of dec 21.

We can survive this, this is at least controlled.


Well at the very least Ryou is 10x more knowledgeable than I am when it comes to servers and software.
I’m making sure to give him access to many of my best resources, to make this transfer as painless as possible for everyone.


I dig Fluffyspace, maybe because it reminds me of Myspace even tho I’ve never even used the thing.

However, I also see the appeal in keeping the status quo as unchanged as possible by using Fluffy-Community.


I’m sure everything will work out because this doesn’t come out of nowhere.
It’s controlled and prepared.
I’m just prepared for something unforseen.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst sort of thing.


Im fine with any name just make sure it affordable with your budget. On question if the sute get a reboot I know like storys art and etc wont be deleted. But Will the accounts get wiped and we have to make new ones, of course Im fine with that but like I need to know ;-;


I’m no expert but Ryou says they will use a back up of the site.
in short its like loading a save game.
Everything should be there, like the last time you left it.

What gets left behind depend on when the save is made and which one get used.

But the biggest difference should be the URL.



Jack Reacher, is that you?

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We can’t have a .uk site, who knows what @BFM101 could do with such power!

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( ie is ireland i believe)


Thanks for the heads up, But uuuuuu Im just here bro…this kinda sucks.


It’ll be fine.
Can’t keep a good fluffy down we survived worse things .
If things go right only the URL will change.


Yeah But sometimes i over react, or just “yeah sure whatever”.


I crying so hard


Yeah, I know how that is.
But fluffies wil survive they have done so for a decade.
And this site will endure one way or another.