the future of Pighamsterponypuncher [Eded_ted]

thanks to @ThatWelc 's post on his game, i remembered that i have had to say something about the future of my game for some time now.

i WAS going to publish a mobile version of Pighamsterponypuncher about a mont ago.

but i ran into a problem in the LAST PART of making it.

You see, you are able to make mobile games with Unity (the software i use). but Unity still has its problems.

When you have made your game, you have to export it from the application to your device.

but when you try to export a MOBILE game, Unity has this error where it does NOT have the necessary files to export the game. it just does not have them, even though it should.

I did some digging, and the problem is rather common.

The only way to export the game is to download the files MANUALLY.


i dont feel safe downloading some very large files named with only numbers from weird websites into the deep corners of my computers hard drive wich i bearly may know how to access wich i have to then open and download something from them through a process involving processes wich i know nothing about and activating a scary looking download wizard thing and potentially disabling my firewall.

am too intimidated…

so for now , no mobile game.

what about the pc version?

for now… nothing.

i have literally like 6 animation projects in progress wich at least 4 are (to me) the long kind of projects.
and i just want to finish them.

but i have planned in fixing some bugs and making the game more practical. (like the pause menu does not pause the game, the enemies go through walls, you cant throw a piece of shi* while aming, the enemies attacks do sometimes nothing, wall climbing, adding a mouse sensitivity bar, new animations for the enemies, the players attacks often do nothing, ect…)

so, for now, nothing.

ps. i realized that my computer has a screenrecorder.

And i realized it while playing, so thats why it starts mid-game.

I literally looked at it and did not notice the wall climbing fluffy behind me. (they are not supposed to do that) Also, my high score is 107.

did you know, that EVERYTHING (except unity, duh) in this game is made by me. from the music to the sound effects to the assets to the code. the only help i got was YouTube tutorials!

i mentioned that because i am proud of it.


You should look in to virtual machines in case you dont trust certain downloads.
virtualbox is free for one.

Oh and yes, you have every right to be proud.


thanks for the help! i will try it when i continue updating the game.

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The best solution off course is an entirely different pc.
One thats “expendable” with a barrage of antivirus software ( avast malwarebytes )

But that’s not entirely feesable for most people.


You should be proud! Doing everything from graphics and code to sound effects and music yourself – that’s a huge undertaking for your first game!

I hope you can get your troubles figured out, the mobile thing sucks but what can you do when Unity won’t fix it?

Also: Keep the wall-climbing fluffy bug, I’d say that one’s a feature. :grin:



i will consider that!

But…that’s what software development is all about.

You might consider sharing the project files, and I try to build them.

Trust me, I’m a software developer :derp:

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but that’s the thing!

you need the files to export it!

unless you know how to convert the pc version (with the mobile controls) into a mobile version?

If you used the “GetHorizontalAxis/GetVerticalAxis” and “OnMouseButton” methods for your input logic, Unity emulates the controls on a smartphone (OnMouseButton(0) would be equivalent to tipping on a touchscreen). I tried it with a project, and it works as a desktop build and the android build.

Converting a finished build into another is practically impossible, but why would it not let you export your project files? Do you use an external framework?

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unity does not have JDK, SDK, or NDK files.


and yes, i have the latest version of unity.

this could be fixed manually, but (this part is already written in the post)

also, i have no idea what an external framework is.

You need to install the JDK if you want to develop for Android. Android as an operating system is written in Java. There is basically no way around. Don’t worry, if it doesn’t fuck up literally every computer used by software developing firms and education, it won’t harm yours.

I believe you can still download the JDK for Android via the Unity Hub, or you try it manually, if you like.

“Frameworks” are software libraries with pre-written functions and data types you can use in your own projects. Basically, every programming language has only rudimentary functionality, like defining data types and functions, assigning values and arithmetic operations. You need those libraries to quickly write working code. Most languages come with standard libraries, but there are a lot of libraries available providing basic functionality for special purposes, like web development and server hosting or game development. These are often called “frameworks”.

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a certified fluffyhood classic

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i will start gathering courage.