The Good Herd || Part Five || (stArlogintonsp)



It had been a long while since Rose and her brother had been demoted to the very dregs of the herd’s hierarchy.
She did not know how long it was, only that the snow had fallen, melted and was well on its way to falling again.

A brisk wind snapped the mare out of her daze.
A leaf fell by her hoof, curled, dried and brown.
She shuddered, quickly reminded of what she had lost, because of her own pride…



“Fwuffy sowwy!”

“Fwuffy su sowwy! Nu wan be dummeh wittew paw nu mowe!”
Rose would cry to any fluffy who would listen, mostly foals who came to close.
The only other interaction she had with other fluffies was her mouth to their asses and although she was rebellious at first, the others were glad to put her back in her place:
There was a LOT of pent up resentment for the pink fluffy and her ménage—but the brunt of the abuse was brought onto her as Muscari wizened up, and became a humbler fluffy after only a few weeks.

But even after the weeks turned into months and Rose spent more and more time cleaning up other fluffies’ shit, she would simply not break: the superiority complex within her was baked deep into her very way of living, and with how she still acted- it seemed no amount of being treated like shit would fix that.

Until one day.

One spring day: Everything changed.




“Hewwo Wose~”

A familiar voice rang in the mare’s ears, and she grit her teeth in annoyance.
She knew who it was—a purple Pegasus with a brown mane called Grape.
A Pegasus she relentlessly teased and mocked because of his crooked wings.
At one point, he had retaliated and screamed at her.
It was only once, but Rose had promptly informed her father, March.
She got his entire family killed.

”Gu ‘way, dummeh Gwape.” Rose mumbled, bristling with hostility. She knew many fluffies had beef with her, but possible no fluffy was wronged as badly as Grape was. She was on edge, but Grape seemed unfazed.
”Ou habin funsies bein a wittew paw?”
His mud coloured tail whisked: oh how he dreamt of this moment, a time in which he could exact his revenge.
”SHUDDUP!” She screamed, adding in spitefully.
”Ou tink dat ou awe nu a dummeh nu mowe? Ou awen’t eben a weal wingie fwuffie. Ou speshaw fwen wad stoopi. Desewb fowebew sweepies fow bein speshaw fwend wid a dummeh yickie wingie fwuffy wike ou. Ou babbehs wouwd’a been dummeh fwuffies tu. Jus wike dewe daddeh.”

Grape’s face went sour.

”Oh weawy?”

As sharp as lighting he struck Rose down, slamming a hoof onto her chubby neck.

Hmmm! Does dat meen if Gwape gib OU speshaw huggies, den OU desewb fowebew sweepies TU?” The stallion spoke with mock curiosity, the hisses accentuating his words revealing how infuriated he truly was.

With a sudden surge of dread, Rose realised where this was going. All of a sudden, she was a lot meeker, realising her actions would truly have consequences.

”Nu! Nu! Fwuffy sowwy! Wad jokin! Gwape gud fwuffy! NU WAN BAD ENFIES! NU WAN! NU! SCREEEEE!”




And even after he left, even after word got around she was an enfie pal now, even after she lost what little social upstanding she had left;

what hurt the most was seeing her foals.

Because when she finally bore her foals, she realised something terrible.

She loved them.

Three, all little fillies.
With their velvety fur and soft little peeps, Rose couldn’t hate them.
They were all of a dark brown hue, with pink and purple manes.
Even their crooked little wings did nothing in the way of her love.

They were her rays of light in the bleak hole she had dug herself into.

So it only hurt more, more than she’d ever hurt before, when they were killed.

Right Infront of her.

She could only watch as Grape laughed coldly, stomping on all three of them, snarling right in her ear so she would hear it above her own screams of anguish.
”Dose babbehs wewe dummeh fwuffies, Jus. Wike. Dewe. Mummah.”




”Wose sowwy.”



Story called The Good Herd.

Bad Fluffies eat shit and raped as punishment.

Good Fluffies murder their own children to prove a point.

Me thinks that title is turning a little bit ironic.


Rose started her mess by having her dad killed Grapes family, guess that hatred runs so deep that he nevere care anymore even if thats his own children as long he got his revenge on Rose. :frowning:

Sadly that’s karma for her upbringing.


Damn. That was a brutal humbling.

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