The great Bdubs in the sky (carniviousduck)

Here we have Blue Cheese, a older bisonfluff that has stopped producing male offspring. Usually their just recycled into meat, but BC has something special! He has true buffalo wild wings. Lucky him…


When life gives you pegasus bisonfluff make lemon pepper wings.


A fluffy would be the least of health code violations at a bdubs


they’re* :gibsketties:

If he isn’t getting turned into food, what is going to happen instead?

Anal violation

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Well, that’s always the hope!
Glad to know it’s confirmed.

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If you didn’t want to be food then you shouldn’t have sucked at making the right type of babies so much.

They’re just chromosomes you dummy. Use your tiny peepee to tie one of them into a Y shape while you’re good feelsing your mount.

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