The Herd Chapter 1 - Bones like Steel, Hearts like Gold (From Deviana22)

A lit forest, sunlight shinning across spring’s blooming leafs, and sticks abundant across the ground. To humans, birds and the like, it was yet another day. But to a strange group of fluffies, they welcomed the warmth as the first of the fluffies - a brown babbeh Fluffy breaching his little home alongside a few fellow babbeh Fluffies - came out to see the newly shinning grounds they get to walk on, to enjoy what new nummies they could find, and what possible fates awaited them.

“Dummie Babbehs, this is Smarty’s turf!”

A green and red chonker of a smarty stared down the small group, and thought they were nothing more than mere poopie Babbehs that needed to die. Raising it’s hoof to stomp down on one of the Babbehs - one brown with a gold secondary - the Smarty roared.

“Poopie Babbehs go forwver sleepies! …?”

The Pegasus Smarty tilted his head in confusion; a stomp wasn’t able to kill, let alone graze the poopie Babbeh, whom had already broken a twig stepping back in potential terror, only for it (and the rest of the herd) to blow raspberries at the dumbfounded Smarty, walking back before bumping into a large Alicorn Fluffy - a Gold and Silver Alicorn - starring down at the invader with delight.

“You are Poopie Babbeh, not them.”

Tilting her eyes to see a uninhabited tree, the herd leader jabbed her horn at the terrified Smarty, blood leaking from the wound made, and began to charge Smarty in Horn towards the Tree, the speed and durability of the leader’s charge crushing the Smarty upon impact and almost toppling the tree down as it scared off several birds and squirrels whom foresaw the action as a fellow herd leader fluffy - a daddeh whom was white and cyan - came to help clean off his bestest friend’s horn.

“Are Babbehs okay?”

The small group of Babbehs (and a waking brown-green mummeh) agreed, smiling with the herd leaders, knowing that they were going to experience some trouble, but with their leaders, things were going well.

"Got that?" “A herd of Wicker Bones. Almost unheard of unless…” “…Their leaders are Wicker Bones.” "That poor Smarty, got hit like a car ran over him."

Two observers - June and Tai - said, recording the event from a safe distance away. Putting up their gear, Tai places down a bundle of blueberries for the herd would they noticed as the two left.

"Think the same could be said for Barbed Fur Fluffies?" "Doubt it, but perhaps."

This is my first short story, felt like showing the Wicker Bone Disease in a Fluffy Herd with possibilities to make other short stories. Hope you all like this. And tell me if I’ve made any fluffy grammar errors.


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