The Herd Of All Herds (Part 3) by: MightyMorphinFluffy

Jackson invited the herd into his house to live there (he used to have a fluffy so he had everything he needed) and the fluffies came in happily. “Okay everyone pay attention!” Jackson said and the fluffies all sat in front of him. “If you are gonna stay here than there are gonna be a few rules.”

(I’m just gonna list everything he said cause I’m too lazy to add the quotation marks)

  1. No smarties

  2. Use the bathroom in the litterbox

  3. Love all babies no matter what they look like

  4. No Bestest babies or wowstest babies

  5. No more babies unless I say it’s ok because if you have any without asking than they will be sold

  6. If I say no to anything than do not keep begging

“Do you all understand?” All the fluffies nodded except for the alicorn. “Hey you. Why didn’t you nod?”
“Fwuffy am soon mummah. Pwese nu take babbehs. Babbehs nee mummah fo wuv an miwkies.”

“Don’t worry you can keep your babies since you were pregnant before I told you the rules. But if anyone has babies after now without asking than they will be sold. Now is anyone else pregnant?”

The fluffies all shook their heads. “Hey where is your Special friend?” Jackson asked the alicorn. “Smawty gib Speshawl fwien fowebah sweepies Cus special fwien was munstah.” “What made him a monster?” “Speshawl fwien hab hown and wingies.” “But so do you. Why didn’t the smarty give you forever sleepies?” “Cuz fwuffy hide wingies in fwuff so smarty cant see dem”

“I’m sorry little one.” Jackson said as he scratched under her chin while she cooed. “It otay nice mistuh. Hewd gib Fwuffy wots ob hawt happies to make Fwuffy feew bettah.” Jackson smiled at this.
“Now I think it’s time i give you all names.” As soon as the fluffies heard that their eyes lit up like the 4th of July.


Smart alicorn ngl

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